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Calculation of bricks at home

If we want to save on the cost of building walls or building walls. We need calculations to estimate. number of bricks in order not to order too much or too little This article will present a simple and easy calculation of the number of bricks in a house as follows:

Suppose we want to build walls, bedroom 4×3 m. (12 square meters) with lightweight concrete measures 0.6×0.2 m. (0.12 m), we first calculate the wall first before calculating 12 / 0.12 = 100 before coming. From, divide the wall size by the lightweight brick size.

Second, calculate the other 2 walls using the old formula, which is the wall size divided by the lightweight brick size.
Now the 3 sides wall uses 300 bricks (haven’t broken the window openings yet).

Third, calculate the side wall where the door is made. In general, the size of the door is 0.8×2 meters (1.6 square meters). Let us subtract the wall size from the door size to get 12-1.6 = 10.4 square meters. After that, take 10.4/0.12 = 87 cubes.

Now that we have calculated the walls on all 4 sides, we will use 387 bricks (not broken the window openings).

Now we break the window openings in general. The size of the window will be 0.6×1.1 m. (0.66 sq.m.)
for 2 windows (0.66×2 = 1.32 sq.m.). We divide 1.32 by 0.12 so that we can subtract it (1.32/0.12 = 11 cubes).

Finally, let us take 387 and subtract 11 cubes (windows) instead of the values ​​(387-11 = 376 cubes ).

In conclusion, if we make a room size 4×3 meters (12 square meters), we will use 376 lightweight bricks.
We can calculate it to build on it.

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