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Chapter 3 Do you need a reason to recall the Emperor Jing?

Feng Zhiwei stared at the shadow.

The jade crown, the dark silver-patterned brocade robe on the white background of the moon, wear a snow-white light fur, the light fur is brilliant and precious, but the more splendid is the person’s face, the beauty of the world is condensed, all condensed in a person’s eyebrows, Instantly stunning the country.

The eyebrows are slightly raised, delicate like feathers, the lip arcs are beautiful, and the hands of the gods carefully describe these peerless beauty, when the eyes under those thick and long eyelashes quietly turn, only that is left between the sky and the earth. The brilliance of the eyes of Moyu.

The wind of early winter blew snow foam, drifting across a white plum grove from the shore, snow-like plum blossoms and plum blossom-like smashed snow, passing over a blue ice lake, and then shattered in the flap of his flying clothes. The dull and pale winter scenery was immediately picturesque.

The immortal in the mountains, the high scholar under the forest, the national champion Danqing, the posture is difficult to describe.

The man was slender and slender in the light furrow. The jade tree generally stood on the rocks on the shore. From the posture, he was slightly leaning over to look at himself in the lake.

Feng Zhiwei immediately sank under the water, then raised his head.

She looked into a pair of dark and cold eyes.

Those eyes are extremely beautiful, flowing colors when turning, and looking at people as quiet as a deep, pure and slightly steel blue in the black and white, like a splendid brocade, rolling up layer by layer, gorgeous and noble. But it was thick and cold, and drowned people.

Feng Zhi slightly put his hands on his chest, staring at the eyes that seemed to be passionate, soaked in the misty night, and filled with romance, wondering if the world would be confused by such an amazing face, and he couldn’t see his eyes. The frozen forest?

“Excuse me, let me.” She raised her head and motioned to the person to let her feet go.

The man did not move, looking down at her-Feng Zhiwei, standing in the shallow water, showed a clear face between his loose long hair, and his black and thin eyebrows were soaked in the water, and his eyes were dark and deep. Mysterious, it looks like a layer of misty yarn when I look at people.

She is really a delicate and harmless woman.

What a… a face that surprised him.

In the flowing water, Feng Zhi bent slightly and cleverly covered his chest with his hands. He was not embarrassed because of such a posture, nor was he panicked because of the murder being discovered. He still stood calmly in the water. The man’s smile implied a sharp gaze and couldn’t avoid it.

In front of this person’s clear eyes, any disguise would be self-inflicted.

“Are you going to come up like this?” He said for a long while, his voice was warm and mellow, but he could still feel the indifferent coolness after listening carefully.

Feng Zhi looked back, and the fifth lady had sunk.

“What if she comes up?” The man stared at that side of the water. “At that time, how do you, who are responsible for cleaning this garden, respond to the cross-examination of the Qiu Mansion?”

Feng Zhiwei felt that his tone did not seem to be worrying about her, but it meant a little bit of a school entrance examination, but why did she have to be admitted to the school by a stranger?

“Oh? Interrogation?” Feng Zhi smiled, wading straight to the shore, dripping water from her body splashed on his beautiful ink shoes, and the man immediately gave in.

“The Fifth Madam fell into the lake inexplicably when I went to your appointment.” Feng Zhiwei stretched out his hand to hold the wet hair, and touched his face with a little regret. The kodane on the fifth Madam’s nails seemed to be mixed with color and fragrance. “No such flower”, the powder and water of this thing dissolve, just to wash off the turmeric complexion on her face. These years, she has been facing people with that yellow face. This is the mother’s request, and she feels it is also saving. My heart is good now, and it’s been seen by others.

Sighing helplessly, she turned her head and smiled at him, “I need to explain to the Qiu Mansion, it seems that it should be you?”

“Go to my appointment?” The man turned his head and smiled meaningfully, “But, girl, it seems that you are making an appointment, not the half-aged milf.”

