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Introduction to the four famous Italian wines


Italy is the first country in Europe to master grape juice winemaking technology. It has more than 20 wine producing regions. In this long history, Italy has also produced many famous wines. There are many types and production areas of famous Italian wines. The following editor will introduce you to the top four famous Italian wine bars!

Introduction to the four famous Italian wines

Four famous Italian wines: Shishijiaya wine

Xi Shi Jia Ya is derived from the word “sasso” in Italian, which means “stone”. Si Shi Jiaya is produced in the famous San Guito winery in Italy, and has the reputation of “Italy’s King of Wine” and “Italy Lafite” (Lafite). As the first of the four famous Italian wines, Siscia Gaia is known as the most original new super Tuscan wine, using 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Cabernet Franc (Cabernet Franc), fermented and matured in small French oak barrels.

The wine has a deep ruby ​​color, rich berry flavor, mint aroma, full body, condensed taste, and flavors such as perfume, tobacco, vanilla, firm tannins, silky smooth, and balanced fruity and sour aftertaste. It has good aging potential.

One of the four famous Italian wines: Soraya wine

Soraya red wine is blended with 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Sangiovese and 5% Cabernet Franc. It is aged in oak barrels for 18 months and continues to mature in the bottle for 12 months. Available for listing. The wine presents a deep red color with a gleam of gemstones, with a faint smell of vanilla and light fruit. The taste of blackberry and cocoa glides over the taste buds. The taste is balanced, elegant and deep, with a long aftertaste.

One of the four famous Italian wines: Onalaya wine

Onaraya red wine is mainly blended from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Although Onalaya Winery is a very young winery, it has a lot of old vines, and the wines produced are well-balanced, complex, delicate and perfect. In 1985, the Onaraya red wine was a blockbuster once it was launched, and it didn’t take long for it to be sold out on the market. The 1986 vintage was also rated as the best red wine in all of Italy.

One of the four famous Italian wines: Jiaya wine

Jaya is the first winery in Italy to use non-local grape varieties to make wine. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonny, Sauvignon Blanc and other grape varieties that have rarely appeared in Italy in the past have been introduced by Jaya. At the same time, it It is also the first winery to plant grape varieties separately and make bottling. These bold and positive concepts have shaped Gaya Estate as a pioneer of Italian wine.

The owner of the winery, Angelo Gia, was the first person in Italy to realize that only by reducing the production of the vineyards can the quality of the wine be improved. He was also the first to use advanced grape cultivation and winemaking techniques. He bought wood from the forests of central Europe and made wine barrels according to his own standards. The wine was placed in small oak barrels instead of large oak barrels. In the process of aging.

He was also the pioneer of the Piedmont region’s first introduction of temperature-controlled stainless steel tank fermentation equipment and the pioneer of single-vineyard wine production. It is really because of Angelo Gaya’s bold innovation that Barbaresco wine has made strides to the world stage. At the same time, Chateau Jaya produces the most award-winning wines in Italy and is the leader in Italian wines.

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