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Chapter 4 Reminiscence is not a thing

“Do you need a reason to kill?”

“Need a reason?”

“do you need?”

“No need?”

Wrapped in semi-dry clothes, Feng Zhiwei walked along the snowy road early in the morning with a broomstick, and couldn’t help muttering this extremely domineering answer.

The guy who looked so elegant and elegant as a bamboo in the snow was so speechless when he spoke. Feng Zhiwei always thought that he had a good concentration, and he couldn’t help but tremble when he heard this sentence.

I thought that even if my uncle wasn’t furious, he would definitely be unhappy. I didn’t want my uncle to laugh. He seemed to be used to the way this person talked. During the period, he tried several times to look at her who was blocked, but he didn’t know why. Has not come near.

The two exchanged a few words, and the uncle was sent away. The man suddenly let go of her uncle after he left. He gave her a meaningful look before leaving, and he saw her with goose bumps.

Feng Zhiwei hugged his arms and sighed helplessly. The luck was so bad… After so many years of swallowing his words, he finally took the opportunity to kill for the first time, and was caught in the right position. It was really a fleeting disadvantage.

Although in the end that person didn’t embarrass her and got rid of her crime, but Feng Zhiwei didn’t dare to be lucky.

Because the moment she first saw it in the water, she clearly saw… murderous in the bright eyes reflected in the blue water.

As a result, she was frozen in the ice lake, and she didn’t even dare to move her hair.

“It feels really bad for people to be a knife and I am a fish…” Feng Zhi sighed slightly, and Xu Xu slashed the broom in his hand forward. , I wondered when I could be so arrogant.

If you can, then you will never kneel in front of others to drink footwash in the twelfth winter.

If she could, then there would be no such thing as an innocent bastard to keep her in an empty house.

If you can do it by yourself, then you won’t be able to do anything about seeing your mother swallowing their anger and supporting their sisters and brothers.

Dreaming, Feng Zhi smiled slightly to himself, and dragged his broom to move forward.

What do people who don’t live to be twenty years old want to do?

Her figure turned around the corner of the wall of flowers without rush, but did not find that behind the wall of flowers, someone had been watching her quietly.

Looking at her expression of melancholy and helplessness.

That corner of the flower wall held a bunch of ivy vines, and the wind passed the vines, only the sound of the leaves shaking, and there was no sense of human existence. Only between the deep green leaves, the eyebrows that flew slightly faintly appeared, like feathers, revealing The cyan color of distant mountains.

After a long time.

“Ning Cheng.”


“You say…” The man raised Qing Qiu’s neckline, his face half-shrouded in splendid light, and a smile in his thin transparent Liuli eyes, “Would you like to kill her? She broke my business. Besides, I always feel…somewhat dangerous.”

“Master.” The ordinary-looking man in gray on the left side of him carefully looked at the back of the woman who was far away, breaking his fingers and calculating, and said solemnly, “Half a quarter of an hour.”

Half a quarter of an hour means that even a murderer with a corpse belt to destroy all traces is done in half a quarter of an hour.

With his fingers clasped his chin, the Qing Qiu man looked at his instinctual subordinate with a smile but a smile: “You have slowed down recently.”

“This woman is a bit different.” Ning Cheng still takes it seriously, “She makes me feel familiar, a little bit dark, a little bit cold, and a little bit nonsense.” He tilted his head to think, a little confused thinking, “Like… …”

The man raised his eyebrows, a clear smile appeared in his eyes, a little bit dark, a little bit cold, a little bit…not something.

Sure enough, he saw that guy suddenly realized that he clapped his hands joyfully and said, “Like the master!”

He clenched his fist to cover his lips and coughed slightly. The man looked at his smiling subordinate and smiled, “Really?”

Suddenly, he nodded vigorously: “Yes!”

The other man in gray who had been standing on the right side without speaking, dragged the evil away with cold sweat…

The man watched with interest the two loyal subordinates fleeing, turned his head to look at the direction where Feng Zhiwei had disappeared, remembering the woman’s surprised face, his eyes flashed, and he laughed for a long while.

“……like me?”

Lazily put on a flying feather densely woven black dragon pattern cloak under the wait of the guards, he looked around with interest, then chuckled and walked away with his hands.

“If this is the case, I will watch.” The laughter was not high, but it was shaken all around. “See if she can survive like me, and see if she can… …”

After a pause, the intention of killing was slightly alive, and a white plum at the highest point of the plum branch suddenly shattered.

“…Lived for three months.”

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