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What is The Human Genome Project?

The Human Genome Project, started in 1990, is a collaboration of many of the world’s leading scientists. It is the greatest project in the biotechnology world. And the success of the project was announced in 2000. But the results of the 2000 research were incomplete. There is still 8% of the human genome that cannot be decoded.

Finally, on 31-03-2022, the human genome project that has been researched for over thirty years. in which the remaining 8% of the genome code has been discovered. And some old work mistakes were discovered. and has been corrected as well. human genetic decoding has really been completed It’s like getting to know what’s produced by humans. Know what each gene does How did the human genetic traits come about?

The completeness of the human genome was discovered this time. It will be important information for further research in many other projects.

An example of what might happen As a result of this discovery, such as Scientists can create special human species as needed, such as strong bodies. No disease, high IQ, or the elimination of unwanted human species. This will have a better understanding of various diseases Know-how cancer and genetics are related. and find a better way to prevent various diseases.

In the future, the treatment of the disease and the use of drugs will directly take into account the patient’s genome. making the treatment of patients more effectively. The human genome determines everything in human beings. And today we have discovered a complete mystery. Humans can create perfect humans. You don’t have to wait for someone to decide your destiny.

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