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Chapter 1 The Death of Prologue

The night is dark, stratus clouds are flying, silver snake-like lightning, and the bright and dark gold edge of the cloud, plowing out a hundred thousand miles of deserted sky, vertical and horizontal.

A dark cloud overwhelms the city at a night when the storm is about to come.


A thunderstorm finally pierced the silence of the night, and the world was instantly white and bright, and the hideous black shadows that outlined the teeth and claws of the trees on the earth, among the long and enchanting tree shadows, there were several darker shadows that flew over like meteors.

At first, a person was so light-hearted, his figure almost gave birth to a faint shadow, but every time he landed, he seemed to be a little staggered. It seemed that his posture seemed to be weak, but every time he was about to fall, the person turned around and even more. He shot out faster and harder, he didn’t care about his strength, and didn’t give himself a chance to stop in the slightest.

The man leaned forward slightly in the most effortless posture when running wildly, but his hands tightly hugged a small package in his arms.

The little ball was in his arms, not surprised by the wind or rain, and the man still didn’t forget to protect it with his hands when he rushed forward, lest it would be covered with a rain of stars.

Behind him, a few figures are not leaving, and they follow in the posture of guarding. Although the few people have high and low powers, they have the same step frequency. The way of guarding is very structured. You can see that they are well-trained at first glance, except The person in the front immersed his head and ran away, while the others in the back kept turning back, seeming to be paying attention to the movement behind him.

The rumbling rain cut off the noise, but the violent wind swept some faint movement behind him-the sound of horseshoes stepping in puddles, the sound of swords rubbing against each other, the sound of long whips beating on the horse body frequently.

These sounds came into the ears of this rushing little team, and the feet of these tired and embarrassed people were quicker.

Obviously, this was a rainy night chase. Between winding mountain roads and dense green forests, under inclement weather, chasers and fugitives competed in physical strength and endurance.

“Somehow it’s almost to the ground!” In the fugitives team, a burly man wiped a handful of rain and looked forward to a certain direction behind Cangshan. Bloodshot eyes flashed with a spark of hope.

“Wait, hurry up and look at Xiao Liu’s injury.” Another man with a long jade face turned his head and looked at a young man with double swords behind him with concern.

The one named Xiaoliu, who looked like a child, was pale and thin, and blood-stained all over, facing the caring eyes of a few people all looking at him, he stubbornly pressed his lips and shook his head.

“I told you not to come, you have to come, now it’s okay, hold back!” A short man slanted the corner of his mouth, staring at the thin boy, but he popped a pill and stuffed it into the boy’s mouth.

The boy vomited the medicine into the dust.


“Three tigers!” The leading man holding the package gave a deep sigh. The dwarf immediately shut his mouth and turned his head. The leading man looked at the young man with apologetic eyes… Xiao Liu hadn’t completed his studies yet, so he shouldn’t have taken this trip. But… he sighed, touched the young man’s head, and said, “Fortunately, it’s almost here…”

“call out!”

The violent wind broke through the rain curtain, cutting off his voice in an instant, the rain flower splashed with blood, and the figure in charge of the guard staggered at the end, and fell silently.

Through the sharp tip of the forest on his back, the joy that has just appeared between the eyebrows of these fugitives is pinned!

The enemy is chasing!

The leader subconsciously wrapped it tightly in his arms, pursed his lips, and flicked his head, covered with rain, his wet face was reflected in the white light of lightning, and his eyes were as sharp as an eagle toward the end of the team.

The burly man who received his eyes turned around and laughed, “Grandma’s, there are so many things!” The blue light in his palm flashed, and he rushed towards the chaser without a word.

In the torrential rain, the rough sneer shot out like nails, and almost immediately after landing, the man who seemed to be exhausted, took the knife and killed several people in a row. The fallen enemy’s corpse blocked the road.

Enraged enemies outflanked him, surrounded him, the rain washed out the outline of the killer, and the roar of unknown who resounded in the mud, and large swaths of blood mixed with the rain splashed out, staining the pale lightning red.

The black figure in the lightning stayed alone at the end of the rain curtain, blocking the enemy’s advance with his own strength. On this side, the others didn’t even hesitate, and didn’t even go back to move on.

There is no time to hesitate, and no time to be sad. This scene has stretched across the road of escape paved with bones and blood. Along the way, a team of three hundred people has been thinned in this way. The last few people left tonight.

