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New Year’s Day customs abroad

Most countries in the world call January 1 every year on the Gregorian calendar as “New Year’s Day”, and every time it is on this day, they should happily celebrate. Due to the different customs of different nations, the way of celebration also has its own characteristics. Western New Year’s Day: In 46 BC, the ancient Roman Caesar set this day as the beginning of the Western New Year. In order to bless the double-faced god “Janus”, the door god in Roman mythology, “Janus” later evolved into English “January”. “this phrase.

new year

UK: The day before New Year’s Day, every household must have wine in the bottle and meat in the cupboard. The British believed that if there was no wine and meat left, they would be poor in the coming year. In addition, the custom of “pulling water from a well” is also popular in the UK in the New Year. People strive to be the first to fetch water, thinking that the first person to fetch water is a happy person, and the water drawn is auspicious water.

Belgium: In Belgium, on the morning of New Year’s Day, the first thing in the countryside is to pay New Year’s greetings to animals. People approached animals such as cows, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, etc., and said to these creatures, “Happy New Year!”

Germany: During the New Year’s Day, every family in Germany will put a fir tree and a horizontal tree, and the leaves are full of silk flowers, which means that the flowers are like brocade and spring is full of people. They climbed onto their chairs just before the New Year’s Eve at midnight on New Year’s Eve. When the bell rang, they jumped off the chairs and threw a heavy object behind the chairs to show that they had thrown away the disaster and jumped into the New Year. In the countryside of Germany, there is also a New Year’s custom of “tree climbing competition” to show step by step.

France: Celebrating the New Year with wine, people start binge drinking from New Year’s Eve until January 3rd. The French believe that the weather on New Year’s Day heralds a new year. In the early morning of New Year’s Day, they went to the streets to look at the wind direction and fortune-telling: if the south wind blows, the weather will be good, and the year will be peaceful and hot; if the west wind blows, there will be a harvest year of fishing and milking; if the east wind blows, the fruit will be high; The wind is the year of poor harvest.

Italy: New Year’s Eve in Italy is a carnival night, when night begins to fall and thousands of people flock to the streets, lighting firecrackers and fireworks, and even firing live ammunition. Men and women dance until midnight. Every household packs up old things, smashes some breakable things in the house, and throws old pots, bottles and jars out of the door to show that they will get rid of bad luck and troubles. This is their traditional way of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year.

Switzerland: The Swiss have the habit of exercising on New Year’s Day. Some of them go to climb mountains in groups, stand on the top of the mountain facing the ice and snow, and sing loudly about the good life; The road to happiness; some hold stilt-walking competitions, men and women, old and young, and wish each other good health. They welcome the new year with fitness.

Romania: On New Year’s Eve, people erected tall Christmas trees in the square and set up a stage. The citizens sang and danced while burning fireworks. Rural people pull wooden plows decorated with various colorful flowers to celebrate the New Year.

Bulgaria: During the New Year’s Day meal, whoever sneezes will bring happiness to the whole family. The owner of the family promises him the first sheep, cow or foal to wish him happiness to the whole family.

Greece: On New Year’s Day, every family will make a big cake with a silver coin in it. The host cuts the cake into several pieces and distributes it to family members or visiting relatives and friends. Whoever eats the cake with the silver coins becomes the luckiest person in the New Year, and everyone congratulates him.

Spain: The Spaniards celebrate New Year’s Eve with music and games when all family members get together. When midnight came, and the bell at twelve o’clock started to strike the first time, everyone was scrambling to eat grapes. If you can eat 12 by the bell, it means that every month of the new year will be all good.

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