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Strength comparison between Britain, France and Germany

When talking about Western countries, what we think of is Europe. However, after the end of the Second World War, Europe has gradually declined. The United States has become the most powerful country in the West. Although a large part of Russia is in Asia, In fact, he can be regarded as a Western country. After World War II, the power of the former European powers declined very seriously. In the past, the European powers in our minds were Britain, Germany, and France, but now these three countries, who is the European leader?

In the last century, Britain was once the most powerful country in Europe. It was even called an empire that never sets. As long as the sun shines, there are British colonies. These were brought to him by the Industrial Revolution and the powerful British navy. Later, the center of the third industrial revolution moved to the United States, and Britain was not as brilliant as before.

Coupled with the awakening of democracy and human rights awareness in more and more countries after the end of World War II, these people began to take up arms to fight against Britain, and Britain has fewer and fewer colonies, and the former Western hegemon is gone forever. Up.

But to many people’s surprise, even so, the strength of Britain is still the strongest among the three countries of Britain, France and Germany. In terms of economic strength, Germany should be the best developing country. Although Germany was a defeated country, its domestic industrial level was already very good during the Second World War. Although he suffered a blow due to his defeat, his foundation was very solid after all, so he recovered very quickly after the war. In this age, industrial level is one of the important components of economic strength.

In terms of military strength, Britain is a lean camel bigger than a horse. Britain once had the most powerful navy in the world. Even after World War II, it had 1.02 million troops. After so many years, in order to reduce military spending, Britain has been disarmament. But even so, they still have 1,000 fighters left. Moreover, the United Kingdom launched a new aircraft carrier last year, and it is now a dual-carrier country.

Although the strength of France has not declined so quickly, its own military is not as strong as that of Britain. Not to mention Germany. The former German military power was indeed very powerful, but after its defeat in World War II, the size of his army was limited. At the same time, it was the only one of the three countries that did not have nuclear weapons and did not have an aircraft carrier. This is also to prevent him from starting a world war again.

In terms of international influence, it is clear that Britain is also stronger. Germany was first excluded from the list. He did not even join the United Nations organization. Compared with France, although the United Kingdom is one of the five permanent members of the United Nations, the United Kingdom is still the core country of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth has 54 core countries. , At this point, Britain beat France. On the whole, the overall strength of Britain is stronger than France, and France is stronger than Germany.

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