Feng Zhiwei stopped and turned her head to look at him. She was born with blind eyes and soft eyes, so she looked at it with a smile, soft and soft like a flower that broke when she touched it.

“Really? That’s really the honor of the slave family… Then, my son… who is the first name of the slave family?”

The smile on the corner of the man’s lips was deeper, and suddenly he stretched out his hand to hold her, and whispered in her ear, “Sooner or later you will tell me by yourself…”

Feng Zhiwei was caught off guard and fell into his arms. After struggling, she didn’t move. Then she realized that this man looks handsome and exquisite, with a jade-like appearance, but his skills are absolutely extraordinary. She looked down and held her arm. His fingers, with slender knuckles and distinct phalanx, skin delicate and nearly transparent, with beautiful contours, unlike the hands of warriors, but full of irresistible strength.

He leaned very close to her, and the slightly cool mint tea breath rushed into the tip of her nose. It was a cold and refreshing smell, not obvious but everywhere, she frowned unaccustomed to it, and wanted to struggle. But he heard a sudden rush of footsteps behind him.

Someone sternly said, “Where is Yuhua? She is declared to be a waiter in the front yard, why is there no one in sight?”

Feng Zhiwei’s heart trembled, and she recognized this voice—her uncle, the commander of the Fifth Army and the commander of the Flying Shadow Guard, Qiu Shangqi, was the most popular general in the dynasty.

And Yuhua, now sinking in the pond under her feet.

Someone behind Qiu Shangqi gave a low return, but he was interrupted by Qiu Shangqi in the middle of the conversation. He said “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

The tone came in Feng Zhiwei’s direction. It was only halfway through, but was also interrupted by the Qingqiu man, “Master Qiu, I’m walking everywhere. Why, isn’t it convenient?”

“Don’t dare.” Qiu Shangqi immediately bowed, his tone panic.

Feng Zhiwei listened, but felt that although his uncle was frightened, his respect was insufficient, and this person’s tone was a bit wrong. This conversation sounded a bit strange.

“The youngest concubine Yuhua of the Fuzhong, Pipa, a good singer and dancer, originally meant to come and take care of you.” Qiu Shangqi smiled a little awkwardly, “It’s just that she is suddenly sick…”

“I’ve seen her already.” The Qing Qiu man spoke in a casual tone, and Feng Zhi raised his eyebrows to look at him. The two eyes collided, and the man gave her a playful smile.

I have seen it before, under the water.

The eyes of the two met, and they answered silently.

…Do you know what I will say?

……That’s your business.


… There is nothing to blame for killing and paying for life.

The woman’s eyes are always smiling, she can’t see the true emotions in her heart, but the fingers against his front seem to be slightly cold…The man suddenly raised his eyebrows, a little strange that he could feel that even after the thick winter clothes. Silky cold, is it an illusion? Or is it the old wound of the chest that was often cold and into the bone marrow at that time, and it happened again?

The old illness that had been settled for a long time unexpectedly came back at this moment, and the eyes of the woman on the opposite side were filled with smoke, and the feeling that it was difficult to track down made him feel in a trance for no reason.

It’s an interesting person…

All the various thoughts were just a moment, the next moment he closed his gaze, half-turned, and looked at Shangqiu Shangqi questioningly.

“Oh, I killed it.”

The tone was understated, like mentioning an ant that was trampled to death.

Qiu Shangqi’s eyes widened in shock, and the indifferent smile on the gentle and cool face of the man opposite made him take a breath, and then he remembered the legend of Emperor Jing about this person, and the ruthless yin bird behind those romantic and gorgeous moods. , Couldn’t help but immediately concealed his astonished expression, and said in a harmonious voice: “…It doesn’t matter if you kill, it must be the concubine who ran into you rudely?”

Still interrupting his words again, the Qingqiu man casually rolled his cuffs, his tone as light as the wind that melted the snow in this winter.

“Do you need a reason to kill?”

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