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Chapter 4 Accompanying Girls

The escort girl in Yan Guo is not the same as the escort girl in the usual sense. In this country, after the children of Daguan, a distinguished and famous family, they will arrange for a woman to be a escort girl in the room, whose purpose is to take care of them at night The host, for example, the host is thirsty at night, hungry or even urinating, and the house girl must wait. Of course, if the host wants to have a relationship with the girl, it is not unacceptable, but it is also common in the family.

At the age of 16 when Han Mo became an adult, Mrs. Han asked Zhang Luo to give him an accompaniment girl, but Han Mo thought it was a very inhuman thing. Although he didn’t mind sleeping with a woman, he was also very deep. Knowing the fate of the escort girl, once you have been a escort girl, the world will only think that the girl has been tainted by the owner, and then want to allow a good family, it is almost impossible, either to be taken as a concubine, or forever Be a girl by the side until you die.

Han Mo didn’t want to destroy a girl because of himself, and he always refused. Even the girl who forcibly arranged Mrs. Han was kicked out. Later, the Han government didn’t have a way to stop it, but he didn’t want to take care of everything. Such a thing that the woman is in charge of has called herself personally, and she has even arranged manpower.

“Grandpa, this… grandchildren really don’t need it!” Han Mo looked at Han Zhengzheng carefully, and he looked at him. When he saw this, Han Zhenggan’s brows were slightly wrinkled, a little unpleasant, Busy then said: “But since it was grandpa’s personal arrangement, grandchildren just follow the instructions.”

Han Mo knew in his heart that since Han Zhengzheng had this meaning, even he had chosen his own staff. It would be useless no matter how he opposed it. Han Zhengzheng had the supreme authority in the Han nationality, and no one could violate it, even His father was also respectful in front of Han Zhengqian. If he had a temper, he would not dare to offend easily.

In this case, it’s better to bear it down, and it’s like following the Han Mao’s tiger hair. As for the girl who accompanies her, doesn’t mean that she is quite old, then it doesn’t matter, you must have married, so you don’t worry about getting married. Too.

Han Zhengzheng showed a rare smile on his face, saying: “Little five, you are clever. But there are a few things I have to tell you about the accompaniment, otherwise I will not violate the law. Engaged!”

“Please show Grandpa!”

Han Zhengzheng pondered for a while, and finally said: “Although she is the accompaniment girl I found for you, but you can’t really treat her as a accompaniment girl, not only as a girl, but also She is respectful and polite… well, just treat her as your sister.”

Han Mo was taken aback for a moment, looking at Han Zhengzheng in confusion, and he really didn’t understand why he was so charged.

Is this big master looking for a roommate or a sister for herself? But Han Zhengzheng wouldn’t refute it because of this kind of advice, and respectfully said: “Sun Er understands.”

“In addition, after she has lived in, you should stop letting your subordinates go in, and you must not reveal that you have a housemaid. This matter must not be rumored, if you notice which subordinate knows this… …Report me quickly, remember!”


Han Zhengzheng’s expression was solemn, and her voice was somewhat stern: “Finally, you must remember that once she lives in, once she encounters any danger, even if you lose her life, you must keep her safe and sound.”

Han Mo was so full of doubts that he couldn’t help but looked at Han Zheng. He glanced, but then nodded and said: “Remember the grandchildren, we will do our best to keep her safe.”

Han. Zhengqian nodded slightly and said calmly, “Little Five, what Grandpa said to you today, you can’t talk to anyone, your parents will know about it, so you can’t mention it on weekdays. Tell you to keep in mind that if something goes wrong, my Han family is only afraid of a big disaster, you can understand!”

Han Mo wanted to ask a clear question, but he knew that if there were some things that he should let himself know, even if he didn’t ask, Han Zhengqian would tell himself, but he shouldn’t know. Even if he broke his throat, he wouldn’t get any answer. .

He is very curious now. The escort girl he is equipped with is sacred, and can actually be related to the life and death of the Han family.

“Well, you go.” Han Zheng waved his hand and signaled Han Mo to go down. He raised his brush again and prepared to continue writing. When Han Mo asked An to prepare to leave, he suddenly said: “Yes, your black panther Need more staff?”

“Ah!” Han Mo was startled.

The so-called “Black Panther” refers to ten people, including Han Qing. That is when Han Mo started training a group of similar special forces squads with memories of previous lives from a very young age. Each of them is proficient in the army. Martial arts is better at tracking and investigating intelligence. It is Han Mo’s masterpiece, but it has always been extremely secret. Even Han Xuanchang did not know that there is such a team of characters. To outsiders, it is just a group of playmates around Han Mo. That’s it.

Han Zhengzheng suddenly shouted the name “Black Panther”, which surprised Han Mo, who thought he was secretive.

“If there is no manpower, you tell me, I will give you a few more obedient people.” Han Zhengqian with a faint smile.

Han Mo stubbornly said: “The soldiers are not many, there are a few of them.

Han Zhengqin nodded slightly, waving Han Mo back.

There are several elegant pavilions at the back of the Eastern Courtyard of Qing Dynasty Mansion. On one side of the pavilion is lush greenery and greenery, and on the other side is a tiny pond. Under the moonlight, a few white geese playfully On it.

Han Mo’s dinner was enjoyed in one of the largest octagonal pavilions. The four corners of the pavilion had mammoths holding lanterns, which illuminated the pavilion very brightly.

On the seat is Han Mo’s father Han Xuanchang, and Han Xuanchang’s right is Han Mo’s mother, Mrs. Han.

Mrs. Han is nearly forty years old, but she is very well maintained. Her skin is white, greasy, and looks beautiful, with a graceful and luxurious temperament, but her pair of star-like eyes like Han Mo, with a touch of mischief The color, with a faint smile on her face, the corners of her mouth curled up very curved, looks as naughty as the girl’s house.

