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Who was the King of Sparta in the Trojan War

Menelaus is the king of Sparta in Greek mythology. He is the younger brother of Agamemnon and the husband of Helen. After Helen was abducted by Paris, Menelaus and Agamemnon summoned almost all the kings in Greece to fight Troy. After ten years of hard work, Troy fell and Helen was retaken by Menelaus. The two have a daughter who is married to Orestes, the son of Agamemnon.

Tyndareus, king of Sparta, was expelled from his kingdom by his brother Hippocoon, and Tyndareus wandered to the king of Aetolia, Thetisos Kingdom, and married the king’s daughter Leda. Later, another hero, Heracles (Heracles) defeated Hippocoon and killed all of his sons, then Tindarus and his wife Leda returned to Sparta to rule. They have four children, Clytemnestra (Clytemnestra) and Castor (Cast movie Troy poster or) are the children of Tindarus, while Polydeuces and the beautiful Helen are It was produced by Leda and Zeus.

Helen’s beauty is the best in Greece, and even the hero Theseus of the Attica peninsula tried to steal her. The suitors ensued and caused infighting, which made Tyndaros overwhelmed. Finally, the witty suitor Odysseus said to Tyndaros: “Let Helen decide for himself, and let all suitors swear that they will swear to Helen. Her husband would never take up arms to attack him, and would do his best to help him when he asked for help.” After all the suitors agreed, Helen chose Atreus’ handsome son Menelaus.

After the death of Tindarus, Menelaus became the king of Sparta. Helen also became the queen of Sparta.

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