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Chapter 5 The Han Nationality

Late at night, in the main room of the East Courtyard, Han Xuanchang sat by the window, looking up at the dark night sky, and there was a haggard look, and Mrs. Han made tea, and handed it over to Han Xuanchang, softly said: “Master, you are here today After I came back, my face was always bad. I didn’t ask too much on the table. What happened?”

Han Xuanchang smiled bitterly: “It’s not a matter of taxation yet.”

“Tax?” Mrs. Han blinked her beautiful eyes and said, “Don’t every household in each county pay rent on a monthly basis every season?”

Han Xuanchang placed the tea cup on the table next to him, with a hint of anger in his eyes: “It’s not that the rent is not paid, but Xiao Muzhan is getting more and more excessive, and this time the commercial tax has risen by 10%. Especially for the fishing bank, even Shengsheng has risen by 20%. Those businessmen who have increased their business tax will not be able to operate at a loss. They came to our East Sea County just to earn money. As soon as the business tax rose, the fish market would fall in price, and the fishermen braved the wind and waves all month and month. I can’t earn a few silver by fishing at sea. If the price drops, I can’t earn a few more living money.” It seems that the mouth is a bit dry and he took a sip from the tea cup before continuing: “The common people earn There is less money, but the tax revenue of the court is not reduced. We have to deal with the tax revenue of the court. We have to pay full money to the court every quarter. Naturally, we can’t claim to reduce the tax of the people. People will complain about our Han family. Xiao Muzhan did this, maybe I was thinking that my Han family was disheartened.”

“Half of my people in Donghae County make a living by fishing.” Mrs. Liu Mei, Han’s wife, twitched slightly: “As soon as the fish market price drops, half of the people in Donghai County will be victimized.”

“Who said no, at this time last year, it was possible to sell twenty-two pennies for every catty of fish, but now it can only be sold for fourteen pennies, but it has fallen by nearly half.” Han Xuanchang’s eyes were very angry: ” I’m afraid it’s not the head. I’m not sure which day Xiao Muzhan is going to make waves again and again, and toss the people. This is a long time, even if the big guy knows that the culprit is Xiao Muzhan, but our Han family is the first in Donghai County. Family, if you don’t come forward, you will be blamed on our Han family if you can’t make people feel resentful.”

Mrs. Han walked behind Han Xuanchang, gently kneading his shoulders for him, and asked, “You are looking for Xiao Muzhan today, but why?”

“Yes.” Han Xuanchang nodded and said: “I approached him and told him about the current fish market and the income of the fishermen. That is to let him reduce taxes to the merchants at his discretion. He was good and opposed to me saying that he is now stationed in Yan The Northeast Great Camp at Qing border is preparing for military preparations, and the Qing people are watching, so the states should strengthen their taxes and be ready to fight the Qing people.” He slapped on the window edge, and he was very angry: “Isn’t this nonsense?” I heard that in order to fight for power, Qing Guo Chao Tang, all the factions are fighting and fighting, Yan Guo will not fight Qing Guo, they have already got a high fragrance, there is still time to fight our Yan Guo.”

“Master, don’t be angry.” Mrs. Han smiled and said with a smile: “Sometimes we think slowly, it’s useless to be anxious. Since Xiao Muzhan is unscrupulous here, it’s better to write a letter to Uncle Yanjing, I’ll give it to me again The younger brother wrote a letter saying that they are all cabinet ministers and asked him to join forces to transfer Xiao Muzhan out of Donghae County, shouldn’t it be difficult?”

Mrs. Han’s maiden name is Hu, and the Hu family is also one of the nine nations of the Yan Kingdom. Although it has the second lowest strength among the nine nations, it also has a place in the cabinet.

“If you want to use the power of Han Hu’s two cabinets to deal with a small area of ​​Xiao Muzhan, wouldn’t it be a big deal?” Han Xuanchang shook his head: “And you also know that this Xiao Muzhan is next to the cabinet’s Chief Assistant Minister Xiao Taishi It’s a nephew. It’s from a background. He was sent to the East China Sea as a guard at the time. It was a nail that Xiao Taishi put in Donghai County, in order to stick in the heart of our Han family and monitor our Han family’s Actions are holding us back. If Big Brother and Hu Shangshu take action, it is not difficult to remove Xiao Muzhan, but it will offend the Xiao family. At this time, we would rather offend the Yan family than the Xiao family.”

Mrs. Han smiled and said: “Master, you are the most intelligent man, always come up with a way.”

