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King of operations Ch 6

Bazhen Pavilion is the most stylish restaurant in Donghai City. It has three floors. The consumption level is second to none in Donghai City. If you don’t have a home, you don’t dare to enter the restaurant door, because once you enter, you won’t order ten or eight delicious dishes. , You have no face to eat, and these ten or eight good dishes, the minimum is four or five or two silver, which is enough to meet the income of an ordinary fisherman for half a year.

Although the Han family is big in Donghai City, there are also some wealthy homes. Although each family clan, based on the strength of its own people, it must also be attached to a large group of small and medium families below.

The third floor of the Bazhen Pavilion is quiet and quiet. Although there are two or three Accords on each side, the main hall is set with two huge Nanmu round tables. Those who really want to come to drink, like to drink in the lobby. The Accord is much more spacious and much more lively.

Han Yuan took Han Mo up to the third floor, and a large group of brothers and sisters immediately came forward and smirked: “The five young masters are here, and the five young masters have not been together for a while.”

These are the children of the rich family in the East China Sea city, that is, they are attached to the Han family, and naturally they will have a hard time with the Han family’s children.

Han Mo saw that they were all acquaintances, and he smiled and said, “The fourth brother said that you are all here, and I miss you too. It happened to be drinking and amusing together. Come and come and sit down and talk.”

At the moment everyone sat down and the food came up, a young man said: “Five young masters, I heard that the Zhenfu Army is going to go to the sea again recently. Can you go out and see this time? I heard that there is a group of pirates on the sea It’s tough. There are four or five warships. It is said that the leader is still a big beauty. If you go out to sea and wave a big hand, grab that beauty back home to be a concubine, you must have a taste, haha…!”

Everyone laughed suddenly.

Han Mo blinked and said, “Beauty? Floating all day on the sea, the wind and the sun, where is there any beauty. Huo Qiuyuan, this heed, but you take it seriously, if I don’t see the beauty when I go to sea , You can peel your skin when you come back.”

“Five young masters, where can I dare to lie to you.” Brother Huo Qiuyuan, an elder son, is anxious: “This is the real thing. You know my cousin is in Zhenfujun, and he went out to the sea several times and caught a few pirates. The pirate said it personally and drew a portrait. The beauty had a gangster, and the pirates all called her a’mermaid’. With this nickname, she should look pretty good.”

Han Mo smiled and said in a grinning way: “The pirates see few women, I’m afraid that even a sow will be regarded as a beautiful girl by them. But I remember this matter, if there is such a’mermaid’, I must catch it back, young master, Bring her to Bazhen Pavilion, and open your eyes to the big guy.”

Everyone cheered.

Nowadays, it’s very lively to come and go.

Han Yuan wouldn’t say that this table wine was set up to thank Han Mo for helping him grab Xiang Yuer. He thought it was just the buddies who gathered together and there was a lot of laughter in the conversation.

Huo Qiuyuan laughed suddenly: “Five young masters, your fingers are getting brighter recently, I’m afraid it’s about the fortune coming soon.”

Others said: “It’s not bad, the five young masters are the gods of wealth, and I will wait until later to follow the five young masters into the world of gold and silver treasures.”

“Bring a fart!” Han Mo became depressed, and raised his right hand, a little bit vicissitudes and authentic: “Master, I’m really worried that this is sick!” He touched his left hand with his right hand, but could not bear it Live slapped lightly and murmured: “Do not fight!”

Han Mo’s right hand is really different from ordinary people.

Han Mo’s other three fingers except the thumb and index finger are extremely yellow in color. Sometimes, under the sunlight, this too deep yellow finger even occasionally emits a dazzling golden light, which is quite rare.

This was brought down when Han Mo was born.

This thing, I don’t know when it started, and it was spread in the East China Sea city. Perhaps the people in the house revealed this rare thing. The people all said in secret, this is the star official in the sky, maybe a god of wealth. Ye Li.

Han Mo knew that these three golden fingers were really a bit of fantasy.

It was as absurd as he passed through bizarrely. After the accident, when he crossed to the mother womb, it was like there were brain waves talking to him, telling him a strange secret.

These three golden fingers can make him realize three wishes in his new life.

So Han Mo once tried to make a wish to let him return to his own era, but these three golden fingers really do not know what kind of desire can be achieved, not only did not help him to return to the previous world, he even made a wish to give him a A woman who looked like Marilyn Monroe failed to achieve her wish.

Many wishes are empty, so Han Mo feels that these three golden fingers are just a decoration.

Perhaps it is not time for the golden finger to come into play!

Listening to everyone talking about those Fengyue things, Han Yuan was also immersed in it, only Han Mobai was bored and lazy, and felt so boring.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps on the stairs, and a weird voice laughed: “Damn, I heard a large group of dog barks across the street, and the noisy ears were noisy. It’s good to walk around the street with a kill stick and kill a few wild dogs barking and barking.”

Hearing this voice, Han Yuan was the first to change his color, his eyes were full of anger, his face was even distorted by anger, and the others present, except for a slight sneer from Han Mo’s mouth, all changed slightly.

Everyone knows that this is the little king.

The enemy’s road is narrow!

