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Category: Chinese Movies

Drunk + Buddy 醉+拍档 (Movie 2018)

Drunk + BuddyOther Title: Zui Pai Dang / Er Huan Yi Li Genre: Romance, ComedyCountry: China MainlnadDirector: Danny PangWriter: Production: Release Date: 2018Related Show: – Cast: Qin Junjie Rachel Momo Wei Wei Zhang Yiqian Vina Zhang Synopsis:Drunk + […]

Fa Hai, You Ignorant of Love 法海你不懂爱 (Movie 2018)

Fa Hai, You Ignorant of Love (2018)Other Title: 法海你不懂爱 / Fa Hai Ni Bu Dong Ai Genre: Fantasy, RomanceCountry: China MainlnadDirector: Huang YonggangWriter: Production: Release Date: 4 February 2018Related Show: – Cast: Bai Yihong as Bai Zixi Lu […]

Fahai Biography 法海传 (Movie 2018)

Fahai BiographyOther Title: 法海传 / Fa Hai Zhuan Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Martial Arts, MythologyCountry: China MainlandDirector: Hu GuohanWriter: Production: Release Date: 2018Related Show: – Cast: White Bai as Fa Hai, Pei Wende Huang Rong as White Snake, […]

A Fangirl’s Romance 迷妹罗曼史 (Movie 2018)

A Fangirl’s Romance (2018)Other Title: 迷妹罗曼史 / Mi Mei Luo Man Shi / Love Song 1990 Genre: Romance, Comedy, dramaCountry: China mainlandDirector: Qin PengWriter: Production: Release Date: 2018Related Show: – Cast: Yan Ni Peter Sheng Guo Shutong Yu […]

The Ferry Man Manjusaka 灵魂摆渡·黄泉 (Movie 2018)

The Ferry Man Manjusaka (2018)Other Title: 灵魂摆渡·黄泉 / Ling Hun Bai Du . Huang Quan Genre: Fantasy, Romance, MythologyCountry: China mainlandDirector: Ju XingmaoWriter: Production: Release Date: February 1, 2018Related Show: – Cast: Yu Yi as Zhao Li  He Hua […]

Forever Young 无问西东 (Movie 2018)

Forever YoungOther Title: 无问西东 / Zui Pai Dang / Er Huan Yi Li Genre: Drama, Romance, War, Romantic DramaCountry: China mainlandDirector:  Li FangfangWriter: Production: Release Date: January 12, 2018Related Show: – Cast: Huang Xiaoming Zhang Ziyi Wang LeeHom  Chang Chen Chen […]

Fox Paradise 聊斋之狐媚乐园 (Movie 2018)

Fox Paradise (2018)Also known as:  聊斋之狐媚乐园 / Liao Zhai Zhi Hu Mei Le Yuan Genre: Fantasy, Romance, MythologyCountry: China mainlandDirector: Hao ZhaoheWriter: Production: Release Date: 2018Related Show: – Cast: Jason Zhang as Hu Ge, Doctor Wang Meixin as […]

Chinese Movies Year 2016

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Chinese Movies Year 2017

20:16 3904 Feet 52 Hz, I Love You 72 Days to Get You 77 Heartbreaks Adieu The Adventurers Age of Dream Fulfilling Ah Boys to Men 4 Alien Gangster Alifu […]

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17 Years and 364 Days 3 and a Half Men 3 Body 49 Days The 5th Dimension 77 Heartburns A or B About Youth Action World Adventure in Journey to […]

Summer’s Desire 泡沫之夏 (Movie 2016)

Summer’s Desire (2016)Also known as:  泡沫之夏 / Pao Mo Zhi Xia / รักฉบับฤดูร้อน Genres: Romance, Youth, dramaEpisodes: 1Country: China MainlandDirector:Writer:Network:Release Date: Jul 21, 2016Related Show: Summer’s Desire 2009 (Taiwanese Drama), Summer Desire 2009 (Taiwan Drama) Cast: Him […]

The Legend of Sun and Moon 日月传奇 (Movie 2018)

The Legend of Sun and MoonAlso known as: 日月传奇 / Rì yuè chuánqí / ตำนานดวงอาทิตย์และดวงจันทร์ Genre: MovieCountry: China mainlandDirector: Writer: Production: Release Date: 2018Related Show: based on a Chinese folklore Cast: Shawn Dou  as Mr. Sunshine Dilraba Synopsis:Sunshine […]

Fatal Countdown: Reset 逆时营救 (Movies 2017)

Fatal Countdown: Reset 逆时营救 (Movies 2017) Also known as: 逆时营救 / Nì shí yíngjiù Genres: dramaDirected: ChangProduced: Jackie ChanScreenplay: Zha MuchunProduction:  New Clues Film, Jay Walk Studios, Beijing Sparkle Roll […]

Crazy Alien 疯狂的外星人 (Movie 2019)

Crazy Alien 瘋狂的外星人 (2019)Also known as: 瘋狂的外星人 / 疯狂的外星人 Genre: Comedy, FantasyCountry: China mainlandDirector: Ning HaoWriter: Liu CixinProduction: Release Date: 5 February 2019 Related Show: – Cast: Huang Bo as Geng HAO Shen Teng as Da […]

Double World 征途 (Movie 2019)

Double World 征途 (Movie 2019)Also known as: 征途 / Zhēngtú / Journey Genre: Fantasy, ActionCountry: China mainlandDirector: Teddy ChanWriter: Liu struggle, TwiningProduction: Release Date: 2019Related Show: – Cast: Henry Lau Peter Ho Him Law Jiang Luxia […]

Our Time Will Come 明月几时有 (Movie 2017)

Our Time Will ComeOther Title: 明月几时有 Genre: DramaCountry: China MainlandDirector: Ann HuiWriter: Production: Release Date: 2017Related Show: – Cast: Alex Fong Deanie Ip Eddie Peng  Ivana Wong Tony Leung Ka-fai Wallace Huo Zhou Xun Synopsis:In this […]