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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 19 Recap

Sun Yu gave Sun Ruowei ‘s family background to Zhu Zhanji , who was hesitant about Sun Ruowei’s life and worried that Sun Yu would fake Sun Ruowei’s life. Sun Yu was full of loopholes, and Zhu Zhanji pressed harder and tempted Sun Yu to compile the lie for ten years, otherwise Zhu Xi forced to ask them, and they would not die. Sun Yu tried to persuade Zhu Zanji not to bring Sun Ruowei back to the palace. Zhu Zanji stated that it was Zhu Xi’s will, and his divine will is hard to violate. Sun Yu ordered Zhu Zhanji to swear that he would be good to Sun Ruowei from generation to generation, so he was relieved to give Sun Ruowei to him. Zhu Zhanji swears to Tian, ​​and Sun Yu pleaded on his knees, and decided to help Sun Ruowei to tell a ten-year lie, but on the condition that Zhu Zhanji give him another day. Zhu Zhanji readily agreed.

Hu Shanxiang heard that Hu Shangyi was sick and came to take care of her personally. When Hu Shangyi saw Hu Shanxiang, she scolded her to get out of the room. Instead of being angry, Hu Shanxiang wanted to take care of her. Hu Shanxiang told Hu Shangyi that in recent times, many people have forced two silver coins into her pocket. Hu Shangyi ordered her to think twice, as long as she collected the money, then they are the same person on the same boat. In the future, something wrong will happen. Hu Shanxiang explored how Hu Shangyi managed the harem in an orderly way. Hu Shangyi did not say much, but instead reminded Hu Shanxiang to go to the concubine to ask her grandson to prepare for the wedding.

Crown Princess Zhang Yan complained to Hu Shanxiang. For so many years, outsiders have put on princes and crown princes, and they did not know that silver was earned by outsiders. Hu Shanxiang took out a large amount of silver and secretly stuffed it into Zhang Yan, claiming to honor the prince. I hope that the princess does not need to be bothered by trivial matters, and can only be her concubine. This remark made Hu Shanxiang very moved and made Hu Shanxiang no longer kneel when no one was there. When Hu Shanxiang heard that Zhu Xi asked Zhu Gaoyu to recommend a show girl, he came to Zhu Gaoyu. Zhu Gaojiao wondered why he didn’t go to Zhu Gaojia , Hu Shanxiang patted Zhu Gaojiao’s fart, saying that Zhu Gaojiao had a high prestige, and he recommended it, which would be much larger.

Zhu Gaojiu said that he was annoyed by the Prince’s family, but Hu Shanxiang told Zhu Gaojiu the story of the quarrel between the female officials in the palace, and compared the three brothers in the Zhu family.
In the middle of the night, Sun Yu came to Sun Ruowei and gave her the changed family background of the three generations to Sun Ruowei, and repeatedly told her to quickly learn to avoid mistakes. Sun Ruowei did not want to marry Zhu Zhanji, and he did not want to stay in the palace. Sun Yu dismantled Sun Ruowei because Xu Bin refused to leave. Sun Ruowei vetoed, expressing his unwillingness to marry his grandson who killed his father and foe, but Sun Yu told her that Zhu Zhanji was the first choice, suggesting that if Sun Ruowei followed Xu Bin, he could only live in hiding. Sun Yu believed that only Zhu Zhanji could protect Sun Ruowei from danger, and insisted on making Sun Ruowei a prince.

Just before Sun Yu left his forefoot, Sun Ruowei opened the envelope and found that Sun Yu wrote the resume that Sun Yu died because of heart palpitations. Then Sun Ruowei suddenly realized that he hurried to find Sun Yu. At this moment Sun Yu was telling Xu Bin to follow up. Sun Yu repeatedly instructed Xu Bin to take care of Sun Ruowei, Xu Bin gritted his teeth and agreed, and then Xu Bin opened the poison and committed suicide. When Sun Ruowei arrived, Sun Yu had already lost Huang Quan.

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