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The Story of Three Qi Zhou Yu

“Three Qi Zhou Yu” is a story in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” written by Luo Guanzhong in the Ming Dynasty. This story was fabricated by Luo Guanzhong in order to beautify Zhuge Liang, and there is no such thing in official history. In addition, Zhou Yu is also very broad-minded, which is completely different from the description in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.

Summary of the story

At that time, Cao Cao was celebrating the completion of Tongquetai in Ye County. On the Bronze Sparrow Terrace, a feast of civil and military officials was held, and a Xichuan brocade robe was hung on a tree, and an arrow target was set under it. Those who hit the arrow target could get the battle robe. martial arts.

After the generals finished shooting, Cao Cao asked the civil servants to recite poems and fu to record the completion of Tongquetai. Cao Cao was on the rise, and he also wrote poems and sang.

Suddenly it was reported that Hua Xin, the envoy of Soochow Wu, had come. Cao Cao read off the watch and made plans with his advisors to annex Sun and Liu Xiang. He then listed Zhou Yu as the prefect of Nanjun, Cheng Pu as the prefect of Jiangxia, and Hua Xin as the Shaoqing of Dali Temple.

After Zhou Yu took office as the prefect of Nanjun, he wanted to take revenge, so he wrote to Sun Quan. When Lu Su wanted to return Jingzhou, Lu Su had no choice but to go to Jingzhou.

When Lu Su came to Jingzhou, Liu Bei burst into tears according to Kong Ming’s plan. It touched Liu Bei’s heart and cried, so Kong Ming asked Lu Su to tell Sun Quan to suspend his return to Jingzhou.

Lu Su told Zhou Yu the truth, and Zhou Yu said, “You’ve fallen for Zhuge Liang’s trick again.” Lu Su was asked to meet Liu Bei again, saying that Soochow would take Xichuan to Liu Bei, but Liu Bei would return Jingzhou to Soochow. And explained: “I just use this as a name, and I want Liu Bei to be defenseless. Our army uses Jingzhou in the name of attacking Xichuan, and we can take advantage of the situation to kill Liu Bei and capture Jingzhou.”

Lu Su went to Jingzhou again, saying that Zhou Yu would lead his troops to capture Xichuan in exchange for Jingzhou. Liu Bei hurriedly thanked him and said, “I am very grateful. When the great master arrives, he will surely welcome him from afar.” Lu Su was delighted and said goodbye.

Zhou Yu led an army of 50,000 people from land and water, and set off for Jingzhou. When he was about to reach Jingzhou, he saw two white flags planted on the city, and no one was there. Zhou Yu docked the boat and led 20 cavalry to the city to inspect.

Suddenly a bang was heard, and swords and guns were erected all over the city. Zhao Yun stood on the tower and shouted, “The military division Kong Ming knows the plan of the governor, so he left me here to wait.” Zhou Yu screamed, the old sore re-opened and fell off the horse, and the generals hurriedly rescued him.

Zhou Yu was rescued and returned to the boat. The sergeant reported that Liu Bei and Kong Ming were drinking and having fun on the top of the mountain in front of him. Zhou Yu was even more angry. At that time, the spy reported: “Liu Feng and Guan Ping are the leaders of the upper class to intercept the waterway.”

Zhou Yu was about to fight when Kong Ming suddenly sent a letter. Persuade him not to take Xichuan, if Cao’s army takes advantage of the weakness to attack Jiangnan, Jiangnan will not be guaranteed. Zhou Yu vomited blood after reading the letter. He knew that he would not live long, so he wrote to Sun Quan and recommended Lu Su to take his place. Before he died, he sighed and said, “Since Shengyu, why is he Shengliang!”

Sun Quan burst into tears when he learned that Zhou Yu had passed away. According to Zhou Yu’s will, Lu Su was appointed governor.

Main Content

Zhou Yu in one breath

“Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, “The fifty-first episode of Cao Ren’s war against the Eastern Wu soldier Kong Ming and Zhou Gongjin”: “Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang agreed that if Zhou Yu failed to capture Nanjun, Liu Bei would go to take it again. Zhou Yu lost the first capture and was injured. Cao Bing was defeated, but Zhuge Liang took the opportunity to seize Nanjun and other places, neither breached the contract, but also seized the territory.” Zhou Yu was so angry that his sores burst and he fell off his horse.

Two Qi Zhou Yu

After Liu Bei’s wife died, according to Zhou Yu’s plan, Sun Quan pretended to betroth his sister Sun Shangxiang to Liu Bei, trying to deceive Liu Bei to Soochow and kill her. Unexpectedly, Wu Guotai (Sun Quan’s mother) took a fancy to Liu Bei, and not only did not allow Sun Quan to kill him, but actually offered Sun Shangxiang a betrothal to him.

Zhou Yu wanted Liu Bei to be separated from Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and others for a long time, and used his voice to confuse Liu Bei, so that he lost his ambition to conquer the world, but he failed.

Zhuge Liang made a plan for Liu Bei to return to Jingzhou safely. Zhou Yu came to chase but was ambushed. Zhou Yu hurriedly fled back to the boat and heard Liu Bei’s soldiers on the shore shouting, “Zhou Lang’s plan is to bring peace to the world, and he will lose his troops after losing his wife.” Zhou Yu was so angry that the golden sore burst again. This is also the origin of the saying “to lose my wife and lose my army”.

Three Qi Zhou Yu

“Romance of the Three Kingdoms” “The fifty-sixth Cao Cao banquet, Tongquetai, Kongming, and Zhou Gongjin”: Liu Bei borrowed the nine counties of Jingxiang from Soochow and tried to grow and develop himself, but Soochow was afraid of raising tigers and waited for Liu Bei to become stronger Afterwards, he was bound to pose a threat to himself, and repeatedly asked him to return Jingzhou. Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang justified that after capturing Xichuan, they would return to Jingzhou, but they did not take it.

This made Zhou Yu furious, so he came up with a passage to Jingzhou to help Liu Bei capture Xichuan. , because if you want to attack Xichuan, you must pass through Jingxiang, but Zhou Yu is actually trying to attack Jingzhou, but Zhuge Liang sees through this plan, making Zhou Yu be surrounded, Zhou Yu’s anger and the recurrence of old injuries, he died.

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