Han Xuanchang laughed, took Mrs. Han’s hand, and said with a smile: “Ma’am, I’m a lot of age, where is still clever and smart, and my brain is just a mess.”

“But in my eyes, you are the smartest.” Mrs. Han smiled, like a little girl: “You are in my heart, and always open my red hijab that night, the gentle one I saw Juvenile Lang. Come, lord, give me another smile, like the same night.”

Han Xuanchang couldn’t help crying and laughing, saying, “Ma’am, you… hey…!”

“Master, you laugh, it’s uglier than crying.” Mrs. Han laughed softly, and said softly: “It’s not good, go to the big master, let him think of it.”

“En!” Han Xuanchang said with awe: “Xiao Muzhan has been in Donghai County for nearly five years, and it’s time to replace him.” He stroked Mrs. Han’s supple hair, smooth and silky.

Ye Lan was quiet, Zhu Ying whirling.

Han Mo’s back garden, Han Mo lay in bed, lit by the lights, and watched the Spring Palace picture that was just changed in the past few days. The pictures of men and women on the above were vivid and vivid, with strange movements. According to Han Mo, who was baptized, Chun. Gongtu was rare in this era, but in his eyes, creativity was relatively backward, but this time it was better than nothing.

Quietly in the garden, Han Mo looked at it for a while, and had no passion for it. He collected the Chun. Gongtu. Then he stood beside the bed and looked at the night outside.

The words of the Grand Sovereign today made him really puzzled. What kind of woman will be coming soon? Han Mo is not a fool. He knows that the identity of the woman arranged must be extraordinary, but I do not understand why the patriarch should arrange such an important woman beside him.

“Young Master!” Han Qing’s voice came from outside the door.

The servants who can freely enter and exit the back garden are only the stewards and sons. If any other servants are not allowed, that is not a half step.

“Come in, the door is not closed!”

Han Qing smiled and walked into the house, respectfully said: “Master, your account has been done.”

Although he knew that this matter was about to be done, but Han Mo still showed a smile on his face and sat up and said, “Han Qing, I really want to praise you this time, young master. Order something.”

“The young master told him that it would be done even if he went up the sword and down the sea of ​​fire.” Han Qing smiled and said with a smile: “The little does not ask for rewards, as long as you follow the master, you are happy than anything… By the way, master, you are ready to reward What is for the small one?”

Han Mo grabbed the shoes on the ground and hit Han Qing, then Han Qing smiled and then returned again, only to whisper: “Little King found a place to hide Xiang Yu’er, we asked for the location to rush At that time, the kid was about to seize Xiang Yu’er. According to the command of the young master, we didn’t give up our dead hands, we just knocked him out, and then took Xiang Yu’er out, which is now arranged outside the city!”

“Go back and tell the elder brother secretly.” Han Mo whispered: “Take him out of the city to see Xiang Yu’er. Remember, everything must be done in secret, and don’t let the two governments know about it. The most important thing is that when the little king has suffered this loss, he will definitely send someone to explore Xiang Yu’er’s whereabouts, maybe he already knows that we did this, and secretly he might send someone to follow his fourth brother, so he must avoid the little king. Eyes and ears.”

“Master, don’t worry.” Han Qing said from himself: “This Donghai City can track what we don’t let us know yet, so few people.”

Han Mo gave him a glance, and he was still bragging about his thoughts. The big master was very clear about the existence of the black panther.

At dusk the next day, Han Yuan carried two large jars of wine and ran into the garden happily, got into Yaju, and said cheerfully: “Little Five, Little Five, my fourth brother, thank you, hey, this What should I say?”

Han Mo was practicing Zen Changsheng in meditation. Hearing the footsteps of Han Yuan from the bridge, he inhaled and got up and smiled: “Six Brother, congratulations, you got what you want.” Carrying two jars of wine, he whispered and said, “Fourth brother, how do you thank your little brother?”

Han Yuan faced with the spring breeze, and was in a good mood. He smiled and said, “Why is Si Ge so unfamiliar? This is Cordyceps wine produced by Nantan in the two jars. Si Ge finally got it, even if you lost the rice and flower fragrance in the altar yesterday.” The two jars of wine were placed on the table. This took Han Mo’s hand, and he was grateful: “Xiaowu and Sige have prepared a table of wine for you at Bazhenge. Huo Qiuyuan and they are all waiting for you, go and go! “I can’t help but say that I just pulled Han Mo to the Bazhen Pavilion.”

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