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Swordsman in the Snow: A list of the top ten real martial arts masters. It’s all land wonderland!

The previous articles about Xuezhong were almost all grievances and hatred, and the most critical force value ranking list was not written! You know, “The Knife in the Snow” is the most popular online article about the rivers and lakes in recent years, so how can you not talk about the force of the rivers and lakes people are most talked about?

Today, the top ten real masters in this book are ranked, which is the same as the ranking of Huang Sanjia in the book. In addition to the top ten masters this time, there are four great hidden masters as the sub-lists.

Main list

Tenth place: Confucian sage Cao Changqing

“Only I am the great Chu, I would rather sing to death in the rain instead of living under the fence.”

The most outstanding representative among the literati of Great Chu and even the literati of the world! One of the most impressive figures in this book-Da Chu Qi Dai Zhao, Wen Zong Cao Changqing.

After three times in Tai’an City, all the masters of Liyang Palace are regarded as the end of the grass. Standing up as a Confucian saint when viewing the Xi Lei Bi site, he is a land, heaven and human realm. After that, for the sake of the remnants of the West Chu and the grievances in his heart, he resolutely restored the country, and finally turned from the kingly way to the hegemony, and ended up in the city of Tai’an.

Cao Changqing is the most famous Confucian sage in this book. He has been named the four great masters and has a life-saving relationship with Xu Fengnian.

Ninth place: (male and female indistinguishable) Nangong Pu shot

The most beautiful person in the world is born as a daughter, but her heart is as strong as a rock, so strong. According to the book, it should be the daughter of Xie Guanying, a sage adviser of Confucianism.

The weapon is double knives, one spring thunder, and one embroidered winter. The sword technique is nineteen stops, that is, six stops (the word stop is estimated to be the sword posture) to kill the second grade, the nine stops to kill the Xuan, the twelve stops to kill the celestial phenomenon, and the sixteen stops to break the Buddha King Kong, the celestial body is like white paper. There is no land god before Shiba Shi , and Shiba Shi is probably able to fight Lu Zu. The first to take the knife is invincible. However, after rescuing Xu Fengnian in the battle of Liang Mang, there is no longer a nineteen-stop mentality. In other words, you can only stay in the land fairyland.

Finally, he and Xu Fengnian became husband and wife.

Eighth place: Confucian sage Chen Zhibao

Chen Zhibao is a perfect person, strictly restraining himself, not overwhelmed with joy and anger. As the most outstanding son of Xu Xiao, King of Northern Liang Dynasty, he is the greatest military force to help Xu Xiao succeed. Especially after the battle of West Leibi, after attacking and killing the world’s number one general-Bingjia Ye Baikui, Liyang’s general trend has been achieved. Later, after Chen Zhibao left Liang, the Emperor Liyang highly respected Chen Zhibao and even named him the king of Shu, giving him the name of a soldier.

However, although Chen Zhibao is a sage of the world and ranks among the sages of Confucianism, in fact, he can prove the land fairyland by force. In particular, Chen Zhibao’s marksmanship was slightly better than half-step Wusheng Xu Yan, half-strike, and a plum wine turned purple was almost invincible.

Seventh place: Wangyou Tianren Gao Shulu

Gao Shulu was originally the prince who succeeded to the throne of the Dafeng Dynasty, but he was obsessed with martial arts and had no intention of the throne. After a madness, his temperament changed drastically, and he became the number one demon of the rivers and lakes at that time, killing two land gods alone. Later, Xu Fengnian’s previous life was sealed with a mountain talisman for four hundred years.

Under the operation of Li Yishan, Gao Shulu finally met Xu Fengnian, and after the first battle with Xu Fengnian, she had her wish to leave her celestial body to Xu Fengnian at the end. This is also the key reason for Xu Fengnian’s aspirations to the world.

The most important thing is that the first grade four realms scored by Jianghu is exactly what Gao Shulu puts forward because of his own experience.

Sixth place: Sword God Li Chungang

“The world doesn’t know what to ask for, so he laughed loudly in the blue shirt: Heaven does not give birth to me, Li Chungang, kendo is like a long night!”

