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Chapter 1 Holidays for the rest of my life

The family
  ”Actually, Dad, I had an affair.” said my father, who was sitting at the dining table face to face with me. His hearty look was like an innocent boy who excitedly declared “I have broken a cherry blossom branch.” “The other party is a girl from the company’s logistics department, twenty-nine years old this year, single.”
  The moving company that carried her father’s luggage came over at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, when the corner of the room was full of cardboard boxes. We are sitting at the dining table, with my mother on my left and my father on the opposite side. This is where we have always been, but this “always” will end in one hour.
  This is the 15th floor of the apartment. When my father bought this place 17 years ago-shortly before I was born-it was the tallest building nearby. There are plenty of affordable rooms and good sunshine. It is undoubtedly a rare good house. But now the walls are full of stains, and the high-rise buildings built on the opposite side of the windows block our sunlight, and it is difficult to find any advantages.
  ”You,” I said weakly, scratching my face, “The affair can’t be considered a secret for a long time. Who do you think caused us to move?”
  This apartment came to any of us. It’s too big. Affordable prices and more rooms are now reduced to disadvantages. So we decided to sell it.
  Because I have already made preparations for the move, and only waited for the moving company to come over, so-“Anyway, the Hayasaka family is going to be separated from today. Why not use the remaining time to tell a secret alone.” Mother suggested.
  ”Then I can’t help it.” My father’s hair was as short as his bald head. He seemed to feel that instead of covering up the unsatisfactory hair loss, he might as well cut them all at once. His bulging belly is horrible, and uneven pigmentation is everywhere on his face. No matter how you look at it, he is a person who has gathered all the sadness of a forty-five-six-year-old man.
  ”When it comes to secrets, I only have an affair.” Father said.
  ”You have to come up with one.” Mother said with a faint smile, “Well, it’s Shahi’s turn next.” She turned to me, “Do you have any secrets that your family doesn’t know?”
  ”It’s troublesome.” I fiddled with the phone. “Don’t use mobile phones at important family gatherings, okay?” My father said to me, but I ignored him. “That’s it. During the summer vacation six months ago, didn’t I go to the beach for one night? I told you that I was going with Meijia and the others, but it was not at all. I went with a boy.”

  The mobile phone sends out the brisk melody of receiving text messages. Coincidentally, the person who sent the text message was Kento Gutian, who had gone to the beach for a night with me. I sat at the dining table and fiddled with my phone. “Very free, do you want to go out?” the content of the text message. I responded quickly. I usually answer “Okay” without hesitation, but now I say “I’m having the last family meeting, next time.”
  ”This can’t work.” Hearing mother’s voice.
  I closed the phone and looked up. “What’s wrong?”
  ”Because you are not a secret at all. Mom knows it. It’s Mr. Gutian who went to spend the night with you?”
  ”Yes, it’s Gutian. Dad also saw him at the door of the house once. “Father also said.
  I mentioned his name to my mother, but I don’t remember telling it to my father, so when my father called him by his name proudly, my heart was shaken, and the shake aroused even greater anger. “It’s so annoying.”
  ”It’s the end, let’s talk about Shahi’s secret that I don’t know.” My mother is forty-five years old, and the wrinkles on her face are gradually increasing. The skin is really not good, and the fat on her waist. It is also becoming more and more obvious. She doesn’t usually like to dress up, but fortunately she has a comfortable temperament and loves cleanliness, so she looks like an old woman with temperament and an innocent girl.
  ”What’s not the last? I just live in the dormitory of the high school, and I can still see my mother anytime in the future.”
  ”Yes, I can see if I want to.” Father clingingly agreed, but I immediately added The sentence “it’s the last time with you” interrupted his attempt.
  ”By the way, mom, please tell me the address of your new home.”
  ” I’ll talk about it later. Anyway, I have a mobile phone and can be contacted at any time.” After finishing the divorce procedures, my mother moved very quickly and decided the location of the move in an instant. So I found a moving company and kept the address confidential to us. This is totally different from my father’s “Dad will live in this place alone from now on, you can come anytime you want”, and also stuffing me a hand-drawn map that is a bit ridiculously serious.
  ”Oh.” My father suddenly made a voice like being raided. I was wondering what was going on when I saw him staring at the vibrating phone on the dining table. For some reason, my father always prefers to use PHS instead of mobile phones. It may be because it is cheap, or it may be because his affair is also using PHS, in short, it is similar to the reason for boring.
  Here’s a text message.” “From the affair partner?” I sarcastically said without mercy.
  ”No.” Father showed a lonely expression. “What’s the matter, there is no sender’s address. Ah, it was sent from the phone number.” He muttered to himself.
  ”Don’t use mobile phones during family gatherings.”
  ”This is not a mobile phone, it’s a PHS.” My father was so sober as a schoolboy, but his eyes were still watching the text messages.
  ”What text message?” My mother asked with such a gentle attitude, I couldn’t help thinking.
  ”Let me see.” I leaned out and snatched my father’s PHS. The content of the short message is displayed on the LCD screen.
  I sent a text message with a random number, why don’t we be friends? Drive and eat together.
  ”It turned out to be that kind of thing.” I sneered.
  ”What’s a random number?”
  ”Any number means. Just make up a bunch of numbers to send a text message. Do you know this phone number?” There is still the sender’s number on the text message.
  ”I don’t know, I don’t know.”
  My father shook his head naturally, “Is this something like a dating site? This is a harassing text message.” I deliberately pinched the PHS like a dead mouse’s tail. , Give it back to father.
  ”It should be spam. Although some mails are aimed at deceiving you into the website, this is definitely not. Maybe it really strikes up with you. Anyway, it is very suspicious.”
  Judging from the content of the short message, it is obvious that a man tempts a woman. But these crappy texts were accidentally sent to the middle-aged man who was facing a broken family. I couldn’t help but begin to sympathize with the texting man, thinking he was too unlucky.
  ”Just ignore him and it’s okay.”
  His father stared at the text message firmly.
  ”Hey, did you hear that? I told you to ignore it, ignore it.”
