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Brazilian coffee brewing method

Most Brazilian coffees are lightly roasted, so they are not bitter, and some are moderately roasted and not bitter. Dark roasts are rare. The best way to make Brazilian coffee is to brew it manually. In this way, we can enjoy the production process, and the taste of Brazilian coffee can be changed according to the temperature of the water and the flow of the water. Different moods and different people will taste different when drinking Brazilian coffee. So how should Brazilian coffee be brewed? Let me introduce to you two ways to brew Brazilian coffee! Let’s have a look!

Brazilian coffee production

Roasting: More and more people are beginning to love roasting their own coffee beans, because usually after roasting, coffee beans can only be kept fresh for 1 to 7 days, and then they will start to lose their taste, leaving only bitter taste, not A mellow taste. So, roasting yourself can ensure the freshness of the coffee beans.

The traditional roasting machine is a drum type. This roasting method has the characteristics of simmering, which will make the coffee beans have a more mature flavor and a fuller taste. The home drum roaster can roast half a pound of coffee beans at a time. The roasting time (including cooling and bean production) takes about 21 to 25 minutes. If you want to roast deeper, you only need to increase the time. When using, just put in green beans, set the roasting degree, press the start button, and the roaster can automatically complete from roasting to cooling.

Grinding: In order to blend with water, coffee has made the biggest sacrifice – smashed to pieces. Before coffee is brewed, the beans must be ground into fine particles to increase the contact area between water and coffee, in order to extract the delicious taste. In fact, the grinder is more important than the coffee machine. At present, most people choose the “sawtooth grinder” because it can quickly and steadily grind a uniform coffee powder.

The operation method of the sawtooth grinder is very simple. Generally speaking, it has two setting functions, one is to set the grinding degree, and the other is to set the grinding time. Grinding degree is mostly expressed in Arabic numerals, the smaller the number, the finer the grinding.

There is a funnel-shaped box on the top of the grinder, which holds the beans that have not been ground, and a drawer below it, which is used to store the ground coffee. When choosing to buy a grinder, you should pay attention to its power, usually between 70 watts and 150 watts, the higher the better, the grinder with higher power, the faster the grinding speed, and the longer the coffee powder stays between the teeth. Short, more able to grind low-temperature coffee powder.

Brewing: To brew a good cup of coffee, in addition to fresh coffee powder and slightly higher hardness water, of course, there must be a set of handy brewing tools. There are three main types of brewing in commonly used coffee machines.

Drip filter: Wet the coffee powder with water, and let the coffee liquid flow through the filter cloth or filter paper at the speed of natural falling into the container. Basically, this method doesn’t steep the coffee grounds, it just lets hot water run through the grounds slowly. Drip cups and electric coffee makers fall into this category and are the easiest brewing tools to produce clean, brightly colored coffee.

Filter type: Put the coffee powder into the pot, soak it in hot water for a few minutes, and then filter the coffee grounds with a filter cloth or filter screen to form a cup of coffee liquid.

Siphon pots, drip pots, Belgian coffee pots and Vietnamese coffee pots are all filter-type brewing tools, and they all have a soaking process to form a more complex taste.

High-pressure type: Use pressurized hot water to penetrate and compress dense coffee powder to produce a cup of thick coffee. The tools in this form include moka pots and espresso machines.

Fast brewing method: You can use an Italian espresso machine, a faster coffee brewing method. The Italian espresso machine can continuously extract several cups of coffee. The high pressure during the brewing process can emulsify and dissolve the oil and gum in the coffee beans, and the essence in the beans is completely extracted through the pressure, making the brewed coffee stronger. Taste and aroma are better.

Brazilian coffee blend

First add the slightly deep-fried coffee to the cup, pour the same amount of milk into the milk pot, bring to a boil over low heat, add the cream before frothing, don’t wait for the froth to disappear before pouring it over the coffee.

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