“Little King” Xiao Jing, the only son of the “Black King” Xiao Muzhan in Donghai County, is undeniable. His appearance is very consistent with his self-considered identity. He looks handsome and has a good figure. Tall, wearing a white brocade suit, and worthy of the word “Yushu Linfeng”, it is far from the general image of the bad guys who are roeheads and fat-headed people. Looking at him only, people who do not know the truth will think he is a The handsome and elegant gentleman, but everyone in Donghai City knows that this is a wolf in human skin, and there are not a few people who have been scourged by him, and there are also a few good family women who are ruined by him.

With seven or eight fox-and-huwei dog friends, Xiao Yan was the first to walk out of the stairs, looked at Han Mo with contempt, shook the folding fan in his hand, and walked leisurely to another table in the hall, hehe smiled and said: “Huh, isn’t this the brother of Han family? Really destined, I said that a group of wild dogs are calling upstairs.”

Everyone at Han Mo’s table showed resentment, but Xiao Yan’s father was the guardian of the East China Sea, and the late Emperor Xiao Xiao was Xiao Jing’s grandfather. No one dared to offend such an identity.

Han Yuan couldn’t help it anymore. He patted the table and got up with a sneer: “His grandma’s, there is no clean place in Donghae County, wherever you go, you can smell the feces, Xiaowu, brother A few, let’s change places so that our nose is not tainted by that shit.”

Everyone was about to get up, but Han Mo smiled and said with a smile: “Walk whatever you want, sit down.” Turning to Xiao Jing, he smiled and said with a smile: “Little King, I heard that you recently put money in India, and forced several families to die. Do you sleep at night without nightmares?”

“Nightmare?” Xiao Jing laughed and was extremely presumptuous: “Young Master, I hold a fragrant woman every night, where will I have nightmares and night dreams all night. It is you Han Xiaowu, I heard that I haven’t tasted meat today It’s a pity, it’s a pity that this is not a man anymore. Looking back, my brother led you to a few good places and taught you how to be a man…Oh, I’m sorry, I taught you how to be a man.”

Han Yuan clenched his fists and wanted to punch Xiao Jing’s face with a punch, but the tribe had long explained that the children of the Han family must not have a confrontation with Xiao Yan Wang, Han Yuan’s teeth bite, but he did not dare to act lightly. .

Han Mo was still smiling, and said leisurely: “It turns out that the upper beam is not correct and the lower beam is crooked, it is a virtue.”

“Han Xiaowu!” Xiao Jing lowered his face and said, “What are you talking about?” Seeing Han Yuan trembling with anger, hehe laughed and said: “I really tell you, young master, I’m just playing with women and playing tricks. Okay. Did you know that Huaxiangyuan chose Huakui last time? If you are interested in the fine skin and tender meat of the Huakui, if you are interested, your brother will take you back to take a look. What’s it called? There are too many women playing with the young master, and some can’t remember it.”

“Master, call Xiang Yu’er!”

“It’s nice, it’s called Xiang Yu’er!” Xiao Jing laughed wildly.

Although Han Yuan knew that he was full of nonsense, but this straightforward insult to Xiang Yu’er made this man who could tolerate everything on a daily basis unable to bear any more. When he thumped the table, the dishes on the table suddenly shattered: “You are farting!”

He had to rush over, but Han Mo grabbed him.

Seeing that Han Yuan was angry, Xiao Jing was still a little panicked, but he knew that the children of the Han family were as powerful as the cows. Han Yuan really wanted to get started, and ten of them were not opponents. They were terrified, but they saw Han Mola. Living in Hanyuan, they thought they did not dare to do it, they were even more presumptuous, haha ​​laughed and said: “Why? You want to beat me? Come on, come on, beat the young master fiercely, the young master begs you, come on “” Patted his face gently, provocatively: “Call here, come, please!”

Han Mo laughed, stood up, and said to everyone around him: “Everyone, everyone also knows that our Han family is patriotic and respectful of the government. Little King so sincerely requested my help. I’m disrespectful, everyone flashed a little!”

As soon as his words fell, in everyone’s surprised eyes, like a cheetah, he rushed to Xiao Jing in two steps, and with one hand protruded, he had grasped Xiao Jing’s collar and the other hand was mercilessly Facing Xiao Jing’s pretty handsome face, he pumped up.


There was a continuous voice, and everyone was shocked and dumbfounded.

Xiao Jing, who was only moaned by Han Mo, was dizzy and even slapped more than two dozen slaps. His five fingers on his right hand were suddenly half-curved, and his phalanx was slammed down against Xiao Jing’s sternum. The solo biography “Jang Sheng Jing”, although it is impossible to produce those strengths in the martial arts world, but his strength has been truly exercised, he can even be sure that this is the hammer, the strength may not be better than the horns The impact force is small.

Sure enough, Xiao Jing was beaten by this, and suddenly “Ouch” yelled, rolled his eyes straight, froze, the corners of his mouth swollen, and even overflowed with foam.

Han Mo knew that his own thump had already hurt Xiao Jing’s sternum. For at least one year, Xiao Jing’s chest would often suffer from severe pain. Even if he was a doctor, he could only recommend Xiao Jing to take care of himself slowly. Will make Xiao Jing’s sternum heal in a short time.

Xiao Jing’s classmates gathered around and exclaimed: “Master, Master!”

Han Mo adjusted his clothes, shrugged his shoulders, and sighed, “Everyone heard that, it was Xiao Yan who asked himself to beg us to beat him. I was fulfilling his wish. I lived for almost two decades, still the head It was a freak when someone met this kind of request!”

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