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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 16 Recap

Sun Ruowei insisted on leaving and decided toleave the capital after Zhu Xi and Jianwen Emperor successfully met. Zhu Zhanma asked who she was leaving with. Sun Ruowei yearned for a boat trip to overseas, hoping that Xu Bin would accompany her. Zhu Zhanji agreed with Sun Ruowei’s departure, but on the condition that when she was leaving, she tried her best to make Zhu Zhanji forget her, otherwise she would not be allowed to leave.

Hu Shanxiang set up a banquet to invite the palace ladies to drink wine, and used the money to bribe the palace ladies, hoping not to go wrong with her. Hu Shanxiang apparently respected the court ladies, but taunted them on the ground. Xinmei helped the Shangyi Bureau secretly push money to Hu Shanxiang, and then the major maids successively toasted Hu Shanxiang one after another, and indirectly secreted two money to Hu Shanxiang. When Hu Shanxiang became more and more confused, An Guifei suddenly visited and embarrassed Hu Shanxiang in public. Princess An Gui asked Hu Shanxiang how the official came from, and Hu Shanxiang shouted aloud the concubine’s reward. As soon as An Guifei planned to continue to reprimand Hu Shanxiang, the prince arrived in time, implying that An Guifei would find trouble with Hu Shanxiang again, and shewould not let Park Guifei pass away. At that time, An Guifei could disturb her quietness in the palace. An Guifei did not dare to talk, so she had to leave angrily.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Xi dreamed of killing Emperor Jianwen again. Zhu Xi woke up from a nightmare and found that Yao Guangxiao was always by his side. Zhu Xi asked Yao Guangxiao, what he should have said when he met Emperor Jianwen. He was still worried that Jianwen would create his own opposition. Yao Guangxiao persuaded Zhu Xi and Emperor Jianwen to talk about it. People.

Five days later, Zhu Xi and Jianwen met at the stupa of Lingshan Temple. Xu Bin said that Zhu Xi and Emperor Jianwen could not meet, and Sun Ruowei was in charge of the message, while Xu Bin and Zhu Zhanji were waiting on the opposite mountain. If the child passed, Jian Wendi had not returned, and Xu Bin would have killed him. Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Xi brought Sun Ruowei to Lingshan Temple. On the hill opposite, Zhu Zhanji was bored and chatted with Xu Bin. Zhu Xi and Sun Ruowei entered the tower, Zhu Xi whispered to Sun Ruowei, and Sun Ruowei went to the top of the tower to speak for Zhu Xi. When Sun Ruowei saw Emperor Jianwen, he bowed down to him, but Emperor Jianwen said that he was no longer emperor, just a monk.

Sun Ruowei handed the seal of Chuan Guoyu Xi to Zhu Xi, and Zhu Xi was relieved, knowing that Jianwen was indeed at the top of the tower. Zhu Xi wanted Emperor Jianwen to come back, and promised Emperor Jianwen to make him Emperor, but Emperor Jianwen did not want to go back anymore. He also said that as long as Zhu Xi can benefit the people, it does n’t matter if I am sorry for him. In order to show sincerity, Emperor Jianwen also passed on Guo Yuxi was handed over to Zhu Xi, and Emperor Jianwen let Zhu Xi feel relieved to be emperor. Don’t worry about the past, but Zhu Xi said that he couldn’t be at ease.

Zhu Xi told Sun Ruowei of her nightmare and told her to tell Emperor Jianwen. If Emperor Jianwen could accept the position of Emperor Taiwen, he would feel better, and the jade seal would be returned to him first. Emperor Jianwen had long guessed that Zhu Xi might Yu Xi also returned, and she was ready to make a speech for Sun Ruowei to tell Zhu Xi that as long as he could remedy in time, Zhu Xi’s nightmare would naturally subside.

After Sun Ruowei told Zhu Xi the words of Emperor Jianwen, he went to the top of the tower and asked his own questions. Her parents died when she was young, and she was taught to take revenge from a young age, but she did n’t understand how to live after revenge. Sun Ruowei was very sad when she thought of those who were good to her. He did n’t know how to repay them. After a few words, she asked Zhu Xi what else was wrong. Sun Ruowei said that, Zhu Xi asked him, if he is proficient in the Dharma, then he knows what his future life will be. Emperor Jianwen told Sun Ruowei that he did n’t understand in this life. What’s more about the afterlife, he told Sun Ruowei that he must learn to make peace with himself. Sun Ruowei knew that Emperor Jianwen was also teaching himself. She was going downstairs to give a message to Zhu Xi, but unexpectedly Zhu Xi had already reached the top of the tower.

When Zhu Xi heard what Emperor Jianwen and Sun Ruowei said, he questioned Emperor Jianwen. If he died, Emperor Jianwen convened the old ministry and caused trouble to the world. Would he regret not killing Emperor Jianwen? Say, if his death can change Zhu Xi’s peace of mind, then he is willing to give his life to Zhu Xi, Sun Ruowei can’t see right, and quickly speak out to prevent Zhu Xi from doing it. He also said that if Zhu Xi started, he would kill himself first, and Zhu Zhanji did All efforts are in vain. When Zhu Xi and Jianwen Emperor were talking, Jin Yiwei patrolling the mountain suddenly noticed a change. After checking it, nothing was found. Nie Xing suddenly jumped from the tree, killed two Jin Yiwei, and replaced him with Jin Yiwei. clothes.

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