  ”Oh,” he said perfunctorily.
  I looked at my mother helplessly. She was neither angry nor smiling, but looked at her husband quietly. No, they have signed a divorce agreement, so they are ex-husbands. In short, she just looked at this man who had lived together for nearly two decades.
  ”That…” After a while, the father whispered.
  ”What’s the matter?” I asked impatiently.
  ”I, dad, want a friend.”
  ”Can I reply to this text message?” Father said pitifully, then stared at the PHS in his hand.
  ”Response? Are you a fool? The texting must be a young man. People don’t want to make friends with uncles
  like you .” “They seem to be taking me for a drive.”
  ”That’s just trying to talk to girls, okay!” “I pointed the right way gruffly.
  My father’s voice and reaction seemed unexpectedly serious, making me afraid that he really thought so.
  ”Can I reply?”
  ”Stop doing stupid things.”
  ”What’s wrong?” Mother said with a sudden smile.
  ”Mom, what are you talking about!”
  Mother stood up, disappeared into the kitchen, quickly took out a rag and wiped the dining table clean. After disposing of the refrigerator and selling the TV, this is the only furniture in the house.
  ”That’s not as good,” the mother said, wiping the table beside his father, “you reply to him, and ask clearly.”
  ”Ah, what is it?” Father pressed the button eagerly and began to reply.
  ”You ask first, how many people can sit in the driving car?”
  ”What do you mean?” Father stopped his hand.
  ”Ask about the meal. It’s best not to have Chinese food. Shahi will get allergic dermatitis when he eats greasy food.”
  ”What’s up?!” I couldn’t understand my mother’s true intentions, and couldn’t help but frowned.” What do you mean?”
  ”Hey, hello.” The father said in confusion, “Are we all going?” The
  mother gave a natural smile.
  ”It must be impossible.” I said viciously, and my father complained like “That’s my friend.”
  The young man
  ”Go ahead,” said Mr. Mizoguchi in the driver’s seat. I was in the co-pilot and reconfirmed that the seat belt was fastened. He stepped on the brakes and the car slowed down. Mr. Mizoguchi is already familiar with it. On the narrow one-way street, the car behind obviously couldn’t stand our slow speed. From time to time, I looked for opportunities to overtake. I clearly observed the car’s attempt in the rearview mirror. There are few vehicles in this direction, and the traffic in the opposite direction is very busy, so it should be difficult for the cars behind to find a chance to pass us.
  Mr. Mizoguchi looked at the rearview mirror several times, held the handbrake in his left hand, and then pulled it up.
  Our car screamed and decelerated quickly. At the same time, I felt a violent impact behind me, and the sound of being hit and dented came from the rear of the car. As usual, my body shook violently, and the car screamed again and stopped. Suddenly, the surroundings fell into silence. I reformed my posture and opened the passenger’s door and jumped out.
  The one behind us was a white high-end domestic car.
  I knocked on the window of the driver’s seat and told the driver to come down.
  The driver has not yet reacted to the sudden impact. It was a man in his forties with a beard. I can’t help thinking, this man is really unpleasant. There are two suspenders on the middle-aged man’s trousers. I never think anyone looks good in suspenders, but this man is so fit. I really can’t see what job he does. I saw the nasty middle-aged man widened his eyes and opened his mouth. Usually, he is probably the kind of person who pretends and talks in front of women in clubs or high-end bars.
  I kept knocking on the window, and after a while, the car window was lowered.
  ”Why did you hit our car!” I said violently.
  ”No. Because your car didn’t turn on the brake lights, I didn’t know to stop.” The man’s expression was stiff, but he defended.
  ”What kind of brake light, shit, let me talk about it. Do you mean that the light on our car is broken? Do you suspect that our car is in bad condition?” We stopped with the handbrake, and the brake light of course would not turn on.
  ”No.” The driver who had already panicked reluctantly got off the car.
  ”Hey, you hit too hard.” Mr. Mizoguchi walked to my side. At first glance, he looks thin and skinny. Although his face is fierce, he feels like a small company employee as a whole. In fact, he has been trained by professional athletes since he was a teenager, and his muscles are very strong. I have seen him use articulation to easily handle a man who is much taller than myself. As for his face, his eyes are especially sharp, as if he was about to swallow someone else. He frowned and scared the child into tears. I have seen it many times. Even adults, when they see his eyes, they will start to tears.
  ”I beg you, is it okay to keep the distance between cars? Listen, the most important thing in the so-called life is the sense of distance.”
  ”How do you compensate us?” I asked rudely. These are the lines that have been used for a long time, and they can be said without going through the brain.
  ”Can you tell the person in charge of the insurance company?” The annoying man was obviously in chaos, but he still advocated calling the police first and then discussing compensation through the insurance company.
  It’s really troublesome, I think. Even I’m getting irritable, and Mr. Mizoguchi must be even more irritable than I am now.
  ”I said you, do you really think we are idle idlers? I am in a hurry to have something to do. Where is the time to wait for the police to confirm the responsibility for the accident? Do you want me to tell the person in charge of the insurance? Don’t think about others. Are you free? Do we look like idle people? Our time is calculated on the scale.”
  ”Ah?” The
  man was about to ask, I immediately added: “It’s in the minute! It’s in the minute.” Our work is every second.”
  ”Anyway, take out your driver’s license first.” Mr. Mizoguchi lowered his voice.
  I also stretched out my hand and urged: “Quickly, take it out.” The pesky man was speechless for a while, as if looking for a reason to refuse. “Quickly, take it out.” I urged again. After a while, the driver’s license came to me. I took a digital camera out of my pocket, took a picture, and took the address, name, and face in it. This person’s name is “Maruo Rende”.
  ”Why does it look like someone who runs away with a tail between them uses a name?” As soon as I finished speaking, Mr. Mizoguchi moved his face towards him. “Isn’t Rende mean Huairen Shangde? How can you crash someone else’s car!” He said, “When I calculate the repair fee, I will call you, and you will tell me the number.”

