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The allusion to the quick knife to cut the mess

Cutting through the mess with a quick knife is a metaphor for acting decisively, grasping the key, and quickly solving complex problems. “The Book of Northern Qi, Emperor Wenxuan Ji”

Idiom allusions

“Book of Northern Qi, Emperor Wenxuan”: “Gaozu tried to observe the consciousness of all the sons, and each ordered the disordered silk. The emperor alone drew a knife to cut it, saying: ‘Those who are in disorder must be killed!'”

Idiom story

Gao Huan was the prime minister of Emperor Xiaojing of the Eastern Wei Dynasty during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. He has six sons in total.

One day, he wanted to find out which son was the smartest, so he called all six sons to him. He said to his sons, “I’ve got a lot of junk here. Now I’ll give it to each of you, and you can sort it out and see who can sort it out the fastest.”

The game started, and the children were very nervous. They all quickly pulled out the mess one by one, and then sorted it out one by one.

This method is very slow, and when some children are in a hurry, they even form pimples. The children were all sweating profusely.

The second son, Gao Yang, is different. He found a quick knife, cut off the entangled mess with a few knives, and then sorted it out, so that it was quickly sorted out.

Gao Huan was very surprised to see Gao Yang doing this, and asked, “How did you come up with this method?”

Gao Yang replied, “Those who are chaotic must be killed!”

Gao Huan was very happy when he heard it, thinking that the child’s mind was broad-minded and his method of thinking was different, and he would definitely make great achievements in the future.

Later, Gao Yang really seized the throne of the Eastern Wei Emperor, established the Northern Qi regime, and became the Northern Qi Emperor Wenxuan himself.

According to this story, the proverb “cutting the mess with a quick knife” has been developed, which is used as a metaphor for taking decisive measures to solve complex and intractable problems. Hemp means hemp.

Idiom Examples

I have been constantly bumping back and forth between the two, and finally I can’t use the method of ~ to solve it all at once. –Ba Jin’s “On “Death”

Du Peng’s “Citizen’s Rights”: “My speech is very brief, let’s cut the mess with a quick knife.”

Liang Qichao’s “The Doctrine of Bentham, the Dean of Leliism”: “If you go out with the opinions and measures you take, you will be able to fight against those who are righteous and stubborn, and have nothing to care about, nothing to shy away from, and a quick knife to cut through the mess. The fist smashes the yellow crane.”

Qian Zhongshu’s “Besieged City” three: “I hate myself for being too soft-hearted, and I don’t have the courage to cut the mess with a quick knife.”

Mao Dun’s “Corrosion · November 6th”: “At this time, the situation needs to be cut quickly, and it cannot be dragged.”

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