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Battle: Lethal Rhymes (2015)

Battle: Lethal Rhymes (2015)
Also known as: 弹无虚发之夺命童谣 / Dan Wu Xu Fa Zhi Duo Ming Tong Yao

Genre: Drama, Action
Release Date:
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  • Qi Hang
  • Kang Lujie
  • Liu Yang
  • Cheng Xiangyin
  • Li Zhenyu

At the end of Qing Dynasty, western China. Cursed nursery rhymes , mysterious killers, and nightmare attacks from inside and outside, turned a late Qing Western revolutionary veterans’ action to seize the arsenal of weapons into a suspenseful serial murder. The revolutionary organization Hongyanhui destroyed the Qing government with the assistance of masters sent by the “Jifeng” Revolutionary League in the Mainland.

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