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20 years old

20 years old – 怦然心動20歲 – Heart-pounding 20-year-old

Number of episodes: 12 episodes

Broadcast Date: May 5, 2021

Actors: Tranquility / Zhong Xintong / Yang Yunqing / Zhao Lusi / Qin Xiaoxian / Yao Anna / Chen Zhuoxuan / Xiao Jingteng / Da Zuo / Li Xikan

Heart-pounding 20-year-old watch online Introduction:

“Twinkle Love” (English: Twinkle Love) is a youth travel social reality show produced by Jiangsu Satellite TV and Youku in 2021. Hosted by “The Heartbeat Group”, the main focus is the production team to find 7 college students who are about to graduate in the romantic city of Xiamen, start a trip belonging to 20-year-old young people, and reason about the direction of their hearts based on the signals that appear between them.

As a new perspective of the post-00s idol-based youth travel social reality show, the show will invite 10 teenagers to go on a youth graduation trip. They are on the edge of adults. A special memory of youth; at the same time, the studio guests will observe and feel the travel, love and growth of the youthful youth, chat about the hot and fresh topics of the post-00s generation, and share their own stories and attitudes!

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