  The other party had lost the will to resist, and obediently wrote down the phone number in the notebook I handed out. I immediately dialed it with my mobile phone, and hated the ringing of the phone in the man’s pocket. It doesn’t seem to be fabricated. The nasty man has been lost.
  Two hours later, I stayed with a child in a sandpit in a park in an old residential area. I don’t know if this kid is three or four years old. When we met for the first time, we didn’t even know each other’s names. However, he would say things like “Xiaoxin will use this” from time to time, using “Xiaoxin” instead of the first person. So I guess he should be called Xiaoxin.
  He picked up a small plastic shovel and dug in the sandpit. We piled up a sand hill, dug a tunnel together, and shook hands in the tunnel. Xiaoxin yelled “itches,” and then laughed.
  We played together for about fifteen minutes, and a woman appeared near the entrance of the park. She has short hair and is wearing a knitted cardigan. It looks very young at first glance, but it may be over forty.
  ”Xiaoxin, look, is your mother here?” I gently patted the kid who was busy playing with the sand. He raised his head like a spring, and soon saw his mother, then waved his hand.
  ”Mom—” he yelled innocently, then lowered his head and piled up sand again.
  I don’t know when, Mr. Mizoguchi stood beside Xiaoxin’s mother. He looked at us and said something. Of course I can’t hear the content, but I can roughly guess it.
  ”Xiaoxin is so cute. Look, the one next to him is my subordinate. I gave him instructions to go to the sandpit to play with Xiaoxin, so they are having a good time now. But once I issue a different order, , He will take different actions. Of course, I don’t want to give him different orders at all, because Xiaoxin is so cute. So, really, I beg you, the last time Don’t pursue it anymore, okay?”
  In fact, Mr. Mizoguchi had no idea who this woman was.
  ”Just don’t pursue that matter last time, okay”, this is the mantra she used when she was a reporter. Although I don’t know what kind of reporter she is, she is a reporter after all. When the opponent is a politician, the lines used are similar. If it is the owner of a certain piece of land, the final threat may become “The land transfer mentioned last time, can I trouble you to think about it”?
  The woman covered her mouth with her hand and stood still. I can’t imagine how she feels now.
  ”Big brother, I’m done.” Xiaoxin said. It turned out that he had built a lovely sand hill.
  ”Oh, that’s great, Xiaoxin is awesome.”
  I caught a glimpse of Mr. Mizoguchi who was hooking his finger at me. I nodded without a trace, said goodbye to Xiaoxin briefly, and left there.
  After another hour, Mr. Mizoguchi and I were sitting at the window seats in the fast food restaurant. The shop was very empty, and the waiters seemed to be pretty idle.
  ”We are really hardworking.” Mr. Mizoguchi scooped up curry rice with a spoon, and said as he ate, “I have done two jobs in the morning.”
  Successively completed “Extortion from the middle-aged nasty man for some money.” “Mr. Mizoguchi seemed to be in a good mood with the two commissions of “to threaten Xiaoxin’s mother.”
  ”Because the two lists happen to be very close.”
  ”The efficiency is good, and we are lucky.”
  ”It would be nice if we could do this normally.”
  ”How much money can the two lists total?” “I twisted the remaining fine pasta on the plate with my fingers and put it in my mouth.
  ”It’s the same as usual, and there’s not much money.” Mr. Mizoguchi gathered the remaining curry on the plate with a spoon.
  Mr. Mizoguchi takes 70% of the remuneration received from the client, and I take 30%. This is the rule between us. I was originally an unemployed vagrant and had no plans for the future. Maybe I would have to spend my days at the manga cafe with the girl I caught. As a result, Mr. Mizoguchi offered me such a job. It is no exaggeration to say that he is my benefactor. Therefore, I have no dissatisfaction with this allocation ratio, and I even feel very guilty and feel that I have taken too much.
  ”Do you want more? You shouldn’t be short of money? The card I gave you last time on your birthday has been used up?”
  Mr. Mizoguchi said that he grabbed it from a man about half a month ago. Credit card coming. Together with Mr. Mizoguchi, I raided the man and threatened him severely. It was a job from the boss of a certain company. Originally, we only wanted to use a little bit of violence to frighten him and it was all over, but the man somehow thought about it and took out his credit card and said, “This, please use it as you please.” Maybe he was too scared and thought about it. End this violence as soon as possible. At that time, Mr. Mizoguchi responded quickly and threatened: “Listen well, if this card cannot be used, I will come to you.”
  Later, he gave me the credit card. “Your birthday today, it’s for you.” He said nonchalantly.
  ”No. I haven’t used that card once, and I think it’s amazing just to get the money. It’s just that I want to know how much my work is worth?”
  Mr. Mizoguchi put the spoon on the spoon. He threw it back into the plate roughly and leaned back on the back of the chair. “The pay we get doesn’t match the work we do, so it’s better not to think too much about it.”
  ”The richer the person, the less good they are. All day long, I only know how to crackle the keyboard at the computer. , To point fingers at others. Even so, they are still higher than those who do manual labor, move goods, or make goods.”
  ”That said, it is the right choice for us to leave Mr. Drug Island and do it alone. Because that person is always the right choice. It’s gesticulating aloft.”
  ”Hehe.” Mr. Mizoguchi opened his nostrils. “The ones who came to entrust us were all very small jobs. It wasn’t like that last time. The man came and asked us to take pictures of the politician lover. I don’t know if it’s Tanaka or Sato. Senator. It’s just a small job like sneaking photos of unsolicited politicians.”
  ”Well, but it also depends on how we define small jobs.”
  ”I never thought of running errands for the drug island all my life. Going out alone, I’m like Drug Island, and I’ve become a small boss from now on.”
  ”It’s like a self-employed person looking for a big company to pick things up.”
  ”It’s cool, isn’t it?” Mr. Mizoguchi gave a proud thumbs up, but Immediately frowned, “But, Mr. Dudao and they seem to be very angry.” He said a discouragement, and originally called his name directly, now he added the word “Mr.”. A man with a ferocious face suddenly became scared. This gap seemed very funny to me.