No one is dissatisfied, and no one is afraid. This is the whole mission of their existence-the amazing emperor six hundred years ago, the creation of a secret guard that has been vigorously trained for generations, these people enjoy the highest level of worship, family wives and children They are all specially taken care of. They don’t fight, guard, and are not driven by any high-ranking officials and officials. They may not be used once in their lives. However, once they are used, it will be the moment when the world is overturned. Then, everyone They are all dead men who count as one hundred!

More than a hundred? A thousand miles of escape, facing tens of thousands of endlessly chasing troops, assassinations, ambushes, counterattacks, offensive and defensive… Three hundred people when they set off, only the last five people are left here, but what they get is Thousands of enemy corpses fell all the way.

In the heavily locked royal secret files, they are called: Blood Buddha!

However, just as the blood of the Buddha can never be known to the world, no matter how brilliant the record belongs to this elite team, it will be destined to be silently overwhelmed by history.

Existence is to sacrifice at the moment of need.

The noise of the enemy came again behind him, a life could only delay a precious moment, Xiao Liu’s eyes fell cold, and he turned back to pounce. The dwarf Sanhu suddenly stretched out his hand and yanked him severely and dragged him aside.

“You can do it!”

In the rainstorm, the three tigers tightened their waists, there was a bleeding wound there, and said dissatisfied: “I knew it was my turn for good things.”

He dragged the knife backwards and turned around, leaving his companion a lazy back, waving his hand.

“If anyone survives, remember to tell my daughter that her father will never marry a second room anymore, so she can rest assured!”

The remaining three people were silent, Xiao Liu’s face was even whiter, and the leading man closed his eyes.


The sound of fighting was left far behind, and the three of them flew desperately. This is time to spend their lives, no one has the right to waste!

There was a stern and familiar roar in the distance, sharply penetrating the hustle and bustle of the world, and the leading man immediately said, “Don’t look back!”

However, Xiao Liu had already turned his head and turned around for the first time to see that the flesh and blood behind him was trampled into mud, and his eyes were blood red.

Then he threw back silently.

The leading man caught him as soon as he stretched out his hand. Xiao Liu struggled desperately, but his hand stuck on his arm was still motionless like a metal clamp. Amidst the sound of the rain, he heard the boss’ clear and steady voice: “Ayan, go!

Xiao Liu suddenly looked back and said angrily: “Boss, you are crazy!”

The eldest man already smiled and said, “My child, please ask the boss.”

The leading man nodded silently, then turned his gaze, Xiao Liu said something else, but was immediately sealed off.

The long man touched his head, smiled warmly, and said, “Little Liu, you are the only descendant of the Tian Zhan family now. You live well.”

He turned his head, his eyes exchanged with the leading man, and then they staggered.

Looking up at the end of the rain curtain, he seemed to want to go through the heavy rain to see the person he wanted to see, and he seemed to be saying goodbye silently. A faint pain and softness appeared in the eyes of the long man, but it was fleeting, and his head also Do not return, swept into the enemy.

The person hasn’t arrived yet, and his wrist shakes.


The black rope bounced on the ground, flexibly and vigorously wrapped up the chasing horse, rolling and twitching, the front horse hissed and fell to the ground. The knight who immediately opened his bow and arrows was caught off guard and rolled like a gourd. Go down and hit the horse behind. When the horse raised its head and hoofed, the snow flashed, and the blood shadow shone like a rainbow. A human head was swung away in the rain, and then the long knife came from the elbow. Turning out, he broke the head of the leading knight with a knife, pulled it along, and cut off the legs of the second horse. The moment the horse crashed to the ground, he turned over like a harrier, slammed into the arms of the knight, and plunged in. Knife out!

In the blood burst, the third knight had also arrived. The long sword slashed down and the wind was violent. Cang Yan jumped up, and the long sword in his hand, which was thinner and thinner than the ordinary one, met the man’s sword, and the sword touched, “chao.” Screamed.

Immediately, the knight only felt that the other party’s sword had disappeared. He was just happy, and suddenly saw a section of the sword close to his long sword silently and silently, sliding out like a snake, bursting into the spark of life in an instant!

In an instant, kill two horses and three!

The No. 1 Master of Blood Buddha!

Xiao Liu was dragged by the leading man, still looking back at his flashing back like electricity, and his whole body was trembling slightly.

Yes, the entire team is a subordinate of the boss, and should be in the realm of life and death, but Ayan should not be included!

Only he knows that he is the brother of the boss!