Li Chungang is the first person in the martial arts of Jiaziqian Jianghu, a wooden cow and horse, a green snake with two sleeves, a sword that opens the gate of heaven , and his heart is uneven in the world. He is the most charming character in this book.

Li Chungang inherited Lu’s ancestors before, and later enlightened the arena of today, is one of the most important people in the arena for thousands of years. Support Wang Xianzhi, help Deng Tai’a, and lead Xu Fengnian. Although the old age is no longer the original chic appearance, but it is a sudden and cordial.

Today’s rivers and lakes are full of swords and immortals, and angrily destroys the mountains, but compared with Li Chungang’s Qingshan and swords, I always feel that there is something missing.

Fifth place: Peach Blossom Sword God Deng Tai’a

Deng Tai’a is the first in swordsmanship, repairing the murderous sword , second only to the first person Wang Xianzhi in the initial Wushu review. In the later Wu Criticism, he became one of the four great masters. The weapons are Tai A Sword and Peach Blossom Branch. They are the new sword gods after Li Chungang. In order to distinguish them from Li Chungang, they are called Peach Blossom Sword God.

He has a distant relationship with Xu Fengnian and dislikes coercion and meddling the least in his life. Therefore, in the battle of Jubei City, willing to monopolize the sky with a single force, behead and shoot down the immortals who dare to go out of the sky, it is the world’s unparalleled domineering!

Fourth place: Tuoba Bodhisattva, the God of Beimang Army

Tuoba Bodhisattva is the first person in the Beimang martial arts. He became famous earlier. His appearance is an ordinary yellow-faced man with arms over knees. However, under this simple appearance is buried an ambition that all Jianghu temples must occupy .

Tuoba Bodhisattva is one of the four great masters of Xinwu Review, and the only person in Beimang who has entered the ranks of Xinwu Review. Originally wanted to take advantage of the opportunity of the Liang Mang war to kill the Northern Liang King Xu Fengnian on the battlefield, and then eliminate the Northern Liang iron cavalry, and then drive straight into the Central Plains, establish unworldly meritorious feats, and become the de facto Beiliang governor.

The idea is very beautiful, the reality is very tragic, and finally died at the hands of Xu Fengnian, achieving Xu Fengnian’s top position in the arena.

Third place: Xu Fengnian, King of Northern Liang Dynasty

Xu Fengnian was the four great generals in the Spring and Autumn Period, the only king of different surnames in Liyang (also the king of Qingcheng?), and the eldest son of Xu Xiao of the Great Pillar Kingdom . He then inherited Xu Xiao’s family and title and became the co-lord of the new generation of Beiliang. Lead the Beiliang iron cavalry to guard the gate for the people of the Central Plains.

In order to avenge his mother, he constantly attacked martial arts. First, he was empowered by the rhubarb court, and the female sex was not close. Later, he studied under Li Chungang and was constantly tempered by the green snake with two sleeves. Later, he accepted Qi Luck and the Heavenly Body, and continued to move forward with the help of his previous life’s remaining strength and his own martial arts. Finally revenge, and then guard Beiliang and Beimang in a decisive battle.

Second place: Emperor Wu Xianzhi

The first man in the arena in a century, the peerless martial artist who entered the land of immortals with force, and the leader of the world’s martial arts-Wang Xianzhi.

He was originally an ordinary martial artist, constantly watching battles, and constantly climbing. Unlike the sword god Li Chungang, Wang Xianzhi’s progress has always been steady and slow, so his martial arts foundation is very deep.

Later, Li Chungang was not interested in martial arts, and after the first battle with Wang Xianzhi, he was willing to support the offspring, breaking the trojan bull and letting Wang Xianzhi reach the top of the arena. Therefore, the latter has always remembered Li Chungang’s friendship, willing to claim to be the second best in the world. In fact, in Wang Xianzhi’s heart, the world’s number one is always the sword god Li Chungang, who holds the sword in a green shirt and has opened the world for hundreds of years.

Later, when Wang Xianzhi fought with Xu Fengnian during his ascension, they tried their best to get out of the family, exhausting all the luck in Xu Fengnian’s body, and he was also shot to death by Xu Fengnian. But in the last moment, the soul was lifted into the sky and became an immortal. In addition, there were people who had been buying time for Xu Fengnian to destroy Wang Xianzhi’s qi, so Wang Xianzhi’s combat power was even better than Xu Fengnian’s.