  The waiter walked over to fill Mr. Mizoguchi’s cup with water, and I stared at the clear water while making a crisp sound while filling the cup.
  ”That,” I said, “Actually, I have something to tell Mr. Mizoguchi today.”
  This line was practiced yesterday while watching a comedy artist perform an opera. I didn’t expect that it was actually said instead of what it was during rehearsal. tension.
  ”You don’t want to do it anymore?” A light flashed in Mr. Mizoguchi’s eyes. But it may also be my illusion.
  ”How did you know?!”
  ”It’s not instinct. It’s not good for me to make you say it so apologetically. In this way, you either ask me to borrow money or ask me to resign, and that’s it. “
  ”Can you?” I used a straw to suck the remaining juice in the cup.
  ”Yes.” Mr. Mizoguchi pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows. “How could I say that!” He said sharply. The increasing volume made me feel like I had been punched in the chest, and I couldn’t help falling back. “I teach you to work and let you be alone. Do you know how hard I am? Finally you can manage a little bit, but you tell me you are not doing it. You are sick. I finally got from the drug island. I’m independent, and I’m about to use my skills. You underestimate me, right?”
  ”How could I underestimate you…”
  ”Why is that? Do you suddenly want to go back to your hometown to take care of your parents?”
  ”Ah, yes .” I answered without thinking about it. I think of a mother who has a strong self-esteem and likes to dress up, but actually gives a fashion impression. She cares very much about my exam results and always despise my head teacher.
  ”Let’s lie, don’t your parents die early?”
  ”Ah, that’s a lie.”
  ”Aren’t they dead?”
  ”Ah, no, they’re all dead.” My father died of illness, and my mother hadn’t graduated from junior high school. He died in a traffic accident at the time. Although the relationship between the couple has never been better, the final lonely parting still made me very emotional. “I said it was a lie to go back to my hometown to take care of my parents.” “I’m so
  bored.” Mr. Mizoguchi smiled bitterly, “Why on earth? Are you going to start a journey of finding yourself?”
  ”Finding myself? I don’t find myself. Well. I’m right here.”
  “You’re right. You don’t have to look for yourself. You can sometimes say something that is worth thinking about. But forget it, just tell me the reason. Why don’t you want to do it?
  ” In fact, there is no special reason, I just think that my job always makes others want to cry. “Today’s nasty man driving a luxury car, as well as Xiaoxin’s mother I saw in the park. “I’m not happy at all to see others suffering so much.”

  ”If you are happy, then it won’t be called work.” Mr. Mizoguchi sighed. “I suddenly understand what a father feels like facing a son who is full of ideals.” He said impatiently.
  ”So I want to quit first. Since I have to do it, it’s better to do some happy work.” I have a sense of accomplishment of saying everything.
  ”Have you been drunk by an acquaintance or a girl?”
  ”I have no friends, let alone a girlfriend.”
  Mr. Mizoguchi seemed to observe me for a while. At first he frowned and seemed to hate me. I couldn’t help thinking that it was terrible Mr. Mizoguchi became angry. After a while, the oppression he gave me disappeared. He sighed long, long, and the water in the glass rippled.
  ”Okay, I understand.”
  ”Of course I am very angry and hard to understand, but I don’t hate you. So, I don’t intend to force you to stay.”
  ”Mr. Mizoguchi.”
  ”My partner doesn’t want to do it anymore, I also forced him to talk cross talk with me, so that there is no way to make the audience laugh. The same reason.”
  I couldn’t understand why the topic suddenly changed to cross talk, but I still said excitedly: “Then, I Can you really go?”
  Mr. Mizoguchi raised his index finger and pointed to the tip of my nose. “But there is a condition.”
  ”Condition?” I felt a throbbing pain in my stomach. When we make conditions to certain people, most of them are conditions that “only oneself can benefit”.
  ”You just said that you have no friends, do you?”
  ”No.” I couldn’t be proud of it at all.
  ”Very well, then, hand it in.” Mr. Mizoguchi smiled.
  ”Hand in?”
  ”Take your phone out and write a text message as I said.”
  ”Who is it to?”
  ”I’ll just enter a number for you. Isn’t your cell phone able to send text messages to your phone number without using an email address?”
  you be able to make friends with this?” “If you can receive a positive reply, just I graduated.”
  ”It’s definitely not a show.” Even I can imagine the result of this kind of thing. Suddenly received a text message from a stranger who wanted to “be friends” with yourself, who would reply “Okay, let’s make friends”? In the world where SMS and Internet fraud are rampant, who would be so defenseless!
  ”This is my concession to you. Okay, call me.”
  ”If things don’t happen, what should I do?”
  ”Of course you can’t quit your job, and you have to be punished by having an ear cut off. Lao Tzu wants to punish you. Your big, blessed earlobe is broken.”
  ”Really.” Mr. Mizoguchi kept using gestures to urge me to hand over the phone quickly, “I remembered what my father said before. He said, “It’s harder to make friends than to have children.” He added.
  When Mr. Mizoguchi was a child, he was often violently abused by his father. I remembered the experiences he told me. I’m afraid his father doesn’t have any friends himself.
  ”I haven’t made friends since elementary school.” I said.
  ”Then your life is really lonely.”
  ”But there are still a few classmates who are fairly well-connected. Ah, I was surprised by the fact that one of them was in the newspaper recently. He seems to be a film director. “
  Isn’t that great. What movie?”
  I said the name of the movie that I still faintly remembered in my head, and Mr. Mizoguchi seemed to say that he hadn’t heard of it. “Well, all in all, making a congenial friend and finding a trustworthy doctor is something that a person must do in his life.”
  ”Hurry up and send a text message and make friends right away. Otherwise you’ll be finished. Up.”
  I took the PHS from my pocket and handed it to Mr. Mizoguchi. Then he retracted his hand and touched his earlobe.
  Family    A man
  driving a silver compact car, calling himself Okada.
