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5 Things That Changed the World with Alan Mathison Turing

Alan Mathison Turing (born 23 June 1912) was an English mathematician who changed our world to what it is today. So what has he changed? Meet the 5 outstanding works that he has done to benefit the world as follows:

  1. Turing machines with computer prototype
    Turing, the father of computer science, developed the Universal Turing Machine, a machine that can do anything with a solution or algorithm. Be a prototype of a computer that uses mathematics to create a computer language. Developed as a software that solves various problems today
  2. Decode Enigma Helped more than 14 million people.
    ‘Turing’ World War Hero One of the Nazi’s Enigma Machine decryption team helps the Allies keep up with Hitler’s tactics. World War 2 ended sooner. And can save people from war enormously.
  3. Artificial Intelligence from the Turing test
    ‘Turing’ Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Has invented a machine intelligence test or Turing Test by allowing the tester to interact with people. and with the machine If the subject is unable to distinguish between interactions with a person or machine, That shows that machines are capable of mimicking thoughts like humans.
  4. The origin of digital computers
    ‘Turing’ presents an idea of how to build a computer from electronic components for general use, not just decryption machines. This idea is the origin of the creation of the first computer (Pilot ACE) in 1950.
  5. Decode the creatures with mathematical rules
    Turing uses advanced mathematical knowledge to explain how patterns occur in nature according to mathematical laws. The results of this study are considered the origin of the theory of motifs and morphology of living things, such as the patterns on the surface of zebras. spots on the skin of a leopard

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