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King of Operations

King of Operations (Novel)
Other Name:  运筹之王

Genre: novel, History
the desert
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Han Mo mainly tells that the protagonist Han Mo is an elite talent who is expected to be promoted to the director of the pharmacy department of the Artillery 803 Military Hospital. An inexplicable accident traversed and saw how he went in the new world…

The Hanfu pharmacy has much more Tibetan medicine than the outsiders imagined. Of course, there are ordinary herbs, even those rare medicinal herbs, exotic flowers and herbs, it is also a lot of treasures, many of them are only in the south wind country. Specialty of ancient medicine, so Han Bo did not spend much time, so he carried a small stove and a medicine pot, carrying the few rare and ordinary herbs in his arms, and arranged the stove and the medicine pot, so he took the medicine Come in and ask: “Five young masters, you must tell me how much of these medicines should be dispensed. It is a three-point drug, and it is sloppy.”

Chapter List:

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