  ”Mr. Okada, that’s not normal.” I sit on the left side of the back seat, so I can see the driver’s seat diagonally forward. To be sure, he is definitely only in his twenties, and he is almost 180 centimeters tall. The pectoral muscles are thick, the physique is strong, and the black hair is neither long nor short. It gives an impression of being somewhere between an athlete and a handsome young man, but he obviously doesn’t look like a good person. Maybe it’s because the look in his eyelid eyes is too scary.
  ”Do you think you can really make friends by sending that kind of text message?”
  ”I was also taken aback.” Okada replied. He held the steering wheel and tilted his face slightly, “I didn’t expect someone to reply to me.” He didn’t seem to be looking at me, but at the father who was in the co-pilot. Within distance.” After
  seeing suspicious text messages like “Let’s be friends”, the father replied according to his mother’s instructions: “Let’s be friends. I am a 47-year-old man, and my wife is 45 years old. My daughter is sixteen years old, can we be friends with you together?” Although his father bemoaned, “This will definitely make others think I’m playing him”, but in the end he sent out the text message verbatim. It turned out that he really wanted to make friends, and I couldn’t help being speechless.
  ”I was also taken aback.” Father laughed in the co-pilot, “I didn’t expect you to take us out for a drive.”
  Mother sat next to me and looked out the window. Mr. Okada’s text message back to us—of course, we didn’t know his name was Okada at the time—is “Got it, I’ll drive over to pick you up. You can make a meeting point.” When he received his reply, his father was shocked and sat down on the chair in disbelief. Mother is different.
  ”It would be nice to make some good memories in the days when the family was disbanded.” She seemed happy from the bottom of her heart. “We can leave the door open and keep the moving company busy, and we will go out.”
  ”Mr. Okada, Do you often do this kind of thing?” I asked, “Do you often strike up people like this?”
  ”This is the first time.” “What is the
  purpose?” I continued to ask, “This is too abnormal. What are you trying to do?” I
  don’t know if my parents’ divorce and moving have made my mind confused. At this time, I Has lost his calmness. No matter how you think about it, it’s too strange. We may be taken to a suspicious place, or we might have been kidnapped at the moment.
  ”What is normal?” Mr. Okada suddenly stopped using honorifics. Although the words implied a sense of respect, this person was really terrifying.
  ”Normal people don’t talk to others casually, let alone go out for a ride with a family of three they don’t know.”
  ”I have no intentions. As I said in the text message, I just want to make friends. Eat together and go for a ride together.”
  It’s absolutely impossible to have only these, I thought. Humph, I took out my phone while humming. Kento Furuta sent me a note: “How about it, the UN meeting is over? It doesn’t matter if Shahi runs out?” I immediately replied, “It’s still a while. Don’t look at me like this. People are also a permanent member of the family. , Can’t run casually. But now the situation is a bit strange, I’ll tell you when it’s over.” After writing this, I suddenly recovered, and wrote: “If I didn’t contact you late at night, I must be suspicious. Oh, because I might be involved in some incident.” I didn’t write down the specific things because I was a little expectant in my heart, expecting him to worry about me.
  ”But, that…” Mr. Okada said, “Your family of three has a very good relationship, and you still have to work together. Your daughter is called Shahi? Is it a high school student?”
  ”Well, that’s it.” I try to use it. He answered his question hastily in the most unpopular way.
  ”We are not in a good relationship either.” Father said awkwardly.
  The car drove into the national highway, I don’t know where he is going. When we first met, Mr. Okada may have said the end of the trip, but I have no impression. The small car walking in the center of the three-lane lane constantly overtook the vehicle in the left lane, then switched to the right lane, overtaking the slow car in front. I thought to myself, it’s so fast. Compared with his father’s driving, he was faster and drove more smoothly.
  ”We are disbanded today.” It was the mother who was talking, “We are divorced and we are moving out of the apartment today.” She continued without stopping, “Shahi said he wanted to live in the high school dormitory. Starting tomorrow, we will three Individuals are going to live separately.” She concluded.
  In fact, because the dormitory cannot be moved in right away, I have to stay at a friend’s house for about ten days, but this matter is kept secret by me.
  ”Oh.” Mr. Okada replied. His response was a bit vague, making it difficult to tell whether he was concerned or not. “You disbanded because you have a different understanding of music?”
  I don’t know if he is joking, it should be said that it is not funny at all.
  ”The reason is that this man has an affair. This uncle.” I said, pointing to the co-pilot.
  ”Oh.” He answered again and glanced at his father.
  The father laughed and said, “Oh, it’s useless to regret now.”
  ”Madam, are you angry?” Mr. Okada seemed to be talking to the person behind him, and he looked at the rearview mirror.
  ”Of course.” Mother’s voice was very peaceful. Even after his father’s affair was exposed, his mother never lost control. She was not angry, but silent as though she was contemplative. But that kind of speechlessness is the proof that the mother is angry. “But today is finally going to be separated.”
  ”I really want Mr. Okada to experience the heavy atmosphere of our house during the past six months.” I sighed, “Compared with staying at home, I think it’s on the peak of work. It’s a hundred million times better in the tram. Even the air is ten thousand times better than my home.”
  ”It seems that the atmosphere between you is very tense.”
  ”What is tense, it is the invincible thunderbolt of tension, okay!”
  ”The invincible thunderbolt of the universe ? Is it?” Mr. Okada couldn’t help laughing.
  The car stopped at the red light. Once there is no sound of driving and talking, the car becomes very quiet. It is strange to break the silence with a cough, and it is troublesome to find the topic reluctantly. I was about to start playing with the phone again, and Mr. Okada spoke.
  ”However, the disbanded band came out solo, and finally succeeded again. It seems that only Yazawa’s Ayong and Okuda Minsheng are the only ones.” He said to one of us, but it was more like talking to himself.
  ”Could you not think of us as a band?” I retorted, “Also, there are others who have succeeded.”
  ”Why is the end of the drive here?” Mr. Hayasaka came to me and asked, sitting on the bench. .
  He held a can of beer in both hands and handed me a can. But when I was about to take it over, he retracted his hand again and said, “Ah, you have to drive.” That action seemed to be tricking me on purpose.
