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Lee Hong Chi

Lee Hong Chi (Actor)
Other Name: Hong Chi Lee, 李鴻其, Lǐ Hóng Qí, Li Hong Qi, 李鸿其, Thanatos, Drunk, Lee Hong-chi (李鴻其), ฮงชิลี

Nationality: Taiwanese
May 10, 1990
 actor, drummer
Jinshan Township, Taipei County, Taiwan (now Jinshan District, New Taipei, Taiwan)
Star sign: 
Chinese zodiac:
Talent Agency:
Chinese Culture University
Official website:
Music group:

Li Hongqi grew up in Jinshan District, New Taipei, Taiwan. When he was 15 years old, he decided to suspend school and go to Huagang Art School, but his family opposed him. Later, he took the car to another area to learn performance every day, worked part-time, and then took the car home. At the age of 16, Li Hongqi began to learn to play drums.

TV Drama Series:

  • Go Go Squid! (2019) as Mi Shao Fei / Little Mi

Movies Films:

  • I Remember (2020) as Fei Li
  • Back to the Wharf (2020) as Li Tang
  • Love You Forever (2020) as Lin Ge
  • Long Day’s Journey Into Night (2018) as Wildcat
  • Cities of Last Things (2018) as Zhang Dong Ling (Young)
  • Baby (2018)
  • Namiya (2017) as Qin Lang
  • City of Rock (2017) as Dynamite
  • Love After Time (2016) as Army officer
  • Thanatos, Drunk (2015) as Rat

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