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Characteristics of Italian wine

Italy is an important wine-producing country with the same reputation as France, and Italian grapes are favored by natural conditions. Moreover, Italy’s wine production has also increased in recent years. Although French grape varieties are also grown, Italy also has many of its own grape varieties. It accounts for a quarter of the world’s wine production, and its consumption and output are both ranked first in the world. Today we will talk about the characteristics of Italian wine.

Three characteristics of Italian wine


The ancient Greeks called Italy the country of wine (enotria). Italian wine has a long history.

Cicero, the orator of the republican era, and Emperor Caesar were obsessed with wine. Many intact wine jugs remain in the remains of the abandoned shell city that was turned into a dead city by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It is said that when the ancient Roman soldiers went to the battlefield, they brought grape seedlings with their weapons, and planted grapes there as the territory expanded. This was the beginning of the spread of grape seedlings and wine-making technology from Italy to European countries.

Huge sales

Italian wine, which is greatly benefited by the natural environment, accounts for 1/4 of the world’s wine production, and its output and consumption are both ranked first in the world.

The streets are full of Italians drinking wine boldly, which reminds people of the statue of Bacchus, the god of Bacchus, made by Michelangelo in Florence. The beautiful and drunk youth is like singing a very unrestrained, rich natural grace and life.

Local specialties

Italian wines are elongated in the north and south, and the natural environment is also varied. In the harsh natural environment of Northern Italy, world-renowned rich red wines of high quality and Italian sparkling wines (spumante) are produced. Other important geographic features include:

  1. Italy covers a very long latitude range. The suitable places for growing grapes in the country range from the foothills of the Alps in the north to almost the same latitude as northern Africa;
  2. Italy is a peninsula, a very long coastline, with a Mediterranean climate, which is conducive to climate regulation and is quite helpful to coastal wine-producing areas;
  3. The many rich mountains and hills in Italy provide a high-altitude grape growing environment with a variety of climates and soil conditions.
  4. Southern Italy fully enjoys the sun’s blessings, and produces high-alcohol, strong wines.

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