  There is a lake in front of me. After driving for an hour and a half, I found a parking lot that was empty during the holidays, and there were no people around the lake.
  ”I heard that the lake is almost circular when viewed from above. It has a circumference of 30 kilometers.” I pointed to the lake in front of me, which was calm as a mirror without a trace of waves. “About 50,000 years ago, the volcano here The eruption caused the river to be cut off by magma, forming a barrier lake.”
  ”You know so much.”
  ”When I was a child, my parents took me here. My father and my mother.” After I finished speaking, I suddenly woke up. For me, it was the first and last family trip. No wonder I will come here, I can’t help thinking. When thinking about where to go for a drive with the Hayasaka family, I hardly bothered me, so I naturally thought of this lake. Maybe it is from family travel. “I’m so innocent.”
  ”Do you have a good relationship with your parents?”
  ”No.” I immediately replied, “My parents are so exaggerated that people can’t help but laugh, and they are a fiasco in parenting. They will only add their own rigid ideas to the child, thinking that any failure of the child will not be tolerated.” I did not tell them about their death when I was in puberty.
  ”Mr. Okada, what do you do for work?”
  I pondered for a moment and replied, “I just lost my job. But before that’just now’, the work I did was quite unspeakable.”
  I don’t know how to classify Mizoguchi’s job. Slightly beyond the scope of the law, it is very trivial, similar to the job of running errands for others.
  Doing evil for others is like buying murder and committing crimes. Anyway, it is not a commendable job.
  ”Is it a difficult job?”
  ”Thanks to Mr. Hayasaka, I can finally quit it.”
  ”Oh? What’s the matter?”
  ”I didn’t expect someone to reply to that text message.”
  ” That.” Mr. Hayasaka himself seemed to find it strange.
  ”First have an affair and then divorce, how are you feeling now?” I asked without malicious intent.
  ”It’s too late to regret.”
  ”You said this in the car.” I remembered, “Is there any reluctance?”
  ”I can’t bear anything.” As
  I listened, I imagined Mr. Hayasaka circling continuously inside. The reluctance to stir up. “Are you not going to continue with that affair?”
  ”No more.” Mr. Hayasaka did not continue the topic. I remembered the divorce of a classmate’s parents. It was also because his father had an affair at the time, and he didn’t seem to have an affair with his partner.
  Then I thought of the stationery shop owner who crashed into our Mercedes. The man was also with the affair at the time, so he had no confidence in facing us.
  The conversation stopped. The atmosphere is not bad. The breeze blew ripples on the lake, which seemed to cause resonance in my heart, and my heart beating like the snort of a small animal. Quiet and stable, very comfortable.
  ”How do you think we can restore our relationship?” Mr. Hayasaka asked softly. At first I didn’t think he was talking to me, and I mistakenly thought he was talking to the lake.
  I turned my head and found that Mr. Hayasaka was looking at me. Behind him, Saki Hayasaka sat on the steps of the parking lot and fiddled with her mobile phone.
  ”Do you want to save it?”
  ”If you can.”
  ”I think you’d better not think about that kind of thing.” I haven’t reacted yet, and I have already said it, “It is meaningless to indulge in the past. It is very difficult to keep looking at the rearview mirror. It’s dangerous. There will be a traffic accident. When driving, you must pay attention to the direction you are going. Just look back at the road you have already walked. Just look back at it from time to time.”
  Mr. Hayasaka replied, it is difficult to distinguish whether it was a sigh or a response.
  I left Mr. Hayasaka where I left the bench and walked back. When I walked past Saki Hayasaka, who was sitting on the steps in jeans, I was stopped by her.
  ”Hey, Mr. Okada, what is your intention?” She, who had been staring at the phone, looked at me now.
  ”I have already answered you just now, there is no attempt.”
  ”But, don’t you think this is too strange?”
  ”It’s not that strange.” At this moment, it came to my mind that I hadn’t met a few years ago. When he arrived at Mr. Mizoguchi, he was violent in the downtown area. At that time, because I was in a irritable mood, I fought and kicked the white-collar workers who happened to be passing by until the other party couldn’t move. Because the fire hadn’t finished spreading, he opened the zipper of his jeans again, took out his sexual organs, and prepared to pee at the man. There was a large group of people watching the excitement, but because they were too scared of me, no one came forward to stop it, which I can understand. But among them, there are people who are whispering irresponsibly and excited about it, which makes me really intolerable. There are so many things that are as incomprehensible as those who watch the excitement. What are those people? I only know that I stand in a safe zone and watch others suffer in order to relieve my depression.
  ”Mr. Okada, what do you do?”
  ”Your father asked me just now, I just quit my job today.”
  ”How can that work?”
  ”Why not? From tomorrow on, the rest of my life will be vacation. I want to take a vacation.”
  ”I don’t understand what you are talking about.” Saki Hayasaka was dumbfounded, but finally looked up at me. . “But it is really good holiday,” she laughs, “not as good as I’ve learned to you, leave all the rest.”
  Worry for a moment, I decided to tell the truth bluntly:. “You have a long time yet,”
  a Ren
  left the quiet lake and thought he was going back the same way, but the car made a detour on the way. After driving for a while, I lay by the window and sighed, “This hotel is so big, this kind of place must be a place where rich people will come,” but I heard Mr. Okada say: “Let’s eat here.” Then I drove the car in, which surprised me.
  My father’s surprise was no less surprising than mine, because our family was not even close to the wealthy. Mother was very calm, she agreed: “It’s the last time anyway, it’s not bad to be extravagant.”

  ”Of course, I’m here to treat.” Mr. Okada waited for us to walk to the table and sit down and turn over the luxurious menu before saying, “The limit for this card should be quite high. Order whatever you want.” He shook it. Credit card in the right hand.
  ”How can this be done? I can’t cost you money.” Father declined.
  ”You are so generous, but it’s even more terrifying.” I said.
  ”Because I invited you to dinner on the text message.” Mr. Okada smiled.
  ”It’s a rare occasion that we should respect our fate.” In the end, it was the mother who made the decision.
