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Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You Chapter 8: I Still Have You, Don’t I?

Lin Yan had no choice but to leave the house due to her aunt’s scolding.

Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan’s betrayal, coupled with the truth behind her ban from competitions, had been a severe blow. She hadn’t managed to recover after all these setbacks, and she had neglected her job as a result.

Her mother was staying in an old house in the outskirts of the city. To prevent her from worrying, she decided against heading to her place.

In the end, Lin Yan could only call the only friend she had in the country— Wang Jingyang.

“Hello, Lin Yan? What a rare caller! How come you had the time to look for me?”

“Pup… Can I stay at your place for a few days next month?”

Wang Jingyang’s voice quivered a little over the phone. “What happened? Aren’t you staying at your aunt’s place?”

“I can’t afford to pay the rent this month.” Lin Yan smiled bitterly.

“What? Didn’t they use your money to buy that house?”

“Yeah…” Lin Yan sounded helpless.

Wang Jingyang was hopping mad. “F*ck! That old woman doesn’t have a conscience. How blind could you be to be surrounded by a group of ingrates and traitors?”

Lin Yan chuckled. “That’s not entirely true. I still have you, don’t I?”

Wang Jingyang fell silent for a moment before he snorted. He sounded visibly happier as he said, “It’s good that you know! I’m near my university. Come over and look for me. I’ll give you a treat!”

Lin Yan replied, “Okay!”

She stared at the phone as the call was ended, feeling a little comforted.

It was a summer night and the food stalls outside the university were doing brisk business.

Lin Yan spotted Wang Jingyang, who was drinking beer, from a distance. He was wearing black ear studs and had a head of dark purple hair.

He knew that he was handsome, so he did whatever he pleased.

If someone else had dyed their hair this color, it would have been horrifying. However, he really managed to pull it off.

He had good-looking, warm features, yet at the same time, he appeared wild and haughty. He was tall and had a pair of long legs. He exuded the vibe of an advertisement model in his simple black t-shirt and ripped jeans, and he looked like a male character who had just walked out of a romance novel.

Even if he were to compete against the current popular celebrities, he wouldn’t be inferior to them at all.

A throng of school girls sitting at the tables nearby were sneakily taking photos of him with their phones.

Wang Jingyang’s eyes lit up when he saw her. He waved the bottle of beer in his hand. “Lin Yan, over here!”

Lin Yan waved back and strode over. She sat down across from him.

Lin Yan was wearing a white dress, and her black straight hair tumbled neatly past her shoulders.

Wang Jingyang scanned her from head to toe. The corners of his mouth twitched with a hint of disdain.

“How could you dress yourself in such a ridiculous way? Lin Shuya would have looked refreshing in this dress, but you look as though I’ve kidnapped you from the mountains!”

Lin Yan looked annoyed and unhappy.

What kind of metaphor was that?

Alright, she knew that she didn’t really know how to dress up.

In the past, she had been a car racer, so there had been no need to dress up. Besides, her coach had forbidden her to do so.

When she had been with Han Yixuan, she had usually worn the style that he liked.

After entering the entertainment industry, Lin Shuya had been the one who had managed everything for her. She would select outfits for her and she would just wear them.

Personally, she didn’t really care about clothes and fashion. She wouldn’t even mind if she had to wear a black plastic bag.

Lin Yan was about to speak when a strange sensation coursed through her body. Instinctively, her eyes darted around as she surveyed the surroundings.

She studied her surroundings slowly. Finally, her eyes landed on a spot below a tree across the road.

There was a black car quietly parked there.

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