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The sad love story of Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lanzhi

A very sad love story in ancient China. The protagonists of this love story are Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lanzhi. The reason why the love story of Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lanzhi is known to everyone is actually mainly because of a poem at that time, which is the first in the history of Chinese literature, a relatively long narrative poem, Peacock Flying Southeast.

In ancient times, women could read, write, and cut clothes in their cardamom years, around the age of 13. In ancient China, the feudal tradition believed that a woman’s lack of talent was a virtue, so many girls took handicraft work, especially some embroidery, as their main work since childhood. It turns out that this is also such a woman, she was able to weave very fine silk fabrics when she was 13 years old.

She became Jiao Zhongqing’s wife when she was 17 years old. In fact, when Jiao Zhongqing was a teenager at that time, he was a more accomplished person. At that age, he was already a minor official in the prefectural government. Because Jiao Zhongqing’s wife works in the government, and he himself is a relatively attentive person, he often leaves his wife Liu Lanzhi alone in the room, and the two of them meet very rarely.

Their standard of living should not be bad, but even so, Liu Lanzhi is still weaving cloth every day, he can be worth five silks in three days, but her mother-in-law still thinks that he is slow in weaving, and, with this As an excuse, Jiao Zhongqing said to divorce Liu Lanzhi. This is that after Jiao Zhongqing heard his mother’s words, he immediately went to express his point of view to her mother.

Jiao Zhongqing said that he was not a high-ranking official, and that he was able to marry such a virtuous and capable wife as Liu Lanzhi. After marriage, he wanted to live a peaceful life with him and love each other, and he also wanted to be with him after he died. In less than two years, Liu Lanzhi has nothing to do wrong, and her mother will pretend to be dissatisfied.

I don’t know what her mother thought at that time. Maybe she thought that her son was too good, and Liu Lanzhi was not worthy of his son. She insisted that she wanted Jiao Zhongqing to divorce Liu Lanzhi. And her tone was very hard. Later, probably because he wanted him to have the idea of ​​divorcing his wife, he also told her that he had long been attracted to a girl from a large family, and that this girl was beautiful and virtuous, so she was truly worthy of Jiao Zhongqing.

In ancient China, filial piety came first, so Jiao Zhongqing did not dare to disobey his mother too much. In addition, Jiao Zhongqing repeatedly spoke for his wife Liu Lanzhi, which made his mother reluctant, so he was cruel and wanted Jiao Zhongqing to divorce Liu Lanzhi. Perhaps because he didn’t want to be reprimanded for being unfilial and disobedient, Jiao Zhongqing had to cry and tell Liu Lanzhi that she could not disobey her mother, so she asked Liu Lanzhi to go back to her mother’s house to stay for a while. She picked it up.

It can be seen that after Liu Lanzhi returned to his mother’s house, his brother and sister-in-law ignored him even more. Coupled with the feudal and decadent thinking of China at that time, it was a very shameless thing for a woman to be sent back after marriage. However, her sister-in-law thought that it was very unseemly for him to eat and drink for free at home, so she often looked at Liu Lianzhi. His own brother didn’t turn to her either, and he just offered him a kiss so that he wouldn’t be an eyesore at home.

It is said that the sons of the neighbors are very beautiful and elegant, and their age is also very similar, and they do not dislike Liu Lanzhi being divorced. But at that time, Liu Lanzhi only had her husband Jiao Zhongqing in her heart, and she never agreed to remarry. Here Liu Lanzhi’s mother persuaded her to remarry. She said with tears in her eyes that when I came back, Jiao Zhongqing repeatedly instructed him to wait for him to take him back. He felt that if he was marrying someone else, he would Go against their friendship.

As a weak and weak girl, Liu Lanzhi was hit by these blows one after another. On the one hand, he was unwilling to renege on Jiao Zhongqing’s promise, and he also thought that Jiao Zhongqing would be able to overcome his mother’s difficulties and come back to take him home. Brother and sister-in-law threatened to marry someone else. He couldn’t bear these kinds of hardships in his heart, so he could only deal with his brother and sister-in-law saying that he would marry.

After Jiao Zhongqing heard the news that Liu Lanzhi was about to get married, he rushed to find him. Here may be resentment Liu Lanzhi wants to marry someone else, so he also said some angry words. To Lanzhi, I had to say, since you said something like this, both of us are being persecuted, and there is nothing I can do about you, so let’s meet in the underworld and stop breaking our previous oath. They held hands tightly, then said goodbye and went back to their own homes.

What kind of feelings should they feel in their hearts when they are two living people who say goodbye before they die? After that, the climax of this tragic story emerged, when Liu Lanzhi threw herself into a small river near her home. Jiao Zhongqing also hanged himself on a tree in his home. It can only be said that these two miserable people could not be together forever before they were alive, and they were buried together after they died.

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