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Why didn’t the princes dare to touch Lu Zhi when he was alive?

“Queen”, the most noble throne belonging to women in the world, began with Empress Lu. “Foreign relatives intervene in politics”, a situation in which China’s feudal society has almost never ceased, began with Empress Lv. “Ren She”, this kind of torture that confirms the “most poisonous woman’s heart”, was first seen in Empress Lu… As the founder of countless phenomena, there are too many “irrational” in Lu Zhi.

However, it is precisely because of her unique identity as a pioneer that everything “irrational” actually has its own reasons. “Operation Lu Lu” had to wait until Lu Zhi died, and in the final analysis, it was inseparable from her special past.

Lv Zhi, courtesy name Eshu, was a native of Shanfu County, Dangjun County (now Shanxian County, Heze City, Shandong Province). Lu Zhi could later become an important pioneer in history, and it was inseparable from her husband Liu Bang. And her marriage with Liu Bang was much earlier than Liu Bang’s fortune.

Liu Bang was born in a peasant family, but he was idle and did not engage in labor. Even in his prime, he has not yet been married. Apart from being a Ting Chang Dangdang, he has only one illegitimate son, Liu Fei. At that time, Lu Zhi’s family was moving from Shanfu County to Pei County, and Lu Zhi’s father, Lu Zhenggong, entertained local guests. Liu Bang, who likes lively people so much, will naturally not miss such a banquet. However, it was this meeting that made Liu Bang, who even Xiao He sneered, marry Lu Zhi, a talented and virtuous man.

It was Liu Bang’s emperor who made Duke Lu insist on marrying his precious daughter to Liu Bang. Later, Duke Lu’s words became reality. As the wife of Liu Bang’s family, Lu Zhi also rose to the top of his life.

When Liu Bang was in power, Lu Zhi, as his matchmaker, was married, and he was his wife, and naturally had a very high status. But identity is one thing, and being favored by Liu Bang is another. As an emperor, Liu Bang could not be without favorite concubines such as Mrs. Qi, as well as concubines who made him happy. And these stimuli, even threats, quickly transformed Lu Zhi from a good wife who only cares about her husband and children to a politician with tactics and strategies.

Unlike Mrs. Qi, who can only cry and cry against Liu Bang’s favoritism, Lu Zhi, who had an independent personality, quickly took measures to join the decision-making group of the Western Han Dynasty in order to consolidate his power.

She conspired with Xiao He to eradicate Han Xin, and adopted a double-sided strategy to kill Peng Yue. During the eight years when Liu Bang proclaimed himself emperor, Lu Zhi was active in the decision-making center, “did the bad guy” for Liu Bang, and established prestige for himself. Therefore, after Liu Bang’s death, Lu Zhi not only did not leave the power center, but instead officially took over the power of the Western Han Dynasty through the hand of his youngest son Liu Ying.

Liu Ying ascended the throne at the age of sixteen. As Liu Bang’s wife and Liu Ying’s biological mother, Lu Zhi had the right to take charge of government when the emperor was still young, which was almost a foregone conclusion. In addition to her previous years of management, many people in the court were also on her side, at least before she almost turned the world into the Lu family’s world, many people were on her side.

It was not until later that Lu Zhi gave him the surname of Lu as a prince, supported his party members, and constantly suppressed opponents, that Lu Zhi and many ministers who were loyal to Liu Han went to the opposite side. However, this confrontation is not a simple all-in-one confrontation.

As far as Lu Zhi herself is concerned, as the biggest representative of the Lu family’s faction, she is naturally a thorn in the side of the opposition and a thorn in their flesh. However, she is also the orthodox representative of Liu Han, who is supported by many opposition parties. She is Liu Bang’s wife, Liu Ying’s biological mother, and a great contribution to the establishment and consolidation of the Han Dynasty.

The opposition hated the Lu Zhi who supported the Lu family, but once Lu Zhi was separated from her relatives, she became the Empress Lu that the opposition respected. Such contradictions put Lu Zhi at an extremely delicate node in the conflict at that time.

Unlike Wu Zetian, who was directly ousted in the Shenlong coup, Lu Zhi died in a high position.

As a foreign relative, the Lu family will naturally be eradicated by Liu Han’s faction. And Lu Zhi would not let the ministers do anything to the Lu Family Building that he cast with his own hands. If a violent conflict broke out between the two sides while Lu Zhi was alive, then even if Liu Han’s faction succeeded, Lu Zhi himself, as the mother of the country, had not made such a treacherous act as Wu Zetian’s proclaimed emperor, and was pulled down by the ministers. Not happy.

Moreover, Lu Zhi is the biggest supporter of the foreign relatives. Lu Zhiqiu was there, and he was bound to give the opposition more obstructions. Instead of spending a lot of energy and taking great risks to get rid of Lu Zhi first, it is better to let this aging heroine naturally ride the crane and Yaochi. Wait until Lu Zhi is gone and then eradicate the foreign relatives. The faction supporting Liu Han will not only change its name justifiably, but will also be less obstructed.

As an ancient woman, Lu Zhi has undoubtedly reached the pinnacle of her life. It is not easy and rare for a woman to be admired by the world and feared by courtiers.

Liu Bang’s original sentence: “Empress Lu is the true master”, was not only said to Mrs. Qi, but also to other courtiers. Lu Zhi was tossing again later. She was Liu Bang’s wife and confidant.

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