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Massacre on the Nile movie release time

Death on the Nile

“The Massacre on the Nile” exposed the character poster for the first time. The seven protagonists gathered together, but there was no leading actor in the film. Netizens speculated that it might be because Armie Hammer exposed a “sex scandal” last year. Due to the influence of the film, the character posters for this time were not filmed.

“Tragedy on the Nile” tells the story of three murders that happened on a speedboat on the Nile. The rich lady who inherited hundreds of millions of inheritances has a deep friendship with her best friend. She met her best friend’s fiance at a party. They fell in love at first sight and got married at a very fast speed, but they didn’t want to. One morning, the rich lady was found dead in the room. Everyone found the famous detective Heckley to find the real murderer.

During the process of detective Heckley looking for the murderer , and two more people died suddenly, which makes people wonder whether the two were involved in the murder of the rich lady. Every passenger on the yacht has criminal thoughts and motives, but who is the murderer, only Detective Heck Errie knew that Heckley had also used his excellent crime-solving skills to find the real culprits of the three murders.

The film was directed by Kenneth Branagh, who also played Belgian detective Heckley in the film, which was shot on 65mm film. What impressed the audience was that the 1978 edition of “The Massacre on the Nile” was introduced to China.

In the newly exposed trailer, we can see that the overall rhythm of the film is very fast, and the shots and classic lines are also very dense, giving people a feeling of tension and excitement, which also allows the audience to enter the play in one second, deeply immersed in it. In Heckley’s case-solving rhythm. This kind of shooting method of the film is a test of the director’s shooting scheduling ability. It requires the director to have a lot of shooting experience in order to master the coherence of this intense and exciting rhythm, and also stimulate the audience’s motivation to watch the film. Let the audience also want to incarnate as the detective in the film and show their talents.

From the current point of view, this new version of “Murder on the Nile” continues the shooting method of “Murder on the Orient Express”, using drama and musicals to tell the process and reasons of the three cases, “Murder on the Orient Express” on Douban It has a good score of 8.5 points on the Internet, and has also been nominated for an Academy Award. I hope that this time, “The Massacre on the Nile” can also have such excellent results.

In the newly exposed posters, 7 of the leading actors are present in full costumes, and all the characters are in the light and shadow at the junction of light and dark. Among them, the rich lady Linnet played by Gal Gadot is wearing a wedding dress, and the light-colored environment matches the lighting. Lining, only showing hot body. This also shows the diversity and complexity of the characters.

“Murder on the Nile” is adapted from the classic suspense novel of Agatha Christie, the Queen of Reasoning. On the beautiful and romantic Nile, grudges, bloodthirsty killings come quietly, and the passengers on the yacht will bring What is your story, the film will be released in North America on February 11, 2022.

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