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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 18 Recap

Zhu Xi allowed Zhu Gaochi to sit firmly in the crown prince position, and Yang Shiqi, Yang Rong, and Yang Ye were promoted to Zhu Xi, assisting Zhu Gaochi to supervise the country. Jie Xi was deposed to the frontier because of his framed Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Gaochi returned to the Prince’s Mansion, and Xie Yi begged Zhu Gaochi for mercy, hoping that he could help him to say a few words in front of Zhu Xi. Zhu Gaochi’s face changed, and he scolded Xie Ye to understand that Tian Gao was allowed to fly and it was not a bad thing to leave.

The three brothers Zhu Gaochi came to Zhu Xi, and Zhu Xi criticized Zhu Gaozhen for his love for knives, so he asked him to accompany him. Zhu Xizhi learned from Zhu Gaoyu’s mouth that Jingdu was orphaned, and decided to let the slaves and old men and women who are old and frail choose to return, and their children can be examined or identified by the way. Zhu Gaochi was very supportive of Zhu Xi’s move. Zhu Xi instructed Zhu Gaochi to settle Zhu Zhanji ‘s marriage as soon as possible and set a date for the relocation of the capital so that he could leave in peace.
Zhu Gaojian brought the prisoner of the prison to Zhu Gaochi, and when Zhu Gaochi saw that he was reluctant, he argued with him. The brothers teased each other. Zhu Gaojiao talked about whether Xie Gao came to Zhu Gaojiu, and Zhu Gaojiu was angry when he talked about it, and scolded him for nothing. Zhu Gaoxi took the opportunity to ridicule Zhu Gaochi’s holding the treasury firmly in his hands this time, and he did not suffer, but Zhu Gaochi’s heart was mixed.

Hu Shanxiang visited Sun Ruowei , and the two introduced each other’s identities. After hearing the full name of Sun Ruowei, Hu Shanxiang informed her of her experience ten years ago. Sun Ruowei got up to find an antique, and asked Hu Shanxiang if he was playing a pretend game. Hu Shanxiang was convinced that Sun Ruowei was his biological sister who had been separated for many years, and he cried with tears. The sisters finally recognized each other, and Sun Ruowei Hu Shanxiang cried with headache. Hu Shanxiang questioned whether Sun Ruowei was going to marry Zhu Zhanji. Sun Ruowei vetoed it and decided to leave with Hu Shanxiang after the event was completed.

However, Hu Shanxiang decided to be a show girl, wait for his son to sit on the emperor in the future, and then tell him how his parents were killed, so that the Zhu family will be their own playthings for generations. Sun Ruowei was very shocked. His younger sister, who had not seen it for ten years, was very deliberate and ruthless. Worried about the doubts of others, Hu Shanxiang repeatedly told the former to call Sun Ruowei as the granddaughter of Sun, but still recognized her sister in the back.

General Ping An heard that Zhu Xi was going to pardon Jing Di’s orphans, and to restore their reputation, he came to press Zhu Xi. Zhu Xi explained a few words, but General Ping An didn’t appreciate it. He was worried that Jing Nang orphan would return to seek revenge from them. Zhu Xi ordered Zhu Zhanji to chase him away, but Zhu Zhanji had no choice. Zhu Xi had to come out and drive them away. As soon as Zhu Zhanji was going to leave, Zhu Xi ordered him to give Sun Ruowei’s birthdate to himself, and when she was in good health, she would be brought into the palace. Xu Bin would also be an official. Can’t leave the capital.

Zhu Zhan gene Zhu Xi’s order came to Xu Bin and Sun Ruowei. Zhu Zhanji offered Xu Bin to serve the court, but Xu Bin did not agree. Zhu Zhanji secretly told Xu Bin that it was Zhu Xi who wanted Sun Ruowei’s birthdate to tell him how to lie to Zhu Xi. Seeing that Zhu Zhanji did not keep his promise, Xu Bin had a dispute with her again. Sun Ruowei stood up to persuade him, and Zhu Zhanji left obediently. After Zhu Zhanji left, Sun Ruo begged Xu Bin to take him away, but Xu Bin refused. Xu Bin decided to let Sun Ruowei stay in the palace, but he couldn’t bear it.

Zhu Gaojiao told Zhu Gaojiu and other Sun Ruowei and Zhu Zhanji to get married, but then Zhu Zhanji became the next emperor. Zhu Gaoxi decided to wait until the wedding and then tear down Sun Ruowei ’s true identity. When Zhu Qi discovered that Zhu Zhanji secretly assassinated him, he would not give them good fruit. Zhu Gaoyu was worried that Sun Ruowei would bite Zhu Gaoyu, and Zhu Xi would not spare him easily. Zhu Gaojie was forced to do nothing, and decided not to take a step. Zhu Gaojiao still thought it was inappropriate. Zhu Gaojiao warned him to leave early if he thought he was unreliable, otherwise he wouldn’t engage in small actions behind his back.

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