More importantly, he is a father, his son with a single seedling three thousand miles away is the last offspring of that family… and that child… that strange child, how could he survive without a father!

This replacement is for two lives, and it is for the last incense continued by the family of the leader of the Blood Buddha Tutu.

How can the boss bear to make such a decision?

He suddenly stopped struggling, and his wet hair fell loose and hung over his eyes. Looking at the pale forehead of the young man, the leader patted him with a little pity, and unlocked his acupuncture path.

“I have a hunch in my heart that there are probably enemies in front of me.” The leader said in a deep voice, “If this is the case, I will lead the opponent away, you remember to bring…”


Before he finished speaking, the young man suddenly raised his hand, grabbed the package in his arms and threw it out!

The small group flew in an arc in mid-air and threw it far in an instant. The thunder rumbling vaguely heard the faint cry of the parcel trembling. The leader was shocked and hurried to pick it up. The parcel fell in his hand. Only then took a long breath.

When he turned his head, the thin young figure had already swept behind him in chasing after him.

The bloody fighting Ayan turned around and looked at Xiao Liu. He didn’t know whether his eyes were joy or sorrow. The young man only smiled and said softly, “People in the Heavenly War family will die with their brothers forever.”

The torrential rain is like a downpour, like a tragic song in the sky, the last batch of loyal men of the apocalyptic dynasty chose to laugh and die.

The leading man was holding the baggage, looking at the figure fighting back to back from a distance, his eyes shimmering, and then he twisted his lips and turned away.

If he could, he would rather choose to die instead of his brother, but he could not.

The ball in his arms is light and insignificant, but the responsibility is as heavy as a huge amount. He has no reason to let it go before he completes his vow.

The sound of fighting was cut off from the rain and night, and his running figure was faster than the lightning, and far away, a small forest appeared behind the mountain col.

There was joy in the man’s eyes. After he knew the woods, it was the end.

However, the joy was suddenly frozen, he suddenly turned around and drank, “Who!”

The dark woods were silent, and the leaves were blown by the wind and sang like a ghost clapping their hands, and the low drink of breath, as if falling in an empty space.

The man frowned and raised his true strength. According to the appointment, he directed a voice to a hut hidden behind the forest: “After the emperor, please see the owner of the valley, and the owner of the valley will fulfill the secret agreement passed down from generation to generation!”

Called three times, there was no movement behind the woods, and there was no light in the hut.

The man’s heart sank, knowing that something had changed, he immediately backed three steps quietly and slowly, looking around, and slowly leaning against an old tree with a higher ground.

This place has a wide field of vision, and it is blocked behind him. If there is an enemy in the forest, he cannot be surrounded and attacked.

In unfavorable situations, first choose the terrain that is most beneficial to oneself, which is a compulsory homework for Blood Buddha.

The man was very cautious. Before leaning on the old tree, he had carefully observed that there was no abnormality in the tree body, and it was impossible to cause harm to him.

However, just as his back was leaning up against the tree, he suddenly let out a wild roar, and turned his back desperately.

Blood dripped on his legs when he landed.

The figure flashed in the woods, and several gray-robed old men appeared silently, surrounding him in the middle.

The man looked miserable and stared at the direction of the tree stump just now, where the moss accumulated and the tree roots coiled around. It looked nothing special. However, the man stared at the stump as if he saw a devil drilled out of the ground.

There was no devil underground, but suddenly a hand was slowly stretched out.

It’s white, not big, and it looks like a child’s hand.

The woods are dark and dark, the gray rain is slanting down, and the dim colors are as vivid as small hand reliefs, slowly stretching out from the green old tree. This scene is a bit strange, the man has always stable and heavy heart , Pounded.

First hand, then wrist… The roots of the camouflaged moss were pulled apart one by one, revealing a dark hair top, a person, from the position of the stump, got out.

He raised his head.

The man stepped back in shock.

It’s really a child.

But six or seven years old, wearing a dark green oily fleece, looks similar to the color of the tree body, this color is very ugly, worn on this child, but it makes people feel elegant and elegant, just like the darkness of the rain at night. Muddy, dirty and cold, he stood there, but a word suddenly flashed across everyone’s hearts-Jade Man.

Mingguang is clear and moist, like a jade.

However, a child is already so fascinating, once he grows up, he doesn’t know how to reverse sentient beings.

However, the man only hugged the baggage in his arms and stared at the child vigilantly—he would never forget that it was this harmless little boy who hid among the trees and used the cover of the rainy night dark forest to attack him. He has experienced many battles.

