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Chapter 1 (Wife thin margin)

The first ray of sunlight in the morning drove away the last chill of the night.

In a mottled and old residential building, a window was lit all night.

There was a young woman sitting under the lamp, leaning on the window sill, supporting her cheek. She had not slept all night and was exhausted. But she was not sleepy at all, and all her nerves were tense.

In her arms, a baby was sleeping soundly, with a chubby little face, long eyelashes, and tender lips, like a little angel falling from the sky.

The young woman looked down at him and couldn’t help but lifted her lips.

This is a piece of meat that fell from her, it’s her life!

This child should belong to her! She can’t allow anyone to take him from her arms!

She stretched out her finger and touched the tip of the baby’s nose.

The baby felt itchy in his sleep, raised two fleshy little fists, rubbed his nose vigorously, made a grunt of dissatisfaction, and moved his lips a few times, and then fell asleep again.

The young woman laughed. She was really full of joy. This was her happiest moment.

At this time, a squeak was heard outside the door. She jumped up in shock, put the baby on the bed, walked gently to the door, opened the door carefully, and looked out.

“Aunt Rong…” She called out softly.

Aunt Rong’s face immediately appeared in the crack of the door, smiling at her.

“Auntie Rong, did you hear the sound just now? Is there someone outside the door?” The woman looked around like a frightened bird.

“I accidentally knocked over the water glass, you don’t have to worry, no one is coming…” Aunt Rong smiled, and crow’s feet deepened in the corner of her eyes, “You haven’t slept all night, you must be exhausted, I will give you heat I got a glass of milk, you can drink it.”

While speaking, Aunt Rong raised her hand, and she was holding a glass of milk in her hand as expected.

The young woman smiled gratefully: “Thank you Aunt Rong,” then she opened the door and let Aunt Rong into the house.

Aunt Rong handed her the milk cup, then went straight to the bed, picked up the little baby who was still sleeping on the bed, and shook it gently: “The little baby is so beautiful. Look at this nose and eyes, so much like you. what.”

In fact, at that time, the baby was still seven days away from his first birthday. Such a small child can hardly tell whether there are more fathers or more mothers.

But moms like to hear such words.

The young woman smiled happily, holding a milk glass, sitting down on a chair by the window, drinking milk bite by bite.

While talking to the young woman, Aunt Rong walked around the house with her baby in her arms. Gradually, she approached the door.

She looked back at the young woman, then suddenly opened the door and walked out quickly.

The young woman still didn’t understand what was going on, but her vigilant instinct in an extraordinary situation told her that something was wrong.

She stood up and wanted to chase out the door: “Aunt Rong…”

Just two steps out, there was a loud bang, and the half-open door was kicked from outside, and then a group of people in police uniforms rushed into the room and rushed towards her.

She felt cold, turned and ran in the direction of the window. Those people moved much faster than her, they jumped behind her in a few steps and pushed her down on the window sill!

The young woman’s face was squeezed against the window, her chest was stuck on the corners of the window sill, very painful.

She knew in her heart what had happened, but she was not reconciled. She yelled desperately: “You let me go! Why are you arresting me?”

A cold voice said: “Weiman! You are suspected of kidnapping a child, now you are officially arrested!”

The cry of a baby came from outside the door, and the baby woke up! He must have been scared awake! Is he looking for his mother?

A volcano was erupting in the young woman’s heart, but her body was firmly restrained, and she couldn’t move. She struggled desperately and roared: “No, that’s my son! How could I kidnap my own son! You let me go!”

The child cried louder, and the young woman’s heart was delayed by the cry, and she wanted to die!

The police dragged her up from the window sill and put an arrest warrant in front of her.

She was already in tears and couldn’t see what was written on the piece of paper. She just cried: “You have no right to treat me like this! I am a mother! I just want to get my son back! Give my son back to me!”

A policewoman sighed and reminded her: “Weiman! Calm down, better cooperate with us! Don’t forget, the court has ruled that you only have the right to visit this child twice a month. The next two hours. You do not have custody, but this time you sneaked away and concealed the child without his father’s consent, which constituted the crime of kidnapping.

“He is my son! He was born to me! I just want to get my son back! What’s wrong? What’s wrong?!” She asked the policewoman.

When the policewoman saw her like this, she felt uncomfortable, but she was inconvenient to interpret too much when performing official duties. She shook her head and said to her colleague, “Take her away.”

A pair of cold handcuffs fell on the young woman’s slender wrists.

She looked at the handcuffs on her wrist and knew in her heart that she could not escape this time. She gave up confronting the police and begged: “Don’t go now! Let me take another look at my son, okay? Please, let me see him again…”

“Sorry, the child’s father refused you to visit the child again. He has applied to the court for an execution order to deprive you of the right to visit the child…”

Hearing these words, Weiman’s heart collapsed completely, and the child was her lifeblood.

