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101st Marriage Proposal

101st Marriage Proposal
Other Title: 101st Marriage Proposal / 101次求婚

Genres: drama
Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan
Chen Zhengdao
Release Date: 
February 14, 2012
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  • Huang Bo
  • Lin Chi-ling
  • Qin Hailu
  • Godfrey
  • Takeda Tetsuya
  • Cheng Yi
  • Wang hearing
  • Jiang Xiwen
  • Li Haibin
  • Zhao Bingrui
  • Liu Chunlong
  • Zhao Xiaolu
  • Chinese Shao

“101 Proposals” is a romance film directed by Taiwan’s emerging director Chen Zhengdao and starring Huang Bo , Lin Chiling , Qin Hailu , Gao Yixiang . The film is adapted from the classic Japanese drama of the same name, and tells the love story of a ” Diaosi Man” who is engaged in decoration and pursues a female artist. The movie was released in mainland China during Valentine’s Day in 2013 and earned more than 200 million yuan in box office, setting a box office record for a romance film on Valentine’s Day in the mainland movie market.

Huang Da ( played by Huang Bo ) is a plain-looking contractor who is always bullied. He is full of enthusiasm and accomplish nothing. I have been eager to marry a wife and have children for many years, but 99 blind dates have not been successful.

Ye Xun ( Lin Chiling) is a cellist in an orchestra. He has been in grief since his fiancé left unexpectedly on the wedding day three years ago. Although there are endless peach blossoms around, she has been reluctant to mention feelings for a long time. Taozi is Ye Xun’s best friend. Taozi is worried about Ye Xun’s love life and wants to be a matchmaker to introduce her boyfriend. I don’t want to be in a blind date arranged by Taozi, Ye Xun meets people’s unsatisfactory, just at the embarrassing occasion, Huang Da accidentally becomes Ye Xun’s life-saving straw. To be grateful to Huang Da, Ye Xun helped him get back the project payment that was owed. However, Huang Da was moved by Ye Xun’s kindness and beauty in the process of getting along with Ye Xun, and developed a good impression of Ye Xun.

One day, after listening to Ye Xun’s “love education class”, Huang Da ignored the gap between the two and pursued Ye Xun wildly. On the one hand, Ye Xun was very resistant, and on the other hand, he couldn’t bear to hurt Huang Da’s self-esteem, so he treated Huang Da with courtesy. But she didn’t realize that Huang Da’s simple and honest persistence had an impact on her, and her heart began to shake. When Ye Xun was shaken, her fiance Xu Zhuo, who had been missing for three years, suddenly appeared. Ye Xun fell into unprecedented confusion. Should I obey the feeling of the present or be loyal to the original vows? A love letter before the cello concert, a special confession on the stage of a dream show, Ye Xun had the answer in his heart.

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