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Why Denmark owns Greenland?

Speaking of Denmark, the first thing we can think of is Andersen, who can be said to be the representative of Denmark. Many people don’t know the country of Denmark, they just know that the country’s fairy tales are very famous. In fact, Denmark can be said to be a small country with few people.

This country has only more than 40,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 5.7 million. But the economy is very developed, with a per capita GDP of more than 60,000 U.S. dollars. It looks like a very ordinary and rich country, but one thing is very special, that is, it occupies the largest island-Greenland.

Greenland belongs to North America and is the largest island in the world with an area of ​​2,166,313.54 square kilometers. More than 80% of the population living on this island are Inuit. The whole island is cold all year round, which is a typical cold zone climate. The island is very rich in resources, rich in oil and natural gas resources, as well as many animal resources. It can be said to be a huge piece of mouth-watering fat, but how did this piece of fat get to Denmark?

In 982 AD, the Norwegian Eric was expelled from Iceland for homicide and came to Greenland to settle. This was the first time that a European set foot on Greenland. We found that it was not Danes who came to this place first, but Norwegians. It was also the Norwegians who ruled here first. After that, many Europeans began to migrate to Greenland.

In the 11th century, Eric’s son Ericsson returned from Norway, where he had recently embraced Christianity, and introduced Christianity to Greenland. In 1126, Greenland established the first bishop’s position on the island. Greenland became a colony of Norway in 1261. The Norwegian became the master of this island.

It stands to reason that this island should have always belonged to Norway, so why did it become Danish? This is mainly related to the relationship between several Nordic countries. In 1380, Denmark and Norway joined forces and the two countries became one country. Although it is one country, there are two governments.

At that time, there were many such conditions in Europe. For example, we are a king, but not ruled by a government. And Greenland is also shared by the two countries. In 1776, the Danish government monopolized Greenland’s trading activities. Later, when Denmark and Norway were separated, the property was not divided properly. Among them, there was the issue of the ownership of Greenland.

Denmark and Norway are unwilling to give up Greenland, but the two countries have not dealt with this issue after a century of fighting. It was not until the end of World War I that the emergence of the League of Nations solved this problem. The League of Nations assigned Greenland to Denmark, and since then Greenland has belonged to Denmark. It can be said that Denmark cannot legally own the island if it is not for the League of Nations.

During World War II, the island was briefly responsible for the United States because Denmark surrendered. But after World War II, Greenland quickly returned to Denmark, and became a Danish state, with its own representative in Parliament. But Greenland has a lot of autonomy in Denmark.

In general, if it were not for Norway and the League of Nations, Denmark would not have the largest island in the world.

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