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Chapter 6: He Lost Control Again

At a private hospital in the capital city…

Pei Nanxu rushed to a VIP suite on the highest level.

Pei Nanxu was a top award-winning actor and an incredibly popular idol.

A group of top management staff was crowded outside the suite, blocking the pathway. Everyone was peering at the suite anxiously.

All of them immediately stood aside when they saw Pei Nanxu. “Second Young Master!” They all greeted him respectfully.

Pei Nanxu ignored all of them and entered the suite instantly.

The door swung open.

The suite was mainly white in color and appeared rather cold. There was a bouquet of white roses at the head of the bed and some fallen petals on the edge of the bed.

A man was lying on the bed, perusing a document.

The man was exceedingly good-looking, but he was equally cold and aloof. His pair of simple spectacles gave off an impression of asceticism, and the eyes behind the lens were like dangerous billowing waves in the deep ocean.

Although he was merely lying quietly in bed, he exuded a stifling, oppressive aura. It seemed as if the air in the suite had become thin.

At that moment, he placed the documents aside and propped his forehead against his hand. He looked as if he was concentrating hard on something, and his eyes resembled dark billowing currents.

“Big Brother…” When Pei Nanxu noticed that the man was awake, his usually calm demeanor revealed a hint of emotion.

The man glanced briefly at Pei Nanxu, yet that mere glance caused an intense feeling of suffocation.

Pei Yucheng’s expression prevented Pei Nanxu from uttering a single word. Even though he was his younger brother, he still felt a sense of fear whenever he stood before him.

Right now, Pei Nanxu stood silently beside him, waiting for the man to speak.

Pei Yucheng casually adjusted his gold-framed spectacles as he continued to read the document. “Are you happy being a celebrity?” he asked softly without looking up.

“Big Brother…”

Pei Nanxu’s heart jerked a little at Pei Yucheng’s words.

He had no interest in running a company. He had always enjoyed being an actor.

“Let’s talk about how the company is doing.” Pei Yucheng raised his head slowly as he stared at Pei Nanxu with a pair of emotionless eyes.

When Pei Yucheng’s eyes landed on Pei Nanxu, he felt as if an icy blast of wind had attacked him from all directions. He shuddered slightly.

Pei Nanxu quickly mustered the courage to meet Pei Yucheng’s eyes. “The situation isn’t very good, but I’ve canceled all my schedules for the time being. I’ve been overseeing things on your behalf, and everything seems fine.”

Pei Yucheng grunted in response.

Pei Nanxu’s eyes were slightly red. “Big Brother! It’s a relief that you’re awake! We were totally caught off-guard when you fell into a coma suddenly. We found all the experts we could, but all of them were useless…”

Pei Yucheng remained indifferent. “So?”

Pei Nanxu’s worry and concern were immediately fizzled by his indifference.

He really had no idea how he should hold a conversation with his brother.

Pei Yucheng was a capricious man, so his mood was unpredictable. He was extremely hard to get along with, as he was like an unemotional, cold-blooded monster.

Even though he was his younger brother, he had to be very cautious every time he spoke to him. If he said anything wrong, it could lead to disastrous consequences!

“You can leave.”

Just when Pei Nanxu had started feeling pressured, Pei Yucheng spoke calmly.

“Alright then. Big Brother… Have a good rest.” Pei Nanxu nodded and turned around. His forehead was covered in perspiration.

A few seconds later, a young man pushed the door open and walked in.

“Brother Yu.” The young man spoke respectfully as he glanced at the man.

This young man was the man who had brought Lin Yan to the car.

“Yesterday night, I lost control again.” Pei Yucheng spoke softly, yet he sounded certain.

“Yeah…” The young man nodded.

“So, she appeared.” The man looked nonchalant on the surface, but the depths of his eyes were surging dangerously with hidden emotions…

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