Without the child, what is the point of her being alive?

Thinking about this, she slammed her head into the corner of the wall while the police were not paying attention, blood was flowing, and she was unconscious…


Five years later.

A city, an apartment.

Monday, the busiest day of the week.

When Pan Aizi stood up from the dressing table, the first ray of sunlight had come in through the window, reflecting her face.

Her face is not the kind of beautiful face that will surprise you, but there is a kind of delicate and elegant, thin eyebrows, small nose, pointed chin, gentle and quiet.

She looked at herself in the mirror. After the plastic surgery, she was really not like before.

No one should recognize it.

Immediately, she smiled, and shook her head: No, this smile is too big, and her teeth are showing.

She pursed her lips, raised the corners of her mouth slightly, and smiled again.

That’s right this time, that’s the smile!

She nodded in satisfaction, picked up the handbag next to her, and checked the documents inside. She looked at the foreigner’s residence permit she had just applied for yesterday, with her name on it: AIZY

PAN, her nationality: United States.

Pan Aizi! Pan Aizi!

She said her name twice gently, and the corners of her lips twitched.

When she came back this time, she wanted to recapture everything that belonged to her.

Now she is no longer the innocent silly girl before, she has been completely reborn.

Then, she put the credentials back in her bag, and finally checked her makeup and clothes in front of the mirror, and went out of the house, went downstairs, and incorporated into the flow of people going to work early on Monday morning.

From the apartment she rented to Huangtu headquarters, you need to take the subway. It was during the rush hour that the subway car was packed like a can of sardines. Pan Aizi got on the car neatly dressed and was embarrassed to get off the car. The buttons on her suit jacket were squeezed out.

She looked at her watch, there was still half an hour before the interview. There was not enough time, she rushed out of the subway station, rushed into the Huangtu headquarters building, went straight to the front desk, and asked the receptionist at the front desk: “Miss, where is the bathroom?”

The receptionist raised her eyes, looked at her impatiently, and pointed her finger at the corridor on the left: “Over there.”

Pan Aizi ran in the direction she was pointing, and saw a toilet sign in front of her. She plunged in.

Looking at the mirror in Yu’s washing room, she began to adjust her makeup.

Today she must get a hit! There can be no mistakes! So she can’t neglect any detail, even if the eyeliner is drawn a little crookedly, she can’t tolerate it!

She touched up her makeup first, then tidyed her hair.

Pulling the pleated skirt in the subway, I saw a pair of men’s leather shoes in front of me. She thought about her waist, glanced at the man, and said of course: “Sir, you are in the wrong place!”

The man quickly apologized and quit.

Two seconds later, he came in again and pointed to the outside: “Miss, it seems that you have gone to the wrong place…”

Pan Aizi hurried to the door of the bathroom and checked the sign on the door.

really! A sign of a pipe was clearly posted on the door. She was anxious just now, just as if it were a high-heeled shoe, she rushed in without even thinking about it!

She was embarrassed not to look back at the man, and hurriedly left the men’s bathroom door to the elevator.

There were a lot of people waiting for the elevator. She stood in the crowd, silently remembering the interview words she had prepared long ago. Inexplicably, she felt a gaze staying on her face.

She turned her head and saw that it was the man she met in the men’s bathroom just now! He looked at her with a faint smile, as if saying hello to her: Hi! The woman who entered the men’s room, we met again.

Pan Aizi quickly lowered his head, avoiding his gaze.

When the elevator came, Pan Aizi pushed the person in front of him, rushed into the elevator first, and stood in the corner of the elevator.

After everyone got on the elevator, the man stepped in slowly for the last time. He squeezed left and right in the small elevator space, and finally squeezed to Pan Aizi’s side!

He stood next to her, tilted his head and looked at her, still with that smile.

Pan Aizi glared at the man and thought: Isn’t it just the wrong bathroom? Are you laughing for so long? Laughing at me from a distance is not enough, do you have to squeeze beside me to laugh? A big man, just like a woman!

Although she had clearly expressed her dissatisfaction to him, the man seemed to be unable to understand her expression and still tilted his head to look at her.

His eyes were piercing and burning, and the half of his face he was staring at became hot involuntarily.

When the elevator reached the 16th floor, she quickly pushed aside the crowd and squeezed out the elevator.

The moment she stepped out of the elevator door, she breathed a sigh of relief. Unexpectedly, as soon as she took a few steps forward, she heard the man’s voice behind her: “Hi! The lady in front, please stay.”

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