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Chapter 7: The Consequences of Lying to Me

The young man trembled when he heard Pei Yucheng. He shook his head fervently and said, “No… Brother Yu, we used a sedative to make you calm down… Brother Yu, she already left a long time ago. Why would she appear…”

Before the young man could finish his sentence, he clammed up. The man’s eyes were like a hibernating poisonous snake that made one tremble in fear.

The suite was quiet and the man remained silent. He watched the young man quietly.

The young man was already perspiring as though he was cracking under pressure.

“You have learned to lie.” Pei Yucheng spoke calmly.

The young man’s pupils contracted violently at Pei Yucheng’s words. One second later, he fell to the floor on his knees with a loud plop.

The man in the bed remained cold and distant.

Pei Yucheng studied the young man and said quietly, “You know the consequences of lying to me, don’t you?”

“Boss…” The young man’s shirt was soaked in cold sweat and his voice was trembling slightly. “Boss… I… I won’t dare do it again… I didn’t lie to you on purpose. She… She has indeed appeared. It was merely a coincidence. You were in a critical condition yesterday, that’s why I brought her to you. Then, you managed to calm down…”

The man lost himself in thought as he listened. The spine-chilling coldness in his eyes subsided a little.

Pei Yucheng didn’t speak, so the young man continued to kneel. He didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly.

His boss had been less temperamental during the past two years. It had been some time since he had last looked so frightening.

He was afraid that his boss might have suppressed himself for too long… and this wouldn’t continue any longer…

A while later, the man picked up the document and continued perusing it from morning to evening. The young man continued kneeling all this while.

Nobody knew exactly how much time had passed.

Pei Yucheng finally broke the silence. “Get the car and find out something for me…”

The young man acted as if he had been pardoned. “Yes!”

At a high-class apartment building in the capital city…

Lin Yan left the internet cafe and took a bus to her aunt’s place.

She immediately took a shower and changed into clean clothes.

After a hot shower, Lin Yan felt much more refreshed.

Suddenly, she heard a knocking sound.

Lin Yan stood up to open the door. “Aunt.”

Her aunt glanced inside her room, looking displeased. “Why did you switch on the air conditioner again? Don’t you know that the electricity bills are expensive?”

Then, she blurted out, sounding annoyed, “Xiaoyan, it’s almost the end of the month. When are you paying the rent? Shanshan is studying at university and there are a lot of expenses. I still need to feed an extra mouth who is unemployed. How can we survive?”

Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows. “Sorry, Aunt. Can you give me two more days? As you know, my income isn’t as much as it used to be…”

Wang Qiaohui raised her voice. “That is not a reason for you to stay at our place and ask us to support you! We are a pitiful mother and daughter. How can you be so shameless? Is this how your mother raised you?”

Lin Yan’s expression was slightly cold. “Aunt, don’t forget that my mother bought this house for Uncle. I gave my mother the money to buy this house. When I used to stay here, I always gave you an allowance as well!”

Wang Qiaohui became agitated, as though her tail had been stepped on. She pressed her hands on her hips and shouted, “Hey, Lin Yan! What are you trying to imply? Your mother gave us this house! Since she has given it to us, it’s naturally ours. I don’t care whose money she used to pay for the house. You ought to give us an allowance!

Your uncle just passed away, and now you’re bullying my daughter and I. How could you try to steal this house from us? Why are you being so vicious?

Listen carefully! If you don’t pay up, you will get out of my house along with your belongings by next month!”

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