On the left head of Han Xuanchang, there is still a beautiful woman who is about 33 or 34 years old. She is charming and charming. She has a pair of eyes like autumn water, watery, and a 15- or 16-year-old girl, who is beautiful and beautiful, sits Beside the beautiful woman, a pair of eyes is like a beautiful woman, as clear as water.

This beautiful woman is Han Xuanchang’s side room. Her girlfriend’s name is Su Yubi. She is called “Aunt Bi” in the upper and lower part of the house, and the girl is the daughter of Aunt Bi, Han Qin, Han Mo’s sister.

Han Mo is sitting next to Aunt Bi.

Mrs. Han married Han Xuanchang at the age of seventeen. After two years of marriage, she never had children. Han Xuanchang then accepted Aunt Bi as a concubine. She knew that Aunt Bi had been married for less than a few months, and Mrs. Han became pregnant with Han Mo. Aunt Bi was originally introduced for lineage succession, but she was pregnant with Han Qin almost two years later. It was a very strange thing.

Originally as a concubine, it was impossible to dine at the same table with the wife, but Mrs. Han was born with good nature, and she was very good with Auntie Bi on weekdays, just like a sister. The room stood aside and served, but sat on the table to eat together.

Han Xuanchang doesn’t care about these things. Since Madam Han is so, he won’t say much.

Han Xuanchang was just forty years old. When he was young and powerful, he was a Qing official. Although he was middle-aged, he looked extremely handsome, personable, and a dragon among people.

Mrs. Han glanced at Han Mo with a smile, and asked softly, “Mo Er, are the sunglasses you said made for your mother? Why haven’t you seen them delivered?”

Han Xuanchang frowned and asked, “What sunglasses?”

“Master, our son has been smart since childhood, you know that.” Mrs. Han came interested and smiled authentically: “The first two days he promised me to make a thing that covers my eyes, so I looked at the sun in the sky like that. Not afraid of dazzling, Moer took a name called Sunglasses, turned around and made it, I will take you to play with!”

Aunt Bi said softly: “Mo’er has been smart since childhood, and these sunglasses must have been excellent.”

“Yeah!” Mrs. Han nodded again and again, looking at her son, laughing: “Sister Bi, look back and I will play with you.”

Han Xuanchang couldn’t help crying and saying, “Ma’am, what kind of usefulness do he have?” He stared at Han Mo and sneered, “The plaything is mourning!”

“Master, that’s for fun, why do you blame Moer?” Mrs. Han whitened Han Xuanchang, and then smiled to Han Mo: “Moer, don’t be afraid, there is a mother behind you to support you, your father doesn’t How dare you.”

Han Mo smiled and nodded again and again.

Mrs. Han loves Han Mo freely, and Han Mo also enjoys full maternal love in this era. So long ago, he used the memories of his previous life to tinker with some strange things from time to time to make his naughty mother happy.

Han Xuanchang knows that his wife is very stubborn when she is a girl, and her marriage does not change her temperament. Han Xuanchang takes care of her and does not blame Mrs. Han for her bad temperament. Too much change, sometimes her heart is like a naive and naughty girl’s house. She said that it was for fun, so she didn’t ask much and waited for the meal to be served before she started eating.

“Brother, I can memorize the stories you wrote.” Han Qin approached Han Mo and said softly: “You can write a few more stories for me.”

Han Mo laughed and said: “I’ll write a few more for you later. Little girl, you’re so brave, you’re not even afraid of stories like “Liao Zhai”, your brother’s respect for you is like a torrential river. !”

Han Qin chuckled: “You talk nonsense, those fox immortals are good people, what is terrible.”

Han Xuanchang coughed and said, “Dine and eat, where is there so much to say when eating.” He looked rather unsightly, staring hard at Han Mo, and then said to Han Qin: “Qin’er, don’t look at those messy things. Things, the “Sutra” that your mother taught you, you can see it all? There are also knitting embroidery, you can all learn, how can there be no time to look at those useless things.”

Han Qin’s mouth narrowed, very wronged.

Mrs. Han gave Han Xuanchang a white glance and said, “Did you get angry at the outside? When you come back to breathe at the children, don’t you listen to them before yourself?”

Han Xuanchang sighed and bowed his head to eat, not refuting.

Auntie Bi hurriedly said: “Qin’er, eat quickly, and after dinner, the mother teaches you embroidery.”

Han Xuanchang ate only half a bowl of rice, then put down the bowl and said to Han Mo: “Moer, a month later, Zhenfujun will go on a sea mission, and you will also go out to experience it. The men of the Han family are always going to the sea. .”

“Yes, Dad!” Han Mo nodded.

Well, it’s a good thing to go out of the sea. It’s nice to say that I’m going to patrol the sea, to deter the pirates, to say that it’s not good to hear, that is, several warships wandered deep in the Great East China Sea a few times, and then came back. “Pirates are rampant, the Zhenfu army goes to sea to attack the pirates, and the arrogance of the pirates is heavily attacked. However, the bandits gather to fight the pirates and strive to fight the pirates more fiercely.” Yun Yun actually asked the court for military expenses.

Han Xuandao is now one of the cabinet ministers in Yan Jinggui, and as the Hushang Shangshu, it is fully capable of speaking in Chaotang, and then pulling out a sum of money to strengthen armaments.

This pirate has been rampant for nearly a hundred years. If the strength of the Fuhai Army in Donghai Town is attacked with vigour, it may be wiped out decades ago.

However, keeping gangs and preparing troops is also a thing that has been done by all dynasties. If the pirates are really wiped out, the Donghai Town Fujun may have been abolished long ago, and the Han family would not do such a stupid thing.

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