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Love in a Fallen City (2021) 长风破浪

Love in a Fallen City
Also known as: 一身孤注掷温柔 , Yi Shen Gu Zhu Bang Wen Rou , Love in a Fallen City, 长风破浪, Yi Shen Gu Zhu Bang Wen Rou , Chang Feng Po Lang , 一身孤注掷温柔

Genres: Republic, War, Romance
China Mainland
Fu Wei (付玮), Zhou Jian Kui (周鉴葵)
Chun Shan Ling (春衫冷)
Release Date:
Feb 23, 2021
Related Show:
Yi Shen Gu Zhu Bang Wen Rou (一身孤注掷温柔) by Chun Shan Ling (春衫冷)


  • Ethan Ruan as Lu Hao Ting
  • Zhu Xu Dan as Gu Wan Yi
  • Wang Tian Chen as Huo Zhong Qi
  • Qin Han
  • Sun Chun
  • Luo Hai Qiong
  • Dong Yong
  • Zhao Long Hao
  • Lv Xing
  • Wang Chuan Yi
  • Wu Yong Wei as Madame Dai
  • Cao Bing Kun
  • Shi Jing Ming
  • Wang Jia Ning
  • Zheng Xiao Ning
  • Lei Han

During a mission, young general Lu Haoting falls in love with a maiden named Gu Wanyi. Love blossoms between the two, and the trust and reliance of their love gives Lu Haoting the courage to strive. He and his fellow comrades helped the citizens annihilate all kinds of evil forces, slowly realizing the peace of the Central plans. However, enemy forces invade the Center plans and causes misunderstandings between Lu and Gu, causing them to separate. Gu Wanyi was also captured, and used threatened to reveal Lu Haoting’s weakness. However, Gu Wanyi refuses to work with the traitors.

Finally, Lu Haoting uses his intelligence and wits to defeat the enemies, and save Gu Wanyi from danger. After going through a series of struggles, Lu Haoting and Gu Wanyi finally reconcile. They realize that loyalty, mannerism, intelligence and trust are what keeps them going and growing. The two promised never to leave each other, and work together to help protect the country.

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