But how can the first person in the world for a hundred years want to become an immortal and go to the boring heaven? Therefore, he is willing to dissipate himself and transform his energy into the world, just like Li Chungang, everything on the earth is on the earth, and everything in this life will end in this life.

First place: Taoist leaders Lu Dongxuan, Qi Xuanjie, Hong Xixiang for thousands of years

These three people are one body, born for reincarnation. Among them, the most heyday is Lu Dongxuan Lu Zu. He is the ancestor who created Jianghu Kendo, and the first person who has not been shaken by Jianghu for thousands of years.

He is a cultivator of Taoism. He obtained the right path in Wudang, and he did not want to ascend. The merits accumulated for hundreds of years are difficult to correct with the red clothes.

Lu Zu is the only perfect person in the book, he only chooses the latter of Changsheng and Daofa. Therefore, it has won the respect of the people of the world. The above Wang Xianzhi was able to compete with Lu Zu who had not done his best during his peak period, which shows Lu Zu’s true strength.

Vice Ranking-Master Hidden

White monk Li Beware

Li Daoxin is the new head of Buddhism, the first person in the world of Vajra , and the glaring Vajra can break the land gods. His character is extremely interesting. As a Buddha head, he doesn’t look like a monk. Marrying a wife and having children is just like ordinary people.

Taoist real man Li Yufu

Li Yuaxe was the 36th generation of Wudang teacher handed down by Hong Xixiang. He said, “Wudang should be prosperous, and the prosperity is on Yuax.” Later, he killed the evil dragon in Difeishan and became famous all over the world.

When Xu Fengnian informed Hong Xi’s elephant soldier where he was after his reincarnation, he was willing to form a house for cultivating, and waited for the little uncle.

In this book, Li Yufu is considered the last monk to change the ending of the world, because in the book he later planned to close the gate of heaven, the world is going to be the world, and the heavenly people are no longer allowed to intervene in the world. Originally, according to the trend of the sky, the world was divided into three parts, and Beiliang, Beimang and Liyang divided into three parts. It will be unified after a hundred years. Only in this way can the immortals in the sky continue to seduce luck. However, a hundred years of war will inevitably cause the world to fall apart, and the wives will disperse. This is what Li Yufu is unwilling to see, and it is also the scene that Hong Xixiang is most unwilling to see.

Young Eunuch of Tai’an City

This young eunuch was the same age as Li Yang, and was the most hidden Liyang eunuch. They once suppressed Deng Tai’a and Xu Fengnian with their true bodies. Although they both reached their peak at the time, they would be among the top five on the main list due to the longevity and strength of this young eunuch.

Zhang Fuyao, the Early Confucian Sage

From Daqin to Dafeng, to today’s Liyang, it is still eight hundred years old. And Confucianism has also been eight hundred years old. The Confucian sage changed batch after batch, but only the first generation sage Zhang Fuyao was still guarding the world.

Eight hundred years ago, the weak scholars used books to prove Taoism and achieved Confucianism. Use your own body to fight against the way of heaven, so that the people of the Central Plains will not be infringed by foreign cavalry.

From Xuanyuan Jingcheng to Cheng Baishuang, no one who has achieved the realm of Confucian sage can end well. This is the punishment of Heaven for Zhang Fuyao’s insistence on guarding the world.

Lu Zu repaired the Way of Heaven, Zhang Shengzhen’s human world. Huma has a moat in the south, and the master takes possession of the north.

The tenth place Cao Changqing and Xu Fengnian are kind, the ninth place Nangong Pushe and Xu Fengnian are husband and wife, the eighth place Chen Zhibao and Xu Fengnian are rivals and brothers, the seventh place Gao Shulu gifted the celestial body to Xu Fengnian, and the sixth place Li Chungang is Xu Fengnian’s master. , The fifth place is the distant uncle who has been helping Xu Fengnian, and the first place is Xu Fengnian’s brother-in-law . The protagonist seems to have relatively few pens on the surface, but in fact the entire arena masters are all people who have grievances and hatreds with him. The protagonist’s halo is really too bright.

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