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The ancient meridian beheaded the head of the autumn and asked what does it mean to be beheaded

In ancient times, prisoners were often unable to escape punishment, and those who were serious had to be questioned. In front of the people, it had the effect of punishing the prisoners and also had the effect of deterring the people. Then why choose three quarters at noon?

Prisoners often commit unforgivable crimes, and are hated by everyone and intolerant to the world, they will be sentenced to be cut at three noon. In the eyes of the ancients, the three noon is the time when the yang is the heaviest and the yin is the weakest. People who are asked to be killed are often lost in their souls, and it is difficult to reincarnate and harm others.

The so-called “Midden beheading” has the same effect as the three o’clock in the afternoon. The meridian is the place where the sun is the heaviest, and it is also a severe punishment for prisoners.

“Qiuhou Wenzhan” has a much smaller punishment than Wenzhan in the afternoon, but it is still Wenzhan. In ancient times, the emperor thought he was the emperor, and he should do things in accordance with the will of heaven.

The ancients were so in awe of the doctrine of ghosts and gods that many of their practices had different meanings. This was also a way of ideological rule of feudal rulers.

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