When the well-trained elites of the Blood Buddha are in danger in the dense forest, they will habitually choose to lean against the tree to occupy the favorable terrain. Under normal circumstances, people’s eyes are generally straight forward instead of deliberately downward. Where is he I want to hide a child in the stump that is not thick.

Is it a coincidence or a deliberate arrangement?

If it was deliberately arranged, then the child would be too terrifying-familiar with the bloody Buddha’s self-preservation method, knowing people’s habitual choices, bold and careful, and ruthless in action.

The knife just now, if he hadn’t been able to avoid it in time, it would have been the key to stabbing him in the waist.

The child turned his head slightly, looked at him interestingly, his eyes swept across the burden of his hands, and suddenly said indifferently: “Some people are stupid, why bother to break their hands and drive them behind you like a dog? It’s better to wait for the chase and kill, you say, don’t you?”

The man pursed his lips and glanced back, and the child immediately said, “Don’t look at it, the person you want to connect has already gone.”

The man’s eyes trembled. The owner of this valley had an agreement with the previous owner that he would never leave before he came to contact him for help. However, there was such a big movement in the forest, and there was still no movement in the back stone house. Could it be that, Is the person really gone?

Thinking of this, his heart sank in despair. However, he still kept silent carefully and didn’t panic. The child seemed to be able to read his mind and smiled softly, with a clear and elegant smile, but his eyes were as cold as crystals.

“I don’t believe it? It’s actually very simple. If someone before you had already taken your bloody Buddha token, holding the same treasure as you were in your arms, I’d like to see Lord Gu, what would Lord Lord Gu do? ?”

The man was shocked, staring at the child in amazement, and said in a low voice for a long while: “How do you know…”

How could this kid know the top secrets that belonged to the royal family for hundreds of years?

“What do you say?” The smile on the child’s thin lips, the lanterns in the night of Joseph Joseph, “the secrets of this world, as long as anyone knows them, will be revealed sooner or later.”

The man squeezed his palms… There are spies in the Blood Buddha!

The dynasty is overthrown, the princes are all surrendered, and the old officials of the loyal dynasty are all slaughtered. It is as big as today, leaving only generations to enjoy the sacrifice. It is not for the bloody Buddha controlled by any ruler. It retains the body of freedom to protect the last blood of the dynasty. , How many people were lost on the road in the pursuit of thousands of miles, how many people desperately died, and now there are very few people who have come to the end, Ayan, Lao Shi, Sanhu, Xiaoliu… all of them are the most elite and highest status in the team. , The loyal and most invulnerable member is his brother who trusts in life and death.

So…who would it be? Who could it be?

I can’t doubt, I dare not doubt. Once this idea touches it, it will be the tearing and boundless shadow of Sen Leng. If it is true, if those sacrifices and following can be false, how can human feelings be embarrassing?

Taking a deep breath, the man took a step back. Now is not the time to investigate who is the spy. The most urgent thing is to fulfill his promise.

He took a step back, and the several gray-robed elders also stepped forward. The movements seemed ordinary, but the man noticed carefully that the distance between himself and them after this step moved, remained exactly the same as before.

This discovery made him feel tight again. There is no doubt that the other party is a super master with good eyesight and strength. In his current state, he can’t take any one, let alone escape under the crowd.

Falling rain was silent, and people were breathing heavily and nervously. At first, a gray-robed old man raised his hand stupidly and pointed to the man’s arms.

The man lowered his eyes and his voice was calm: “…I want to? In exchange for his life.”

The child laughed.

Waved his hand.

With a muffled bang, a mass of things was thrown into the forest, and the dim light outlines a dripping and vague reddish outline, making it difficult to see what it is, but the man stared at it, hiding it in his sleeve. His hands were clenched tightly, and his nails penetrated into the flesh.

That was the corpse of Sanhu, or… actually, it was no longer a corpse.

If it weren’t for the obvious shorter stature and the bloody Buddha symbol with half of the waist left, it would have been recognized by the wise little daughter of Sanhu, and she would definitely not be able to recognize it.

He was silent, without saying a word, the forest was deadly quiet, obviously no one was moving, but the atmosphere was tense.

But some people speak nonchalantly.

“The great dynasty, you are still struggling with your fate, and only you are the Blood Buddha.” The child said softly, with a slight regret, “I have to say, you are really…stupid.”

“Did you see his fate?” He pointed to the mass on the ground. At a young age, he was still calm and calm in the face of such a miserable situation. It was so calm and indifferent that it made his heart chill. “It’s the same no matter how persistent you are.”

