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About Danish customs and culture

Denmark is a highly developed capitalist country. The Danish life is laid-back, casual, unhurried, and unassuming. They accept different ways of life. Today, the editor will introduce Danish customs to everyone.


The Danes are generous in demeanor and unrestrained personality. They like to stay away when they talk together. This is just a national habit, not deliberately alienating each other. They are actually very good at making foreign friends. Danes are different from Southern Europeans in that they have fewer restrictions and behave more freely, but they also have many rules. For example, if you visit a local home, if the host asks you to take off your coat after entering the door, it means that the host is willing to stay with you for a long time, otherwise the host does not want to stay with you for a long time.

Meeting etiquette

When Danes meet with guests in social situations, they usually shake hands as a gift. Some Danish girls still retain an old custom. They often curtsy when they meet with men of identity on elegant occasions, and some even stretch their hands out, with their palms drooping naturally, which is a sign of letting the other party give kisses.

The Danes don’t like or even taboo four people to shake hands. When entertaining friends, they think it is unlucky to use a match or light a lighter to light a cigarette for more than three people.

Dining Etiquette

The staple food of the Danes is mainly pasta, especially bread. Non-staple foods like beef, lamb, and vegetables are tomatoes and cabbage. The Danes like to drink, so every time you entertain guests, you must designate a person as the driver. He does not drink, otherwise, no matter how much you drink, you are not allowed to drive. They usually drink coffee, yogurt and scented tea.

clothing etiquette

Danes pay attention to dress neatly in formal social occasions, usually in suits and leather shoes. People are also used to wearing evening gowns when holding a grand dinner. However, in daily life, they dress more casually and wear all kinds of popular clothes. Many people like sportswear. In summer, tourists in swimming suits can be seen everywhere in some seaside resorts in Denmark.

Local customs

The Royal Danish Ballet often toured around the world. Under the sponsorship of the Royal Ballet, Denmark has created a new ballet Oscar, the Andersen Ballet Award, which is awarded to the best ballet performers in the world every year. The award ceremony took place at the grand international ballet festival in Copenhagen. The relationship between men and women in Denmark is very free. They usually live together for a period of time to ensure a stable marriage before the wedding.

There are different ways to hold a wedding. In one case, the bride and groom wear casual clothes and go to the local city hall to be presided over by the mayor or deputy mayor. Some weddings are also held in churches. In Denmark, there is a special phenomenon-“uncertified marriage”, where the man and woman live together without a formal wedding and give birth to children. Danish residents believe in Christianity, and most Danes insist that their children go to church to be baptized at the age of 14 and receive instruction from others.

The Danes consciously pay attention to environmental protection, and many places use wind power to reduce air pollution caused by thermal power generation. Secondly, bicycles are used instead of cars. Many urban people use bicycles to commute to and from get off work, and they promote bicycle travel. Danes like to make gifts with flowers. However, the Danes believe that the white flowers are an ominous omen. Except for funerals, brides’ wedding ceremonies and children’s baptisms, the use of white flowers at other times is considered taboo. They gave yellow flowers to guests and safflower to those who traveled out.

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