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What is Henry VIII’s background?

Henry VII, the father of Henry, is a descendant of the Lancaster royal family in England. In 1485, Henry VII defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, and he immediately assumed the throne and became the king of England, Wales and Ireland, establishing the capital. Duo Dynasty. In order to alleviate political conflicts and strengthen the legitimacy of becoming the King of England, on January 18, 1486, at Westminster Abbey in London, Henry VII married Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV of the York dynasty. ceremony.

Henry VII was born in Placentia Palace in Greenwich, London, on June 28, 1491. He was the third child of Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth. Before he was born, Queen Elizabeth had given birth to the eldest son Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, and Princess Margaret Tudor, the eldest daughter.

The maternal ancestor of the Tudor family is John Beaufort (John Beaufort), the illegitimate son of the Prince of Lancashire, the son of King Edward III in the 14th century, and his mistress Katherine Swynford. Margaret Beaufort, the granddaughter of John Beaufort, married Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond. Edmund Tudor was the half-brother of Henry VI of England. After Henry VI was killed by Edward IV, the Tudor family was also exiled to France.

Henry Tudor, the son of Edmund, grew up in exile in Brittany, France, and is regarded as the leader of the Lancasters. And her mare, Princess Beaufort, remarried in England, lurking in England under the rule of the York dynasty to plan for her son’s future. In 1485, Henry Tudor declared himself the heir to the throne of the Lancaster royal family.

Taking advantage of the low popularity of the reigning British King Richard III, the Lord Margaret was able to turn the dissatisfied supporters of the York dynasty to support his son Henry. Henry soon successfully landed in England, and in August 1485, he defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth (Battle of Bosworth), and he immediately claimed the throne as King Henry VII of England.

In 1486, he married Elizabeth of York, the daughter of Edward IV of the York dynasty, and announced the merger of the York and Lancaster families, quelling disputes over his succession, and the marriage between rival families ended Rose war. The red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York were combined to form the royal emblem of the Tudor dynasty, the red and white “Tudor Rose”.

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