  I have a dilemma in ordering. Because I really don’t know what price I can order or what price I cannot order. This kind of thing that everyone in the world can master, is a difficult problem for me, and it makes me at a loss. I don’t know if our performance is too ugly, and my mother “pop” closed the menu. “Why don’t we do this, just order a seasonally limited set meal.” She pointed to the special menu on the table.
  ”Ah, let’s do this.” Mr. Okada immediately agreed. In this case, my father and I can no longer object.
  The waiter with his back straight came over and asked us one by one how the wine should be, how the appetizer should be, and how the meat should be cooked. When I heard those questions were so big, my parents answered very calmly and clearly, which made me sigh in my heart.
  ”It’s so nostalgic.” Father leaned forward a little, put the napkin in his collar, and said, “I used to come to such a restaurant often.”
  I wondered who he was talking to, and later found out that it was to his mother. He rarely speaks to his mother in such a tone.
  ”That was in my twenties.” Mother nodded. “At that time, we had nothing to do except looking for delicious food.”
  ”Hehe”, I responded. My father, who was sitting across from me, was so ugly wearing a napkin, which made me feel embarrassed.
  ”Find delicious food everywhere.” Mr. Okada also joined the conversation, “Is that kind of thing fun?”
  ”Well, if you like to eat.” Mother said, “Does Mr. Okada like to eat?”
  ”How to say, I don’t seem to think about it too much.”
  ”You don’t need to think about this kind of thing.” I couldn’t help but interject.
  Mr. Okada just shrugged and did not answer me, then raised the cup and said, “Cheers.”
  ”This is really a happy breakup.” Mother looked at me and said, “But it’s not the end, tomorrow will be a new one. The beginning.”
  ”Tomorrow will be a holiday.” Mr. Okada said again.
  ”The vacation is really good.” Mother immediately replied, “Yes, your father and I have worked so hard for so many years, and we will be able to enjoy the vacation tomorrow.”
  ”I don’t need any vacation.”
  ”Anyway, get it by text message for us. Cheers to your friend.” Mr. Okada raised his glass. Mother said “cheers” very imposingly, but my father only replied in a low voice, and my voice became even smaller.
  The food is delicious. Compared with my family’s recent dinner that has no conversation, only silence and heavy shadows, this meal is more open and comfortable.
  During the meal, Mr. Okada asked: “Madam, how do you call Mr. Hayasaka from tomorrow? Because you are no longer family members, you can’t call them like you usually do.” When
  his father heard this, he retorted seriously: “Family is family. Ah.” The
  mother replied calmly, “I won’t see each other from tomorrow.” She smiled.
  I also smiled and said, “However, it’s still possible that I came across by chance.”
  ”When the time comes, I will call “Mr. Hayasaka” seriously.” Mother said as she gave away the white fish on the fork. He entered his mouth and said in a compliment, “It’s delicious.”
  ”That’s too far-fetched.” Father danced the knife nervously, making a harsh sound that could almost cut the dinner plate.
  ”Isn’t it an outsider?” I also took a bite of fish. The hot and sour taste is very delicious.
  Gradually, the surrounding dining tables were filled with people, and the guests were eating their meals gracefully. There are especially many elderly men and women, and they are obviously couples. I can’t help but raise a sense of respect for them, because they have not broken up, and have joined hands in their old age. Just like those rock bands that lasted for many years without disbanding.
  ”By the way, Mr. Okada, I want to ask you, do you have any secrets?” When the fish was removed and the table suddenly became empty, the mother asked abruptly.
  ”Secret?” Mr. Okada wiped the corners of his mouth with a napkin awkwardly. “What secret?”
  ”A secret we don’t know.” Next, his mother smiled and said that today he was going to let everyone in the family tell a secret. , But no one wants to say, not at all.
  ”It’s just that I can’t think of it for a while.” Father smiled bitterly. Actually me too. If there were any secrets, I would have told them.
  ”It’s a secret to the Hayasaka family.” Mr. Okada moved his lips and showed a distressed expression. “What’s the matter…”
  I was convinced that he had any intentions at first, but at this time I was even more eager to think, hurry up. Tell me your secret.
  ”Well,” Mr. Okada thought, “This…” He said it again, and then took out the credit card that he showed us just now. “What I really want to say,” he said first, “this card is not mine actually.” Then he grinned.
  ”Uh.” Father looked surprised, as if he had become a criminal accomplice, and his face was pale in fright.
  ”This is someone else’s card, someone I don’t know. So you don’t have to be polite, just order whatever you want.”
  My face must be twitching.
  ”I don’t want you to tell such secrets.” My
  father was not good at drinking, and his face flushed after drinking a little. However, his face was pale at this time. “Sorry, I want to vomit.” After he finished speaking, he suddenly left his seat. Although I think the wine did drink a bit faster just now, it was the first time I saw him react so violently.
  Seeing his father staggering toward the toilet, Mr. Okada left a sentence, “I’m afraid he might have an accident, go and accompany him”, and chased him up. Only my mother and I were left at the table.
  ”It’s ugly.” I said to my mother sitting on the left.
  ”I haven’t seen him drunk like that in a long time.” The mother was a little surprised.
  ”By the way, does mother have any secrets?” There
  should be only desserts next, and there is a quiet atmosphere after the celebration on the table. And I have this feeling, it should be because this meal is really delicious.
  ”Mum must have it.”
  ”I’m just a very ordinary aunt.”
  ”Compared to my dad, I am still more afraid of my mother, because you have a kind of invisible feeling. “No.
  ” Mother said leisurely.
  ”Just tell me a secret. I don’t even know my dad.” I said through Jiujin, feeling like on TV while saying “Let me touch it, there will be no less meat.” The middle-aged uncle who pounced on the bar girl is no different. I leaned over and said coquettishly at my mother: “Tell me, there won’t be any less meat.”
  ”Then, how about this?” Mother raised the water glass to her mouth. The waiter came over and asked if we could serve dessert. “Please, please.” Mother said after repliing, “In the past, before I met your father, I was fooled by a man once.” Her tone sounded nonchalant.