However, the man had slowly retracted his gaze, looked at the child, and even smiled.

“The Dacheng dynasty has at least our group of foolish loyalists who are willing to fight to the last minute…” He laughed, “I don’t know how many people will die for you when your family’s imperial power collapses in the future?”

“Unfortunately, you can’t see that day.” The child was not angry, smiled slightly, and changed his tone. “But even if you can’t see it, don’t you want your children and grandchildren to see that day?”

The man’s complexion changed.

“The descendants of your family are difficult for generations.” The child looked at him with a light tone, “In your generation, there are two brothers that are rare in a century, but even so, the good luck seems to have come to an end, although your brother is early Marrying a wife, there is only one male so far. It is said that he is still…” He said, chuckled and stopped.

The man’s face was pale, and his steady hands were trembling slightly. He stared at the little child, his eyes were finally shocked.

Everything about the Blood Buddha Tu is top secret. It belongs to his leader, the privacy of his family, and almost no one in the world knows that this little child knows everything!

The child ignored his expression and continued calmly, “I believe you are not afraid of death, and that gold, silver, pearls and jade cannot be bought by the loyal leader of the Blood Buddha. But I believe that the 37th generation of the Patriarch who guards the Blood Buddha for generations will definitely not. I am willing to inherit the family in my own hands and completely cut off.”

With a lightly clever sentence, he hit the man like a sledgehammer, he staggered back a step, his face was miserable.

There are no heroes who are afraid of death, but there are dragons who are trapped by responsibilities.

The family line is dead today, and he will never see his ancestors until his death.

The child looked at him, and the corner of his mouth curled with satisfaction: “I don’t hurt you. I don’t even ask you anything. As long as you put down the package at this moment and turn around, the child of your family will be peaceful from now on. worry.”

With the palms up, the childish voice sounded like a clamor: “Take the oath of my Shengning bloodline. If you violate it, you will end the heir!”

Everyone in the forest was moved together-the Ning family, who overthrew the rule of the Dacheng dynasty, was a family of the Dacheng dynasty. It is said that it was a branch of the royal family of the Dacheng vassal a hundred years ago. It was annexed by Dacheng a hundred years ago. , A very heavy lineage inheritance, such an oath is quite heavy.

The man’s expression remained unchanged, but his eyes were already filled with thoughts, showing that he had been moved by his oath.

“Come on…” The child watched his words and expressions, and immediately stretched out his hands gently, stretched forward, in a position waiting to be accepted.

In the dark colors of the dense forest, the wrist bones are exquisite and the palms are like jade, and the voice is like a strand of filaments, entangled and wrapped around the man’s restless mind.

“You are the only one left in the bloody Buddha…The whole world, as long as the people here don’t say, no one will know what you have done…” The low voice sounded endless temptation, faintly bewitching, “Just let go Open your hand, from now on, no one in the world can embarrass your family…”

The man was silent, as if thinking, his eyes were sad and far away, as if he wanted to see the person he wanted to see through the dark sky at the moment.

The crowd waited with bated breath, waiting for him to retreat or enter.

Waiting for oneself to become the terminator of this glorious dynasty, waiting for the last spark of this dynasty to go out.

At this moment, the silence was thick and solid, condensing like mud, and it seemed to restrict everyone’s physical and mental movements.

after a long time.

The man finally looked up and fixed him with a smile.

In the light and shallow smile, deep and dark colors, it seems as if the mist in the morning.

The child squinted his eyes, a glimmer of cold light flashed in his eyes.

The man’s hand has been raised, his palm is slightly red, it is obvious that he has already raised his true power.

The child’s eyes contracted tighter, but his figure remained motionless.

The man lifted his palm, but instead of letting go, he suddenly sank.

Shen Xiang’s heart wrapped in brocade!

At the same time, the grief and angry laughter agitated and shook the fallen leaves in the forest.

“The country is about to fall, where is the family? If so, it’s better to destroy it all!”

With a move of his brows, the child swept over like smoke in an instant, and at the same time the figure that had been staring at him all around the dense forest moved. The gray shadows were like a closed net, gathered on all sides, and it was bound to stop the man’s movements.

However, no matter how fast they move, how can they be faster than the palm of the hand, a faint red light appeared, and the palm of the hand was already pressing on the package.


Before the half-sobbing sounded, it was abruptly cut off!

