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Who is the protagonist who lost his wife and lost his army

The phrase “to lose my wife and lose my army” is an allusion to Sun Quan marrying his sister in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It means that I originally wanted to take advantage of it through various means, but in the end I suffered multiple losses, which outweighed the gains.

Among them, the wife refers to Sun Quan’s younger sister Sun Shangxiang, and the soldiers of the Eastern Wu Dynasty led by Zhou Yu were the ones who broke the soldiers. The final winners were Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang. Although there is no such thing in official history, this sentence is widely circulated among the people.

After the Battle of Chibi, most of the southern part of Jingzhou was occupied by Liu Bei, but Sun Quan, who contributed money and efforts, only got two incomplete counties. So Sun Quan was like retaking Jingzhou, Zhou Yu said: Liu Bei has no wife, he can pretend to marry Sun Quan’s sister to Liu Bei, let Liu Bei come to Soochow to marry, seize the opportunity, and then take Liu Bei as a hostage and ask Zhuge Liang and others to claim Jingzhou. Sun Quan felt that Zhou Yu’s move was good, so he readily agreed.

In fact, at the beginning, Liu Bei refused, because he considered the age gap between the two is too big. Unexpectedly, Kong Ming urged Liu Bei to go to Soochow to marry, and sent Zhao Yun to escort him all the way. Liu Bei was worried about not having a wife, so he readily agreed.

After Zhuge Liang asked Liu Bei to go to Soochow, he advertised that he was here to marry, and took the initiative to visit Soochow’s prestigious and prestigious families. Sun Quan originally planned to secretly lead Liu Bei to come here, and he locked up the matter directly. Who knows that the whole Soochow people now think that Sun Quan is marrying his younger sister sincerely, and it is difficult for Sun Quan to ride a tiger. To make matters worse, Liu Bei went directly to Sun Quan’s mother to announce the good news.

Sun Quan’s mother, the second monk, was puzzled. Seeing that Liu Bei was not bad, and he was the uncle of the Han emperor, he agreed. In order to prevent her daughter from being a widow, she also prevented Sun Quan from arresting Liu Bei, causing Sun Quan to cry and laugh, unable to express his suffering. He was also forced to prepare a grand wedding for Liu Bei in Soochow.

Seeing this, Zhou Yu made another plan. He was ready to eat and drink and put Liu Bei under house arrest in the palace, so that he would not be happy. Liu Bei had been sleeping in the open air for many years. Unexpectedly, Zhuge Liang was prepared, and wrote to Liu Bei in a letter: “Cao Cao raises 500,000 troops and wants to attack Jingzhou, please return quickly.” Although Liu Bei wanted to go back immediately to save Jingzhou, he was also reluctant to bear his wife and hesitated.

Fortunately, Mrs. Sun had completely stood with Liu Bei at this time, and she made plans to help Liu Bei escape to Jingzhou together. Who would have thought that Sun Quan, Zhou Yu and others were so embarrassed that they became so ruthless that they would rather kill their own sister than let Liu Bei escape! Send heavy troops to pursue Liu Bei and others. Zhuge Liang had a clever plan, and he had expected this ending, so he sent someone to meet him by the river.

After everyone got on the boat, Zhou Yu came to arrest Liu Bei and others with an overwhelming warship, and Zhuge Liang quickly abandoned the boat and ashore. Taking advantage of the victory, Zhou Yu also ran to the shore to chase, but Guan Yu led Wei Yan and Huang Zhong to fight out together, blocking the way, Zhou Yu did not dare to act rashly, so he returned to the river. Liu Bei’s soldiers on the shore shouted in unison: “Zhou Lang’s plan is to make the world safe, and he will lose his army after losing his wife!”

When Zhou Yu heard it, he screamed, the old injury recurred, he vomited blood and fainted. Sun Quan lost his younger sister and lost a lot of troops and horses. This is the story of losing his wife and losing his army.

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