  ”Ah, what’s going on, what’s going on?” My heart beat faster when I heard the completely unexpected confession.
  ”The man is very handsome, and I couldn’t help but post it.”
  ”A lie, did you give him money?”
  ”Not only money, but also body and mind. Because the salary was very low at that time, I still paid him. I went to work in a small restaurant without telling the company, and I was exhausted. You said it was miserable.”
  ”What does that man do?”
  ”That man, he is a doctor.”
  ”Why did the doctor lie to you for money!”
  ” Right?! Maybe he just wants women to obey him. Because every time I talk back a little bit, he will say, “You are a woman who knows what a fart”. Will beat me and treat me like a slave.”
  I stared at my mother motionlessly. Her expression didn’t seem to be joking, and it was no good for her mother to tell such a silly lie. She didn’t lie, and as soon as she recovered, I got excited.
  ”That’s too bad.” When
  I thought that such people were actually doctors, I couldn’t help but begin to sympathize with the patients.
  ”Besides, he has other women besides me.”
  ”It’s angry, it’s angry.” I used a word that I only heard recently, “It’s angry, it’s not so angry.”
  ” But it’s been twenty years ago. I broke up with him later and met your father in a
  short time .” “Dad doesn’t he know?”
  ”I don’t think there is much to say. In the end, it was over. Ten years, there is no need to say.”
  ”You can’t forgive that guy.” The man ten years ago.
  ”Shahi, it’s dangerous.” As soon as my mother said, I realized that I was really waving a fork, “Although it is my secret, this kind of thing is not very rare.”
  Mother’s tone is still so brisk.
  The young man
  Mr. Hayasaka was facing the toilet, intending to vomit, but his drowsiness seemed to be more intense, because before he could vomit out, he fell asleep by leaning against the door. I hurriedly supported him and finally dragged him back to the table. At this point the dessert is already on the table.
  ”Mr. Hayasaka seems to be going to sleep, what should I do?” I asked.
  Saki Hayasaka waved his fork and said in a shocking manner: “It’s okay, I just want to eat Dad’s share too.”
  ”I didn’t mean that.”
  ”Ah, it’s okay, let him sit down. If he is about to fall, I will hold it on.” Mrs. Hayasaka said quietly. So I helped Mr. Hayasaka sit in a chair as she said. At first he kept sliding down, and finally stabilized after changing an angle.
  I sat back in my seat and stuffed the cake in front of me into my mouth. The sweetness spread in my mouth, and I was surprised. Because I have not been interested in this kind of dim sum before, but now when I eat it, I find it is actually quite delicious. Thinking that there are so many delicious foods in the world that I don’t know, I can’t help but arouse curiosity.
  I settled my share three times, then got up and went to the front desk to check out.
  I handed the credit card to the cashier, and when I was forging the signature, I turned my eyes to Mrs. Hayasaka who was leaning over and opened her mouth, and looked at Mr. Hayasaka with a calm gaze.
  Mr. Hayasaka couldn’t wake up at all, I could only help him out of the hotel. I dragged Mr. Hayasaka to the parking lot, stuffed him into the co-driver, worked hard to help him buckle his seat belt, and then returned to the driver’s seat. Mrs. Hayasaka was already sitting in the back seat, and said to me in an apologetic voice: “I’m sorry, I really trouble you.” I told her not to mind, because we are friends, and then I ignited the engine. Look at the LCD clock in the car, it’s already eight o’clock in the evening. “This last night is finally over.”
  I stomped on the accelerator and drove up the motorized driveway that was shrouded in night. The lights on the reverse lane are lined up like torches on the side of the road.
  ”We didn’t plan to have an event on the last night.” Hayasaka Saki said, “Right?” She asked her mother sitting next to her, but she didn’t get an answer. I looked through the rearview mirror and she just looked out the window. Every time she passes by a street lamp, her expression will come out clearly, with a smile on the corner of her mouth.
  I stopped the car at the red light and the phone in my pocket rang. I stretched out my hand, fumbled and took out the phone, and put it to my ear.
  ”It’s illegal to make a phone call by car. It’s illegal.” Saki Hayasaka said from the back seat, but I pretended not to hear it.
  The caller was Mr. Mizoguchi. As soon as I picked up the phone, he half-joked in embarrassment: “Oh, it’s been a long time.” Then he said, “Well, did you really see the person who returned the text message?” “
  We are still driving now.”
  ”No.” I don’t know how much Mizoguchi believed me.
  ”What’s the matter?”
  ”I’m looking for you for today’s work. Didn’t we make a car crash.”
  ”Oh, is it Maruo or something?”
  ”That’s right!” Mr. Mizoguchi Saying loudly, “It’s Comrade Maruo. Didn’t you take that guy’s driver’s license with your camera.”
  So, I didn’t seem to copy the photo to Mizoguchi.
  ”I’ll send it to you later.”
  ”Please. Recently, these things have been left to you, which makes me very burnt now.” Mr. Mizoguchi smiled. He laughed for a long, long time, and his voice slowly became dry. I noticed that it was his dry smile to avoid the embarrassment of silence.
  ”What happened, Mr. Mizoguchi?” The
  laughter stopped abruptly, and there was silence on the other end of the phone.
  ”I’m sorry.” Mr. Mizoguchi suddenly lowered his voice, “I blame you for everything.” He suddenly changed his tone of teasing.
  ”It’s my fault?”
  ”The subordinates of Poison Island ran to me just now and gave a tantrum. I really can’t help it, so I called you the main criminal. Saying that you are tired of working for Poison Island. I came out on my own.”
  ”I am not the kind of person who is the principal offender at all. You should know Mr. Mizoguchi best.”
  ”I do know.” I can imagine Mr. Mizoguchi smiling bitterly on the phone.” However, they seem to believe it. Moreover, they seem to think you have escaped and are looking for you.”
  ”Really…” I didn’t blame Mr. Mizoguchi, I even thought that this was Mr. Mizoguchi’s style. When you are in danger, you put the blame on those around you. As a strategy, this is indeed not bad.

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