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Huang Quan

Huang Quan
Other Name: 凰權·弈天下/凰權/天盛長歌 / Huang Quan·Yi Tianxia / Huang Quan / Tiansheng Changge

Genre: novel
Author: world Guiyuan
Year: 2018
Chapter: N/A
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The change of imperial power is like waves.
Here is him who is deeply smitten but ambitious.
There is a mystery of her life, but a hidden evil intention.
Whose country has been seized, and whose home has become?

Chapter 1 The Death of Prologue
Chapter 2 Recalling Emperor Jing·My Hands Are Dirty
Chapter 3 Do you need a reason to recall the Emperor Jing?
Chapter 4 Reminiscence is not a thing
Chapter 5 Recalling Emperor Jing·It’s all caused by steamed bread
Chapter 6 Recalling Emperor Jing·One Slap

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