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Chapter 5: Instant Recovery

“Brother Yu… Brother Yu’s condition has improved!” The young man was delighted when the alarm began to die down.

This woman was literally a miracle elixir. As long as she was around, Brother Yu would be fine and he wouldn’t lose control.




The watch’s alarm began to grow weaker.

The young man and the lady were delighted, yet stunned.

They glanced at the bespectacled man. His flawless face, which seemed to be exquisitely carved, had finally regained some of its former color.

At the same time, the man’s face had captivated Lin Yan completely. She was oblivious to the man and the lady’s expressions.

This man’s face could bring a calamity to the entire country and lead it to destruction!

Although he was really good-looking, Lin Yan felt an intense indescribable fear surging in her heart as she looked at him.

“Alright… you can leave now.” The woman spoke suddenly, sounding hostile and cold.

“Huh?” Lin Yan looked confused.

Hadn’t they offered to bandage her wound? She hadn’t even seen a first-aid kit, let alone attended to her wound. Were they messing with her?

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can leave now… Didn’t you say that you would be fine soon?” The young man interjected quickly.

If she didn’t leave in time and his boss woke up and saw her, it would be a disaster…

Lin Yan was speechless…

He was the one who had insisted on attending to her wound, even though she had clearly declined earlier. Now that she was ready and willing, he said that her wound was recovering? Who would say such a thing?

Lin Yan, who felt rather helpless, opened the car door and got out.

Unbeknownst to her, after she got out, a spine-chilling cold was soon emitted from the inside of the car.

The man who had been unconscious earlier abruptly woke up. His eyes were as deep and dark as an abyss.

The next morning came.

Afraid that her aunt would lecture her for getting home late, Lin Yan had decided to spend the night at an internet cafe.

Ever since she had gotten back, nothing good had happened to her. Her sister had betrayed her with that jerk and then she had gotten into an accident.

Could she get any unluckier?

Just as Lin Yan stepped out of the internet cafe looking downcast and dejected, she accidentally caught sight of a huge screen on a building. It was streaming a piece of explosive financial news.

“Multinational conglomerate JM Corporation’s management is in upheaval. President Pei Yucheng is suspected to be critically ill…”

Lin Yan unconsciously stole a glance.

The screen displayed a photo of Pei Yucheng.

It seemed as though it had been taken sneakily at the hospital.

In a huge, spacious VIP suite, an exceedingly good-looking man was lying in bed.

The man had a face that could bring about a country’s destruction. It was as if God had personally carved his features, which were flawless and exquisite. He seemed to be shrouded in a cloud of mysterious deep mist, and he appeared cold, aloof and distant.

“It’s him!”

Lin Yan gawked at the screen in shock.

Wasn’t he the weak-looking unconscious man she had seen in the luxury car the previous night?

He was the older brother of her revered idol, Pei Nanxu!

Seconds later, Lin Yan shook her head. She couldn’t even take care of herself, let alone care about the life and death of another man.

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