That voice was so faint and tender, in the midnight wind and rain forest, like a candling and starfire, it swayed in an instant, and disappeared in a flash.

Everyone’s expressions were ashen.

The young man’s eyes became cold one after another. He stared at the man, his figure was still small and imposing, but it seemed like a young dragon staring at the tiger galloping on the mountain and the land like a young dragon from the sky.

It’s just that when his eyes passed the no-moving package, he was still a bit suspicious.

The man just threw the package away, and laughed angrily: “Since he died with the dynasty, it doesn’t matter where he was buried!”

The package flew out.

Everyone looked up and watched the brocade wrapped in dragons and phoenixes drew a golden arc in mid-air, and quickly fell to the cliff behind the dense forest in a thrilling arc.

The boy raised his eyebrows and quickly said, “Stop it!”

Immediately someone leaped up, but the man flew over and rushed straight towards the young man. The cold light gleamed with his hand in the air, and the wind whistling towards the young man’s Tianling Gai.

Everyone exclaimed and hurriedly turned back, and no longer had the intention of chasing the package. However, when the man was about to pounce on the young man, he suddenly laughed and said, “Blood Buddha and the dynasty coexist and die. I dare not live any longer!”

With his hand, he picked up the invisible flesh and blood on the ground, twisted his body, and rushed down the cliff faster than the package.

Everyone didn’t want him to run at such a speed when he was exhausted, and he couldn’t catch up for a while. Seeing him give up the attack on the master, he breathed a long breath in midair.

Don’t want to be shocked!


The sky suddenly burst into enlightened and enlightened colors, and a black golden flower rose in the air. The huge wave of air drove up the raindrops that entered the forest, and it rained a tragic and tragic rain of flesh and blood.

In a deep black and bright red mist, the golden and precious child who was at the brunt of it fell silently.

The exclamations on all sides seemed to be condensed!

For a long time, some reddish pieces of meat slipped silently from the end of the leaves, and instantly accumulated a pile under the feet of the person. It was the last remains of the Bloody Buddha guard who had been thrown at the feet of the young man just now.

Just now, the man seemed to pick up the corpse and leave, but at the moment when the enemy was least guarded, he detonated the explosives hidden in the corpse.

The clothes were rustling with the wind, and everyone rushed to the master who had fallen on the ground without knowing his life or death.

But there was a long, sorrowful smile, which sounded from the unspoiled gunpowder smoke.

“With the dead body of my bloody Buddha, I can still get the life of a chaotic courtier and thieves, third brother, you can look down!”

The bloody black man in midair stared at the pile of things that hadn’t been seen for a long time under his feet, his eyes were painful and relieved.

All the high-levels of the Blood Bodhisattva have a thunderball firearm in their bodies, which is used to die with the enemy at the last moment. The trained Blood Bodhisattva has extraordinary skills in protecting lives and killing people. Chasing all the way, everyone has already known that it may be. One day when you encounter an important person on the enemy side, and your body is likely to be used to shake the heart of your own military, so even if you are besieged and die, you have a tacit understanding and did not choose to explode, just for this last chance.

Now that you are dead, why are you afraid to throw away this flesh and blood skin again? It’s okay to use it for a back cushion.

The man glanced over, no longer nostalgia, and let out a long whistle.

The howling sound is like a blue dragon, flying through the deep dense forest, shaking the dew on the leaves and rolling down, like the last drop of a man’s tears of a hero.

The crowd around the young man was shocked by the howling and looked back in amazement.

I only saw a piece of blood-stained black garment flying down, disappearing to the edge of the green cliff.

Everyone stared blankly, their faces pale with the mournful moonlight, and when they saw the corner of the clothes annihilated under the dark cliff, everyone couldn’t help letting out a long breath.

There was a little melancholy and confusion in his eyes.

Seeing him standing tall, seeing him banqueting guests, seeing him… the building collapsed.

Six hundred years of prosperous gold powder, one hundred thousand miles of beautiful scenery, Zeng Yinbian, Zeng Wanguo came to the dynasty, Zeng Wei Ling the world, Zeng Sihai… all belong to the proud possession of the brilliant and brilliant Dacheng Dynasty.

From now on…

Finally changed the owner.


In the 16th year of Heguang, the Dacheng dynasty, which lasted for 600 years and was at its peak, was destroyed.

On the ruins of the broken tiles of Jade Que in the Golden Palace and the sea of blood on the corpse mountain of the former royal family.

Tiansheng Dynasty, stand.

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