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[Long review] The cute little fat

I really like the flashback technique! People can’t help but want to take a closer look at what kind of story happened between Xiao Nizi and Tang Shao!

I can understand how Xiao Nizi felt when she thought she was alive soon. If there was only such a time left in her life, what would I do?

This kind of question is not that I have not asked myself, and it resonated in just a moment, but why did her family forge the certificate?

Just to let Xiao Nizi go on a vacation? I always feel the smell of conspiracy!

But no matter what, I really hope someone can take good care of Xiao Nizi! And Shao Tang appeared so gorgeously!

Drooling… Wipe it… It seems that all the big and young are arrogant! But all the girls just eat this set. Xiao Nizi, who thought she was about to die, met the domineering Tang Shao, and instantly felt that the screen turned pink!

But why are there always some worries? Maybe it’s a flashback relationship at the beginning, and the current beauty will eventually be forced to turn into a lie…

Well, let him go! Now it’s good to have love! Just look at it and it’s dead, so update it quickly!

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