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Kingdom 2: To the Far Lands (2022)

Kingdom 2: To the Far Lands (2022)


During the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, Qin, a country in the west of China. It’s been half a year since Shin (Kento Yamazaki), who has no relatives, cooperates with the young king Eimasa (Ryo Yoshizawa) to regain the throne. Neighboring Wei begins to invade Qin. Shin, who joined the Qin army as an infantryman, will form a group of five with Kai Kai (Nana Seino), who looks like a child. Shin and his friends reach the Dakan Plain, the site of the decisive battle, but the battle is in a hopeless and disastrous state.


A sequel to “Kingdom,” which is a live-action adaptation of Yasuhisa Hara’s comic, and a historical action depicting the episode of “The Battle of the Dakan Plains.” In China during the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, half a year after the battle for the Qin throne, Shin, who aims to become a great general, challenges the first battle, and together with Qiang Kai and others, they fight a fierce battle with the neighboring country, Wei. Following the previous work, Kento Yamazaki, Ryo Yoshizawa, Kanna Hashimoto, and others, as well as Kana Seino, who played the role of Kai Kai, participated in the series “From today, I am!!”. The director will be Shinsuke Sato, the same as the previous work.

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