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Polish Wine

Polish vodka (wodka) enjoys a high reputation all over the world, and the brands of “boutique vodka” (wyborowa), “zubrowka”, “premium vodka” (luksusowa) and “belvedere” (belvedere) are almost everywhere It’s all resounding. According to historical records, the production of ancient Polish specialty alcoholic beverages was first beer, honey liquor (okowita), Polish shochu “palikotowka” (formerly known as water of life spirits) and then vodka.

The Polish shochu “Palikotovka” is a spirit of water of life, based on the ancient Polish recipe preserved by Jablonna in the Lublin region. The grain-based water of life settles in oak barrels. The longer the time, the more mellow the wine will be. Selected auxiliary materials walnut and raisin extracts make this vodka fragrant, delicate and smooth. The Polish soju “Palikotovka” is a wine that connoisseurs should try.

The Polish specialty is pure vodka, and its king laurel is none other than premium vodka. It has entered the foreign market with ambitions. It is sold in 70 countries, and the countries that love it most are Italy, Mexico, France, Canada and Germany including China. Fine vodka has won 20 awards in international competitions, three-quarters of which are gold awards.

Among the vodka with added flavor and vanilla extract, the most popular is cowgrass vodka, commonly known as cowgrass wine, which is made from carefully selected distilled alcohol. Experts value its extraordinary fragrance and taste, because each bottle of wine is added with buffalo grass leaves, which make the color of the wine lighter and make the wine more fragrant and rich. This grass only grows in the Bialowieski Forest in Poland.

Appetizing bitter vodka (GorzkaZoladkowa) (although the name is bitter, its taste is quite sweet) also has many fans. It is made from small oranges, vanilla and natural caramel.

The famous Gdansk Goldwasser is very popular among people. Tourists who have been to Gdansk will bring back several bottles of this wine as gifts to relatives and friends. This is a vodka made from rhizomes and herbs according to a 16th century recipe. Some aromatic essential oils are added to this wine, and a little gold powder is sprinkled. The gold powder sparkles in the transparent liquor. Many people who love wine collectors often treasure this wine in their wine cabinets.

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