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Who was Helen in the Trojan War?

Helen is the daughter of Zeus and Leda, the third king of the gods in ancient Greek mythology, and grew up in the palace of her stepfather, King Tyndareus of Sparta. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. At her birth, God gave her the ability to imitate the voice of any woman. Growing up, she eloped with the Trojan prince Paris, sparking the decade-long Trojan War.

Helen, the daughter of Zeus and Leda, grew up in the palace of her stepfather, King Tyndareus of Sparta. Theseus and Pirithous went on an expedition to Sparta, and they saw her dancing in the Temple of Artemis. Both of them could not resist the lust of love, so they boldly broke into the temple, snatched her away, and took her to Tegea in Agadia.

Here they draw lots to decide who Helen belongs to. The two made an appointment, and the one who won the lottery must help the one who didn’t win the lottery to grab another beauty. As a result, Theseus won the lottery, and he took Helen to Afdna in the Attica region, where his mother Etra took care of Helen and asked a friend to protect her. Then he and his friends plan a great and amazing adventure.

After losing Helen, Piritius decided to abduct Persephone, the wife of Hades, from the underworld, and possessed her for comfort. But their plan failed completely. The two were imprisoned forever in the underworld by Hades. Hercules tried to rescue both of them, but only Theseus was rescued.

While Theseus was imprisoned in Hades’ underworld, Helen’s two brothers, Castor and Polydeuces, came to Athens. They politely asked to return Helen. But the Athenians said that the young princess was not in Athens, and did not know where Theseus hid her. The brothers were furious and threatened to use force. The Athenians were very frightened, and one of them, Acatemus, knew the secret of Theseus, and told them that Helen was hiding in Afdna. Castor and Polydeuces immediately besieged the city, and soon captured it.

At the same time, something unfavorable to Theseus happened in the city of Athens. Erechtheus’ grandson Menastheus made himself the leader of the people. He wanted to usurp the throne, so he bewitched the nobles in the city, saying that the king made them move from the countryside to the city, and he was actually controlling them and enslaving them.

He told those freedmen that they had abandoned the temples and gods in the country, and no longer depended on the local nobles and nobles, but obeyed a foreign tyrant, in order to incite the dissatisfaction of the people against the king.

Avdna was captured by the people of Tindarius, and the Athenians were terrified. Menastheus took advantage of the panic of the people and persuaded the inhabitants to open the gate to the two sons of Tindarius and greet them in a friendly manner. They entered the city because Castor and Polydeuces only objected that Theseus had taken their sister. Facts also bear out what Menastheus said.

Although the foreign soldiers rushed in through the open city gates and took control of all areas of the city, they did not harm a single person. They rescued Helen and, escorted by the citizens, left Athens and returned to their homeland.

Growing up, Helen became more and more charming, attracting an endless stream of suitors, because she was worried that choosing a son-in-law would offend so many suitors. Her father, King Tyndarius of Sparta, made all suitors Swear in public, the content of the oath is to form an alliance with the lucky bridegroom in the future, and jointly oppose any suitor who tries to harm the king because of dissatisfaction with the marriage.

Later, he chose Menelaus. Menelaus was the brother of Agamemnon and the king of the Argos. After he married Helen, he also inherited the kingship of Sparta. Helen also bore a daughter to Menelaus, named Hermione.

It happened that King Priam of Troy had entrusted a task to Prince Paris, asking him to go to Salamis to retrieve the king’s sister, Hesione, the queen of Salamis. Paris led a mighty team. Dang to the island of Sithira. Paris was instigated by Aphrodite to take a boat to Sparta to find Helen. Another son of Priam, the prophet Helenus, warned Paris, but he turned a deaf ear. He came to the shores of Laconia, and went ashore with his friend Aeneas, and visited Menelaus, king of Sparta, as a guest, and feasted Paris and Helen Have mutual affection.

A few days later, Menelaos said that he was going to Crete, and before leaving, he asked Helen to greet the guests well. As soon as Menelaus left, Paris instigated Helen to leave her husband and go to Troy with him. Helen abandoned everything for love, including her daughter Hermione.

On the way back, the sea god Nereus suddenly stopped the boat and told them to pay the price, but Aphrodite comforted them and they returned to Troy three days later. In order to retake Helen, the Greek army crossed the strait and tightly surrounded the city of Troy.

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