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What’s the use of spitting wine before execution

I believe you will see such a scene when watching a costume drama. That is, the death row prisoner was sentenced to beheaded and taken to Caishikou for execution. After everything was set up, the executioner with the knife next to him would take a jug of wine and drank it in his mouth, aiming at the execution. The machete is sprayed like this. After spraying, the knife was lifted and the death row lamp went out.

So the question is coming? Why did the ancient executioners like to take a sip of wine and spray on the knife before beheading? What kind of rules is this, or is it exquisite, or is it a kind of ritual? What will happen if you don’t spray, let me tell you one by one.

First of all, many people think that spraying with wine is just for cleaning and disinfecting the blade. In fact, it is not. Although alcohol has anti-virus properties, the alcohol content in ancient wine is not high, and it does not have a good sterilization effect. Besides, the machete is What is the point of sterilizing prisoners who are specially hacked?

In addition, the statement of washing knives is not accurate. How many milliliters of wine can be in a sip, can it be washed clean? Besides, it is best to wash the knife with water. Wine is much more expensive than water. How much wine should I use to wash the knife thoroughly? Is there a mine in the executioner’s house?

Therefore, the most reasonable explanation is that a sip of wine before beheading is a ritual of an executioner. As we all know, there are countless dead souls under the knife of the executioner, and they should be used to seeing this bloody scene, and cutting off a head is bland and breezy for them. However, in view of ancient feudal superstitions, it is generally believed that there will be ghosts or reincarnation after death. Therefore, although the executioner has killed countless people, he also taboo that these condemned prisoners will retaliate after death, so he is still a little scared, and drinking a sip of wine is undoubtedly the best way to embolden yourself.

In addition, the big knife in the hands of the executioner, they called it the ghost knife. Moreover, this Guitou Knife is spiritual, and it is in a spiritual connection with the executioner. If the executioner is afraid, the Guitou Knife will become unsustainable during execution. Therefore, the executioner sprayed wine on the knife, also in order to embolden the ghost knife.

It sounds superstitious, but in fact there is a scientific basis. Alcohol is really effective in lubricating iron knives. The ghost knife that has been sprayed with alcohol will cut more smoothly. It will give people a kind of decapitation. The pain of their lives.

One more thing, the executioner sprayed wine to sacrifice the sword. In fact, each time before execution, the executioner would generally perform three rituals, namely offering sacrifices to the sky, offering sacrifices to the ground, and offering sacrifices to the sword. The reason for doing this is also mentioned in the previous article to prevent death row prisoners from retaliating after death. After all, in ancient times, white wine can be used to suppress ghosts, and yellow wine can be used to exorcise evil spirits. The machete blessed by these two kinds of wine can stop the bad luck caused by death.

The two processes of sacrificing heaven and earth were basically completed when the executioner was drinking, and the last sacrificial knife was what we saw spraying wine on the machete. After all the three rituals were completed, the executioner had no worries about the future, and he was also quite light when he cut off his head, without any psychological pressure.

The last point is that spraying wine can prevent iron knives from rusting. After the executioner has cut off the prisoner’s head, the knife is bound to be covered with blood, and blood is the most likely cause of rusting of iron products. After being sprayed with wine, the body of the knife is equivalent to a protective layer of alcohol, which can effectively isolate the blood and the body of the knife, thereby preventing the big knife from getting rusty as it is used.

It seems that the professional rituals of the ancients are also quite intelligent. Many scenes that we seem to be puzzled by have their own reasons. Dear readers, after reading it, you should also understand the reason why the ancient executioners sprayed wine on the knife. .

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