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The Years You Were Late 你迟到的许多年 (2018)

The Years You Were Late (2018)
Also known as: 你迟到的许多年 / Ni Chi Dao De Xu Duo Nian / The Years You Were Late

Genres: Drama, Romance, Military, Romance, War, Political
Episodes: 35
Country: China Mainland
Director: Lin Ke
Network: Hunan TV
Release Date: Sep 28, 2018 – Nov 2, 2018
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  • Huang Xiaoming
  • Yin Tao
  • Qin Hailu
  • Cao Bingkun
  • Fan Zhibo
  • Tian Zheng
  • Peng Yicheng
  • Zhang He
  • Wang Tianye

The Years You Were Late 你迟到的许多年 – Riding on the tides of reformation, the story revolves around a former soldier adjusting to civilian life. In the year 1985, a team of military medics receive a mission to provide reinforcements to soldiers. Because of that day, Mo Li, Zeng Bu Yu, Zhao Yi Qin, Wen Ting, and Wang Jian Yun come to form a complicated relationship with the team of soldiers that they met. Years later, they have each moved on with their lives. Zeng Pu Yu is building a house in Beijing. Former soldier Mu Jian Feng and Mo Li reignite feelings from the past after meeting each other once more. Wang Jian Yun and Wen Ting consider marriage. However, Wen Ting realizes that she has a psychological problem and decides to leave. Mu Jianfeng also leaves Mo Li due to insecurities. He marries Zhao Yi Qin instead while Mo Li


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