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17.3 about a sex (2020)

17.3 about a sex (2020)
Other Title: 17.3 about a sex

Genres:  Drama, Youth, Romance, Friendship
Kanai Kou (金井紘)
 Yamada Yuri (山田由梨)
Release Date: 
Sep. 17, 2020
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  • Nagase Riko as Seino Sakura
  • Tanabe Ririka as Hara Tsumugi
  • Akita Shiori as Minagawa Yuna
  • Mizusawa Rintaro as Asahi Yu
  • Niihara Taisuke (新原泰佑) as Hotta Ryusei
  • Fujieda Yoshiki (藤枝喜輝) as Aoki Kouta
  • Ishikawa Raizou (石川雷蔵) as Nitta Takahiro
  • Fujiwara Norika as Aki
  • Sonim as Shiroyama Nao

17.3 year old is the world’s average age for first experience. Is that early or late? Seino Sakura who has been pure and serious has been asked to have relations in the first month of dating. Hara Tsumugi who has never liked anyone suddenly received a confession from her childhood friend. Minagwa Yuna has been in sexual relationship with five people and is currently dating an office employee.

This is the story of three different 17 year old high school girls who each begin to explore their “sexual values”.

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